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  1. Just to share one positive experience. I have two xpenology NAS's .One daily driver for Plex. i3 fourth gen GB h81m mb, 16 GB ram updated to 6.2.3 (25426). One of my 5 6TB WD disks has 117 bad sectors. And Dsm was pushing notification very often (twice a day) especially on backup and other hdd intensive work. I found on synology forums that using WD Lifeguard (Windows) can help. Took a hdd in my windows pc, took 9 hours for 6TB hdd. But , no , one week later I hev no annoying notifications any more.
  2. which version of dsm you are running?
  3. Try to reinstall Plex again. Don't use synology version. Just Download Plex from Go to package manager, manual install, install plex over the existing plex intalation. It will update only, And restart Synology and see if autostart.
  4. which version of plex server? Is it Plex Pass or no?
  5. Yes, I've also read few articles about how "debatable" is to buy T cpu but, I'm not powering of the server for years, so, there must be some energy saving. I hope.
  6. I suppose I am late. I've just came back to propose you to buy intel i5 T CPU 6th gen because is bargain (around 100 Euros, at least in Greece). That's what I should buy these days. Mark the T sign on cpu it's around 36 wats TDP which on long terms i important.
  7. If you want hardware transcoding you shouldn't pick an F serie of intel CPU. Cause it's lack of GPU unit. So, no Quick sync, no hw transcoding. F series i3 is (I think) not capable of transcoding 2 4k streams, especialy 10 bit hevc. So pick at least "norma" i3 eight gen and yo can stream many streams simultaneosly. P.S. My spellchecker is bnot working, sorry
  8. Enable user (you) on Plex shared folder in Permissions to access Plex folder. On Plex server side you are ok, but, on player side (Ipad4) you should enable Direct stream, play. And, I'm not sure that you should remove the file you are trying to remove.
  9. Or update Plex via beta channel (if you have a Plex pass) and disable transcoding. Yes, there is now an option to do that.
  10. What is important for hardware transcoding is the codec file was transcoded with. Use mediainfo and check the file. What may cause the problem is color depth.
  11. Thanks for the info. I thought that limitations for update come from cpu gen. (q6600)
  12. Thank You guys for all your hard work and enthusiasm on this project. Using this forum guides I am a happy user of two NAS-es. My daily driver: i3 4339, MB GA H81M-HD3, 16 GB RAM, 5X6TB WD hdd RED, 918+, 6.2.2 fully functional NAS. Plex HW transcoding, Tautulli (docker) etc.. Backup : old intel q6600, 8GB RAM, plenty of hdds (stripe) 3615, 6.1.7 .But, I'm using (used to) SSD for plex server (metadata, transcoding folder, docker etc). After several days of using problems start with mismatch cheksum and escalate to crashed volume. I've tried with two different ssd's (kingston, samsung evo). After removing volume and reinstaling all, it works for next several days. Finaly I gave up and set one of the ssd's for cache and it is working normally. Both ssd's were old ( not very). I 've checked firmwares and smart health on win 10 comp. Everything is ok. When I'm using ssd's on another computer there are no problems at all. So, has anybody experienced similar problems using ssd hdd? And yes, all this with trim enabled.