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  1. Thanks. We had seen the thread before. His cpu is apollo lake. He tried 6.2.1 but if was unstable and transcoding didn't work at all. I may be wrong, but I think transcoding is not possible in ds3615. That's why he chose 918. He has found a what seens to be the solution in this thread
  2. Anyone having an updated functional version on this mobo?
  3. I am finally able to transcode by using Emby. I could also transcode under Plex, but it was smoother on Emby. Plex didn't allow the drives the hibernate, whereas Emby does (you need to disable automatic port mapping if you want the drives to hibernate). I don't know if it is hardware transcoding or software transcoding (does software transcoding exist?). I just know I can play h265 video on my old Samsung TV, and I can play old avi videos in my new LG tv.
  4. A friend of mine is trying to build an xpenology with an Asrock J3455-itx mobo. So far, he has installed 6.2.1 version with Jun's 1.04b bootloader, but he's noticed strange behaviour as it failed to shut down, it took a long time to boot and transcoding didn't work with emby or video station. He's interested in video transcoding. So what dsm version would you recommend? Thanks.
  5. Any tutorial about how to install the 915 driver, please? In which version would I need to fix the 915 driver issue? 6.2.2 or 6.2.3? I'm using Jun's 1.04b loader.
  6. Hi. I have a build with Asrock Q1900-itx running dsm 6.2.1. Which is the latest version I could update to o make a clean install? I have been reading about it in the forum, but I am uncertain about which version would be fully functional. Thanks
  7. Thanks. I've realized that the metadata search option does not work. Actually it doesn't find any results. At least it indexes files as it should, but no info in tv shows episodes. No possibility to enable TMDB search.
  8. Hi, thanks for your answer. My Q1900-itx is running Dsm 6.2.1. on DS918+ with Jun's loader 1.0.4b. I used a 916+ serial. Would it be a problem to a DS916+ serial? I'd rather transcode with Video Station because Plex does not allow the system to hibernate (same problem with emby I think). I've read about Jellyfin, bug I have not tried. Would you recommend me to downgrade to dsm 6.1.7 with a Ds3515, Ds3516 or Ds3517? Would that downgrade allow me to transcode with my Q1900-itx? Thank you very much.
  9. Hi. I have a build with Asrock q1900-itx running dsm 6.2.1. I have enabled transcoding in Video Station and on the clients, but it doesn't work. It does work on plex, but I'd rather have it work on Video Station. I do have the folder dev/dri. Any ideas? Thanks.
  10. THanks, Nool. I tried an older release and now it makes sense when indexing files. I can also save the changes in the options. I set it to transcode, but Video Station transcoding does not work. Any ideas? Ple's transcoding works fine, but Video Station transcoding doesn't even start. I don't see any changes in cpu usage. I have checked it and I do have the dev/dri folder. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  11. The Video Station version I am having problems with is 2.4.9-1626. I guess it's the most recent one.
  12. The Video Station version I am having problems with is 2.4.9-1626. I guess it's the most recent one. I also experience annoying and non-sense behaviour in Video Station. Every show is renamed in the same structure. Some episodes appear and other don't. I've tried it many times and tried several structures. Most of my movies are ok. I finally managed to get it ok with one of my favourite tv show (10+ seasons), but in other shows it is driving insane. Would you recommend a version in particular? One which you have no issues with. My build is Asrock Q1900-itx with a 2TB WD Red Hdd. It's a 64 bit cpu. DSM version 6.2.1-23824. What do you mean by metadata search not working? No covers or extra info on the shows and movies? Thanks.
  13. I also have another problem with VIdeo Station, which seems to be messy when indexing files whihc disappear
  14. Hi. I am trying to use Video Station and it seems to be crazy. I add contents to the library. It's mostly ok with movies though some do not appear or come and go, but it is a chaos with tv shows. I add the by following the naming pattern SxxExx and at the beginning I see the different seasons, but then they start to disappear until only the first or second ones are left. Each of the season represents a different folder with the episodes in it. Ironically, I had some cartoons episodes piled up in a single folder reprenting seasons as 1x01, 1x02..... 2x01,..... 3x01 and the y are correctly displayed. I don't know if it is my install which is buggy. I have installed, uninstalled and installed back a couple of times. I don't know if it is related to my other problem with Video Station, which doesn't save the changes I make, so I can't activate transcoding or TMDB search. I opened a thread a few days ago My build is Asrock Q1900-itx with DSM 6.2.1. Everything seems to be working fine except for Video Station. Any ideas?