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  1. Due to problems with one hdd (hopefully solved) I've checked the prices of HDD's in local store. One hdd which costs 250 Euros two months ago now costs 400 E. And my local seller told me that trend will continue. After "chinese" coin depended on storage arrives there will be shortage of hdd's on a market (joining the chips shortage). I'm curious is it the same story everywhere?
  2. The drive long pass warranty, more than 256000 hours.
  3. Well flyride, thanx for response
  4. I'm receiving UNC error twice this month on one WD 6TB hdd. Reporting bad sectors. I've done extended smart test and drive reported healthy, no bad sectors. But today drive reported with abnormality by dsm. I'm on 918+, 6.2.3. SHR, on Asrock mb J5040, hdd is connected on MB SATA. Prices on hdd's are going up in my country and I'm not sure what to do.
  5. In my case it was a cable problem. Now I have 3 Ironwolf 8TB, no complain.
  6. Ce monsieur Jun n'a pas un patreon ou autre pour le motiver un peu? Or anybody else capable to solve that problem. Good idea. thanx.
  7. Tutorial: installing 918+ 6.2.X DSM on 1.04b loader (transcoding) - Tutorials and Guides - XPEnology Community Try this.
  8. If someone has spare U-NAS 8-bay I'm willing to pay much more than for a new.
  9. "beside 4 disks sharing 500MB/s (pcie 2. 0, one lane, marvell 88se9215)" Enough to saturate 1GB LAN.
  10. I'm using this one: without problems.
  11. Wil this work? Rosewill RC-20001 2.5GBASE-T PCIe Connected via M.2 key A/E/A+E to Mini PCI-E on Asrock j5040 loader jun 1.04b 918+ 6.2.3 chipset probably RealTek 8125
  12. Reading around about mars ransomware, it might be the rdp flaw, because , in my case, wasn't opening an email attachment, or, like I mentioned before, maybe, it was bad password on router. Don't know, but awful experience and kinda offensive because you are taking personally, finally, you receive personal message with criminal content. But thank you for paying attention.
  13. My conclusion on matter. Ransomware mars made changes only to folders mounted on boot in windows. That was easy way to maintain plex media library with tinymediamanager. So, that was my short win 10 experience, I'm back on Manjaro now. Now I'm praying for successful copy all my data back and thinking about third server for backup.