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  1. It's assigned a new one on every boot. Something funky. swapped a drive to a larger one so it's in limbo to 3-4 days but once that's done I'll check back in. Any notes on what I would be checking for in the bios? Asrock rack board if that's pertinent
  2. Yeah pretty much. SSD, SSDs are being gobbled up en masse. If the coin flops, prices will return to normal. If not, manufacturers will need to spool up production. Figure we'll know either way in ~2yrs
  3. Nothing from haveibeenpwned / dashlane Will change to be on the safe side though Standard reminder to never reuse passwords or derivatives of
  4. Less than a gig That's normal behavior on windows machine. If you need to reformat, open command prompt type diskpart listdisk select disk X attributes disk clear readonly clean create partition primary select partition 1 active format fs=ntfs label=new assign That'll get it back and readable by windows. Can reformat and image over as needed
  5. Declared the actual mac address of my NIC in the grub cfg Network card works as expected otherwise. But mac address in network matches neither my config, nor the address printed on the card. A reboot of the machine will result in a different, seemingly randomly assigned mac address. Jun 1.4b have the extended driver pack 918+ Intel i3-9100 DSM 6.2.3 update 3 Intel X540-T2 Network interfaces were enabled in synoinf.conf and all 4 show up fine (2x onboard, 2x nic) within DSM. It's just this randomly assigned mac address issue I can't figure out
  6. Sorry to hear about your troubles. While I don't have anything to contribute to a fix(Haven't been through this myself), I can at least help shed some light on best update practices going forward, and hopefully alleviate some of the 'update anxiety' 1. You can use win32diskimager to clone out your working thumb drive after booting into DSM and setting it up. If anything should come up, you can easily flash that to a different thumb drive. Good to keep versions of your configs with this. I have version fro 6.2.2, 6.2.3, with and without extra driver files, and every time I make a change
  7. How I have mine set up: uPnP disabled on router Port forward only things I use to the nas In the nas: Then firewall setting to allow all LAN Then firewall setting to only allow traffic from US/CA Then firewall setting to block all. Behavior is such that If lan traffic, allow Elseif US/CA, allow Else block all Other points: Disable default admin account Enforce strong passwords Enable blocking of repeated login attemps Non-admin users should have permissions stripped so they only have access to required folders / applica
  8. Nice thanks Got them pre set. Now if the mail would hurry up! Also still uncertain about the bonding behavior
  9. Also nothing that bonding 1gbe is helpful if I'm say... Transferring to/from the nas, and the nas is doing anything out to the internet. Plex stream, cloud backup, torrent.. yadda yadda. Single 1gbe connection is pretty uber bottleneck. It'd be cool to have a 10gig connection direct to my computer + 1g for whatever else would need it outside (gigabit internet) but again... Not sure how it's handled within the system and if having a goofy bond setup like that would be more detrimental than helpful. In a perfect world, I'd have 3... 10gbe to my computer 1gbe to the switch to handle o
  10. Apologies. Missed the notification Can pick any XYZ ddns provider. I use google for mine as I have other services through them. Have also use noip before. You'll set that up in control panel > external access > DDNS From there, if you right click in file station > share, you'll be given an address similar to And that's pretty much it. Make sure you have appropriate port forwarding rules on your router
  11. This is pretty much where I'm at and where the question stems from
  12. Showing up on your router? Tried other ethernet ports? mac address set appropriately in your grub file?
  13. Still learning networking. Need a quick hand here on how to implement stuff Have 10 gig nics in the mail Switch has 2x 10g ports, 8x 1g ports 1 10g port goes to my computer Another will go to the nas On the nas side, I'll have a second 10g port available, along with 2x onboard 1g So..... What do I do with the extra connections? Plug them into 1g on the switch and bond? Or would that be apt to cause issues with 10g+1g?