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  1. DSM 6.1 doesn’t have the ACMEv2. Take a look in this howto:
  2. That‘s the best place for questions about your problem, not this forum.
  3. This forum has nothing to do with the site „“. It‘s a different domain.
  4. It‘s not only related to HDDs but to all electronic components. The shortage of various small components and parts affects every industry. Classic hardware, network equipment, displays, cameras, drives, servos, … - guess where you can find electronic components today. Simple example: standard Dell 24“ display. Bought 12 of them in 09/2020 for 119€ each. Price today: 290€. Standard industry drive: price in 11/2020: 750€. Today: 1,600€. And beside the price spiral delivery times (especially in the industrial sector) have gone sky-high
  5. In Anbetracht der Tatsache, dass (meiner Meinung nach) das Projekt bald tot ist (sobald DSM 7.0 released wird), würde ich eher in eine echte Box investieren. Halbwegs vernünftige Racks mit Backplane, passender Höhe für Lüfter, Rails, etc. kosten schon ein paar €uronen. Zzgl. Board/CPU/RAM/HDDs, da ist man nicht weit weg von einer Originalbox. Natürlich ist die Performance bei Eigenbau wesentlich höher. Mir ist Xpenology mittlerweile zu unsicher und ich betreibe das nur noch als „laufen lassen und nicht mehr anfassen“-System.
  6. Usually breaches from different devices occur only if they‘re exposed to the internet (NAT). Otherwise most routers/firewalls are only traversal in one traffic direction, from inside your lan to outside. Of course there‘re other attack vectors. Compromised cloud services or update servers for IoT stuff, router firmware bugs, etc. I can only guess but I think in your case it seems that your son(?) infected his PC with whatever evil stuff (remote shell, trojan, …). If you‘re lucky and he really completely wiped his system then you should be safe (again) but you never can be sure. Ma
  7. It‘s not the username AND password in combination but only the password itself which has been leaked. Even generated passwords can be found in those databases.
  8. We don't tolerate such language here. Consider yourself as (pre-)warned.
  9. Do you intend to re-use the stick as a normal storage device? Otherwise deleting the partitions for XPE is not a good idea. To clean the stick run the CMD as Administrator: - diskpart (CMD changes to DISKPART>) - list disk (you should see a list beginning from 0 that shows all connected devices/drives and their size) - select disk X (< replace X with the number of your USB drive, be absolutely sure about this) - clean (this wipes all(!) partitions from the drive) - create partition primary - active - format fs=ntfs quick (this formats
  10. Erm... IPCop? Whooo... good old times I think the underlying hardware won’t do you any favour as virtual box is not a bare metal hypervisor and requires an OS where it‘s installed, similar to VMWare Workstation, etc. This will chunk up many of the ressorces of your old hardware.
  11. Good luck on how quick your box will be in shodan's database and will be hacked with open SMB ports...
  12. The question(s) in this topic have been answered and/or the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  13. Für gültige Lizenzen wird auch eine original Synology benötigt. Von daher bleibt die Freigabe die einzige Möglichkeit.