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  1. cat /usr/syno/etc/codec/activation.conf shows no such file or directory Now the questions is... How to fix that
  2. Getting some 4k content, and noticing that when set to 1080p high, it has to stop and buffer contantly. Task manager indicates ~60-80% cpu usage. HW transcoding is enabled in plex. Running: baremetal - i3 9100 - asrock rack c246 wsi - 6.2.3 U3 w/ Jun's 1.4b - DS918+ and driver extension Plex seems to indicate transcoding is taking place on hardware and cd/dev/dri ls indicates card0 + renderD128 present in the folder Turning off hw acceleration + transcoding in plex yields no change in performance or CPU usage.
  3. Yep can confirm. Had an unusual uptick in failed login attempts. Reminder to: - Disable default admin account - Carefully prune permissions - Enforce strong passwords - Enable login blocking + geographic blacklists - Use 2fa, especially on admin accounts - Have another backup of your data
  4. Dude....... Couldn't tell you how many times I looked at that and missed the obvious. Yeeeesh. It's fixed and proper now. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to avoid eye contact and pretend this never happened. Thanks for the second set of eyes
  5. Only mac address 1 is accurately reflected 2,3,4 seem to be randomly generated / assigned on each boot
  6. if serial --port=0x3F8 --speed=115200;then set has_serial=true terminal_input --append serial terminal_output --append serial else clear fi terminal_input --append console terminal_output --append console if [ x"${grub_platform}" = xefi ]; then insmod efi_gop insmod efi_uga else insmod vbe fi set extra_initrd="extra.lzma" set info="info.txt" set vid=0x090c set pid=0x1000 set sn=18A0PDN352201 set mac1=d05099d51774 set mac2=d05099d51775 set mac2=0cc47a1de5a4 set mac4=0cc47a1de5a5 s
  7. Bare metal. DSM 6.2.3 U3 Would you clarify what you mean by pictures of config?
  8. Unfortunately no. I'm rather stumped at the issue
  9. Should be done later today then I can go digging. What all am I looking for?
  10. It's assigned a new one on every boot. Something funky. swapped a drive to a larger one so it's in limbo to 3-4 days but once that's done I'll check back in. Any notes on what I would be checking for in the bios? Asrock rack board if that's pertinent
  11. Yeah pretty much. SSD, SSDs are being gobbled up en masse. If the coin flops, prices will return to normal. If not, manufacturers will need to spool up production. Figure we'll know either way in ~2yrs
  12. Nothing from haveibeenpwned / dashlane Will change to be on the safe side though Standard reminder to never reuse passwords or derivatives of
  13. Less than a gig That's normal behavior on windows machine. If you need to reformat, open command prompt type diskpart listdisk select disk X attributes disk clear readonly clean create partition primary select partition 1 active format fs=ntfs label=new assign That'll get it back and readable by windows. Can reformat and image over as needed