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  1. Sorry, newbie error MB Gigabyte H370M-DS3H CPU intel i3 8100 Sata controler onboard. Bootoloader 1.04b 918+ extra lzma v0.11_test
  2. After my WD HDD reporting bad blocks very often, I decide to replace with Ironwolf 8TB drive, I had a spare sata and bought two Seagate Ironwolf disks.. I have backup of my files and start from scratch. Installed dsm 6.2.3, made a pool , volume. Dsm start Parity consistency check and I ' ve got this message several time: An unknown error occurred, so hard disk 1 was restarted. If you often see this message, please disable disk write cache. on both disks. After disabling the write cache there are no messages, but after reading here and there I think that that is a no way to go. Any advice?
  3. I'm using plex (last version) on dsm 6.2.3 and everything works fine, except last night when plex server was down (not mine but plex srever in US). Maybe you should try to update dsm with "extra" using this thread. What hardware are you using?
  4. Have you tried to update to last dsm, 6.2.3 maybe?
  5. OK, but what version of dsm ?
  6. It is SHR hdd containing large files and probably thousands of small files, Plex media server.
  7. O.K. I'm going to replace it with bigger drive Anybody have experience how long it take to rebuild 6 TB hdd to 10 TB hdd (both WD red NAS)?
  8. Thanks for response . I have backup and tha disk has 117 bad sectors last two years, so... I will not replace it if I didn't have to.
  9. Just to share one positive experience. I have two xpenology NAS's .One daily driver for Plex. i3 fourth gen GB h81m mb, 16 GB ram updated to 6.2.3 (25426). One of my 5 6TB WD disks has 117 bad sectors. And Dsm was pushing notification very often (twice a day) especially on backup and other hdd intensive work. I found on synology forums that using WD Lifeguard (Windows) can help. Took a hdd in my windows pc, took 9 hours for 6TB hdd. But , no , one week later I hev no annoying notifications any more.
  10. which version of dsm you are running?
  11. Try to reinstall Plex again. Don't use synology version. Just Download Plex from Go to package manager, manual install, install plex over the existing plex intalation. It will update only, And restart Synology and see if autostart.
  12. which version of plex server? Is it Plex Pass or no?
  13. Yes, I've also read few articles about how "debatable" is to buy T cpu but, I'm not powering of the server for years, so, there must be some energy saving. I hope.
  14. I suppose I am late. I've just came back to propose you to buy intel i5 T CPU 6th gen because is bargain (around 100 Euros, at least in Greece). That's what I should buy these days. Mark the T sign on cpu it's around 36 wats TDP which on long terms i important.