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  1. If someone has spare U-NAS 8-bay I'm willing to pay much more than for a new.
  2. "beside 4 disks sharing 500MB/s (pcie 2. 0, one lane, marvell 88se9215)" Enough to saturate 1GB LAN.
  3. I'm using this one: without problems.
  4. Wil this work? Rosewill RC-20001 2.5GBASE-T PCIe Connected via M.2 key A/E/A+E to Mini PCI-E on Asrock j5040 loader jun 1.04b 918+ 6.2.3 chipset probably RealTek 8125
  5. Reading around about mars ransomware, it might be the rdp flaw, because , in my case, wasn't opening an email attachment, or, like I mentioned before, maybe, it was bad password on router. Don't know, but awful experience and kinda offensive because you are taking personally, finally, you receive personal message with criminal content. But thank you for paying attention.
  6. My conclusion on matter. Ransomware mars made changes only to folders mounted on boot in windows. That was easy way to maintain plex media library with tinymediamanager. So, that was my short win 10 experience, I'm back on Manjaro now. Now I'm praying for successful copy all my data back and thinking about third server for backup.
  7. Yes I'm using btfrs, no snapshots. I'm making backups with rsync on another xpenology nas, weekly, I've already formatted my infected nas and after checking integrity of storage pool I'l start copying files back from backup, which will take three days but, it is what it is
  8. Just found hijack.explorer,sysytem.restore in Win10. Luckily I havenot power on my backup nas. I'm going back to linux and restore from backup.
  9. After years using Manjaro for my desktop computer I've decide to switch to windows few weeks ago, and... this happened.
  10. Quite possible, because I'm using my NAS only for Plex.
  11. Mars already encrypted 86420 files , so I will start from scratch. And what I think happened to me is not changing the username and password on new router provided by my internet provider, but, I'm not sure.
  12. My xpenology NAS was infected with MARS ransomware. I'm on 6.2.3 25426 update 2, dsm. Last ten days I was receiving notifications for autoblock from dsm. In this moment i cant find solution for removing that specific ransomware, its pretty new. Luckily I have backup. But I think it's good to share.
  13. Sorry, newbie error MB Gigabyte H370M-DS3H CPU intel i3 8100 Sata controler onboard. Bootoloader 1.04b 918+ extra lzma v0.11_test