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  1. jensmander

    XPEnology Tool for Windows x64

    You mean the drive which shall be used as a boot stick? Anything >256MB is suitable. The tool collection is 100MB (V1.4.2 with Rufus).
  2. jensmander

    Asrock 4105b-itx und LSI 9211-8i

    Die Firmwares >V20 für den IT Mode sind manchmal problematisch. Probiere mal die P19 (unter Firmware -> Archive).
  3. jensmander

    Sata Controller 8+

    Einige Controller wie der Syba benutzen Portmultiplexer, was nicht unterstützt wird. Es gibt von Syba Controller mit „nur“ 4 Ports, von denen bei passender Slotzahl mehrere verwendet werden können. Gängige (ältere) Avago/LSI HBAs mit Firmware im IT-Mode werden meist unterstützt, über die SuFu solltest Du im Forum fündig werden.
  4. jensmander

    Synology C2 Backup und XPEnology

    Synology-Dienste benötigen immer einen gültigen Account. Ohne eine Kombo aus valider Serial & MAC - von einer echten Synology - kann man diese Dienste nicht nutzen (C2, Quickconnect, ActiveBackup, usw.).
  5. jensmander

    10GB nic support on 1.03b

    Not quite correct. 1.03b for the DS3615XS works well with DSM 6.2.1 U2 on several bare-metal systems. But - as always - it depends on the hardware.
  6. jensmander

    10GB nic support on 1.03b

    Yes, the card(s) detect the speed automatically. One thing to mention: depending on the switch you use I would do some research on the SFP modules. I had a HP 10GB NIC (Intel chip) with SFP+ and DSM failed to initialize a connection. The reason was the original HP SFP module. When I changed it to a compatible Intel SFP module it worked fine.
  7. jensmander

    10GB nic support on 1.03b

    AFAIK there's no list in the forum, but most Intel cards or branded cards with Intel chips run with 1.03b. I use a x520-DA2 and a x710-DA2 for SFP and a x540-T1 for 10GB copper.
  8. jensmander

    ASUS XG-C100C 10GB Kompatiebel?

    AFAIK läuft die ASUS nicht ohne weiteres Zutun. Ich würde sicherheitshalber eine gebrauchte Intel X5xx-Karte ins Auge fassen. Eine x540-T1 (1 Port RJ45) gibts bei eGay schon ab 90€. Die Karte würde auch später ohne Probleme unter allen anderen Betriebssystemen sauber laufen.
  9. jensmander

    2FA authentication fail - can't get in

    You‘re sure about the admin user AND that SSH is enabled in DSM? Another approach would be a live Linux boot, mounting the hdds and running the above mentioned commands.
  10. jensmander

    2FA authentication fail - can't get in

    I think that you're trying to login with a standard user, not an account which belongs to the admin group. Only users which are members of the admin group can login via SSH. You should try the admin user which was created during your setup/install.
  11. jensmander

    2FA authentication fail - can't get in

    Can you connect via SSH? If the answer is yes try this: sudo find /usr -name google_authenticator The result should be: /usr/syno/etc/preference/YOURUSERNAME/google_authenticator Remove the entry with: rm /usr/syno/etc/preference/YOURUSERNAME/google_authenticator (replace YOURUSERNAME with your real username) Reboot with „sudo reboot“ and try again to log in
  12. jensmander

    Serial Number / Quick Connect

    You can use the Serial in combination with the original MAC unless you don‘t have both machines online. But I doubt that it will work for a long time. I had the opportunity to try that with a serial/mac from a real 3615 and it resulted in a message that said „Oops - something is wrong with your serial!“.
  13. jensmander

    Memory Amount

    Depends on how many simultaneous connections you have, requesting encoded media streams. But I think that your CPU will be the bottleneck in case of heavy use, not the RAM. Think of the original boxes and their „low“ equipment
  14. To all developers, supporters and forum members: Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019! Have a nice and relaxed time 😎 And thanks to everyone in the community for their help, time and effort in supporting other users. Cheers
  15. jensmander

    GA H77n wifi kompatibel?

    Hm... C1E ist im BIOS auch deaktiviert? Ggf. müsstest Du das Board mit dem Original-BIOS flashen.