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  1. Corona? Don’t think so But I recently said to my better half that we‘ll be part of the zombie apocalypse if the internet breaks down during the shut down
  2. If you’re familiar with OMV/Debian it‘s good choice. I run it on small customer sites. OMV supports Docker which means you can host your own Nextcloud instance for remote acces / cloud storage.
  3. I won‘t use XPEnology for business purposes. Although I set up several boxes within the last years they‘re all used in private environments. The main reason is the risk of bricking your device when it comes to updates which would lead to an unwanted downtime. In case of your hardware you could use a more „official“ distribution like Open Media Vault, FreeNAS or maybe a complete small office distribution (maybe Zentyal or a similar system). If your main intention is only simple file storage and sharing the hardware is a bit overpowered. You can try to sell it for a few hundred bucks and buy a 2bay original box from Synology plus 2 hdd/ssd. They don’t need that amount of energy like the HP system. Of course you can use the HP for XPEnology, but I wouldn’t take the risk in case of business use. Just my 2c
  4. And another one:
  5. A little bit more information would be helpful....
  6. What is your SATAPORTMAP=xx value in your grub.cfg? And did you modify your synoinfo.conf file? You mean the overview in DSM‘s harddisk manager? It shows free/unused slots before or after your mapped drives?
  7. I think that‘s not necessary when using RAID0
  8. AFAIK all drives are handled as HDDs if they are not connected directly (passthrough). You can run a benchmark and check if the speeds match your SSD's specs (they should).
  9. Depends on what crashed. Mainboard? CPU? RAM? If it's nothing HDD related the data should be there and can be migrated to an original box. But RAID0 is - like JBOD - some kind of kamikaze
  10. The guys from ESET presented a new WiFi vulnerability named „kr00k“. It affects millions of devices with chips from Broadcom and Cypress. More informations:
  11. AFAIK buying commercial packages requires a valid serial/genuine DS and Synology account.
  12. Grob zusammengefasst: SMR : „horizontale“ Anordnung der Spuren mit mehrfachen „Schichten“ PMR : „vertikale“ Anordnung Vorteil SMR : erhöhte Datendichte (~25%) Nachteil SMR : verträgt mehrfache R/W Ops nicht so gut wie PMR. 2,5“ HDDs in jeglichen SoftRAIDs - insbesondere mit Parity - performen meist kackig. Schon mehrfach unter Win & *nix beobachten können. Ausnahme bildeten Parity RAIDs auf echten Controllern, die solche Platten unterstützen.
  13. Ohne wildes und tiefgehendes Gefrickel wird das aller Voraussicht nach nicht funktionieren. Wie Du bereits sagtest, das SHR wird dann im degraded Status verbleiben. Alternative wäre eine komplette Sicherung mittels HyperBackup (wenn Du irgendwo genügend Platz hast), zusätzliche Sicherung der Systemkonfiguration und eine Neuinstallation auf den neuen HDDs mit anschließender Rücksicherung.
  14. Anleitungen zum „Klau“ von echten Seriennummern sind hier nicht gerne gesehen. Das schädigt die eigentlichen Besitzer der Originalboxen und das XPEnology Projekt. Bittet haltet Euch in Zukunft daran.
  15. The A400 is known for compatibility problems with Synology boxes. I don‘t think that there‘s anything wrong with the SSD hardware.