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  1. jensmander's post in Stopped booting from HDD - USB Boot is fine was marked as the answer   
    Xpenology doesn‘t boot from HDDs in the first place but from your stick on which you wrote your synoboot.img. If this stick is not present or not set as the 1st boot device the system won’t start.
  2. jensmander's post in Does hard drive order matter? (moving to new motherboard) was marked as the answer   
    Depends on your RAID/Volume setup. If you use SHR1/2 it's always a good idea to mark your HDDs on which S-ATA port they are connected.
    Usually it's not a problem when you switch to a new board, except for driver support (different NIC, chipset, etc.). But in general the system recognizes your installation.
  3. jensmander's post in Is a HP Microserver N54L a good choice for a new basic fileserver build? was marked as the answer   
    Yes - as @bearcat said - it is still a good choice. Do you want to use DSM's "special" features or apps? If you want a simple fileserver only and more future stability think about OMV.
  4. jensmander's post in How to connect to NAS outside home was marked as the answer   
    Uuuh... PPTP - the weakest VPN solution. I would rather setup the VPN-Server package in DSM and use OpenVPN. It‘s no miracle and much more secure than PPTP. Only thing to do on your router is to open the corresponding port (usually 1194 UDP) for DSM (NAT rule/port forwarding). You can decide if users can connect only to the NAS or the entire subnet.
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