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    DS918+ Bootloader - Help Needed

    @Hostilian I hate to brake it to you... but with Jun's loaders, there is no need to fake Syno MAC's, unless you want to use some of the "locked functions", as HW transcoding, QuickConnect etc. everything else works great and stable. Conclusion: use your nic's original MAC in your "grub.cfg" when using Jun's loader! (unless you have specific need to fake it)
  2. bearcat

    HP Microservers above 6.2

    @jcdln Since you are running your NAS as a VM, your potential problems might be more related to your VMhost and its drivers, not DSM it self. Is your vNAS using a passthrough nic, or a virtual nic? Somehow I was reading iSCSI drives, but I think you are referring to your Virtual drives, connected to a Virtual diskcontroller?
  3. What bootloader (exact name) did you download, and where did you find it?
  4. bearcat

    HP Microservers above 6.2

    @blue max actually they both use the 82571EB chipset, so it will be all OK. The driver used is the e1000e.
  5. bearcat

    918+ Intel GPU passthrough on ESXi 6.7

    @ryerye 1 - I think that will only work for VideoStation, not PhotoStation. 2 - Yes, you will need to passthrough the GPU, if you want to make use of HW accellerated transcoding features, but there is more to it ... You will need a valid SN/MAC combo for the 918+ among other things.
  6. bearcat

    HP Microservers above 6.2

    @WiteWulf Then you should be all ok. As long as you dont "need" services tied to real Syno's, such as HW accellerated transcoding, QC and so on, you can just use your real MAC
  7. bearcat

    HP Microservers above 6.2

    @WiteWulf there is no need to flash a MAC address to you nic if using one of Jun's bootloaders, you just edit "grub.cfg" to reflect your MAC address. Most of us are happily adding the real MAC for our cards
  8. bearcat

    Hardware suggestion for my first Xpenology System

    @TNa681 you don't want to use any form of HW-RAID based on your mainboard or a controller. Let DSM do all the work, and keep your SATA ports as AHCI.
  9. bearcat

    N54L - upgrade from DSM 6.1.7 to 6.2.1?

    @thearc Actually, you don't have to change it, the current "MAC1=aabb..." setting will be used for eth0 on your new nic. Unless your "face" MAC conflicts with your eth1 on the new nic, you should be ok.
  10. bearcat

    Hardware suggestion for my first Xpenology System

    According to this post that mainboard will work with Jun's 1.04b and DS918+ with DSM 6.2.1 update X. He is even using the same CPU as you plan to use.
  11. bearcat

    Mail Server on XPEnology?

    @Konfl1kt Both Mail Server and MailPlus Server should be working on your Xpenology, but there are many things that can stop you from using it. The first thing that come to my mind: 1 - Is your ISP ok with a local mailserver, or do they block the ports needed? 2 - Do you have a suitable domain, with a MX record to point to your mailserver? 3 - Do you have a reverse DNS record? 4 - How many users/accounts do you need, how much do you want to pay in annual licences? Edit: in some cases, there might be a prerequisite to have a valid Synology account to acquire licences from Synology?
  12. bearcat

    N54L - upgrade from DSM 6.1.7 to 6.2.1?

    @XbladeX From earlier experience with a problem like that: try these steps: Activate the SSH service in DSM (if not active) Connect to your NAS with an SSH client (e.g. putty) (or from Win 10, open a cmd window, run : ssh admin@my.nas.ip (replace with the actual IP) Enter your credentials (user: admin) Change folder to root (cd /) Delete the xpenoboot folder (sudo rm -r .xpenoboot) If the SSH service keeps stopping, you have to be quick.
  13. The reason for why you see 12 drives is because "maxdrives" in "synoinfo.conf" is set to 12 As being discussed many places in the forums, this value can be changed but it may cause you problems if you update your system.
  14. bearcat

    Best low cost MB for 6.2

    @Stefanos Not sure if the AMD subforum is the best choice for your Q, as the mb you refer to is using an Intel CPU According to this post that mainboard is at least compatible with DSM 6.2.1, using 1.04 918+, even if as you mentioned transcoding might be a problem. But with that said, there is a lot of other "potholes on the road" to have HW accelerated transcoding working OK. If you "scan" the reported updates you may get an idea of what mainboards that is most likely to work with DSM 6.2.1 updateX and use that as a base.
  15. bearcat

    N54L - upgrade from DSM 6.1.7 to 6.2.1?

    @XbladeX 1 - What hardware are you currently using? 2 - What bootloader are you using? 3 - What is your Synology "base" (3615/3617/...)? 4 - Has it been working before? 5 - Did it stop working after an update from 6.1.7 to 6.2.1? 6 - Are you using any "extra.lzma"? 7 - Have you at any time been using any other types of bootloaders? (nanoboot/xpenoboot/...) @sebelec nr. 7 applies to you as well.
  16. bearcat

    HP Microservers above 6.2

    Take notice of what the signature reads you are running 3617, that's a difference.
  17. bearcat

    HP Microservers above 6.2

    I'm having a; 8086:105e (rev 06) that is branded HP NC360T, based on the 82571GB, using the e1000e driver. (notice the revision level) Currently this N54L is running as DS3615xs, with DSM 6.2-23739 Update 2, but I have tested the same card with 6.2.1, and it was all good. Unfortunately, I did not check the driver it used in 6.2.1, might do that if/when I have the time. @hoidoi was having a problem getting a Intel 1000 CT, id: 10D3 working with 6.2.1, until he tested it with the DS3615xs so it seems to be a "safer" base than the 3617
  18. bearcat

    HW Transcoding Loader Hardware i7 3770T

    Are you sure you have a working HW-accelerated transcoding without a PlexPass? According to Plex: Hardware-accelerated streaming is a premium feature and requires an active Plex Passsubscription That page will also tell you how to check if its working. On this page, you will find a spreadsheet, showing what Plex supports on various NAS'es, and even here they "claim" that the PlexPass is needed.
  19. bearcat

    First build hardware compatibility query

    Hi, based on the specs of your mb of choice, it use RTL8111H for the network, and a quick search of the forum indicates that the nic will be working with the combo of Jun's 1.04b and DS918+ I found users with DSM 6.1 using the B150 chipset, not sure how it works with 6.2.x, you might do some closer search. Your CPU has an average Passmark of 7243, this page might give you an idea of how well it will be handling software transcoding (if needed), as HW transcoding might be a problem.
  20. bearcat

    Hp n40l

    As I posted above, it seem's like you will need to find another Intel based nic, using the e1000e driver if you want to update to DSM 6.2.1. Edit: I see I was referring to the tg3 driver in that post, meant to refer to the igb driver 😳 By personal experience, I know that the following 2 cards will work, with DS3615xs, using the e1000e driver: Intel 1000 CT Desktop Adapter, with Device ID: 8086:10d3 (based on the Intel 82574L Gigabit Ethernet Controller) HP NC360T, with the Device ID 8086:105e (based on the Intel 82571EB/82571GB Gigabit Ethernet Controller) Both these cards can be found used, for a cheap price (and both will work with ESXi if you want to go that route). If/when @flyride will update his excel(ent) work and add the info of DSM 6.2.x on the DS3615xs platform, we might get to know if the igb driver and your device id: 8086:150a is supported, but for now I do not know.
  21. bearcat

    DSM 5.2-5967 Update 9

    - Outcome of the installation/update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 5.2-5967 Update 8 - Loader version and model: XPEnoboot 5.2-5967.1 DS3615xs - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: BAREMETAL - HP Microserver N54L - Additional comments: Updated 2 identical systems from the controlpanel, both came back online OK after the reboot.
  22. bearcat

    Hp n40l

    @Tomte OK, from what I can see from the "8086:150a" confirms that your Intel Nic is a "82576NS Gigabit Ethernet Controller" The possible problem, is that it's using the tg3 driver, as according to this post, the only Intel driver supported in 6.2.1 is the e1000e. I hope @flyride can continue his excel(ent) work here and make a list of the supported drivers in 6.2.1
  23. bearcat

    Hp n40l

    @Tomte What did you get as a responds to: lspci | grep 0200 ? (I would like to the listing with device ID's for all your network adapters, as eth0 seems to be missing)
  24. bearcat

    N54L - upgrade from DSM 6.1.7 to 6.2.1?

    @Dire In regards to my Asrock Q1900-ITX, i did the above "check" on my NAS running 1.04b / 918+ 6.2.1 with a Realtek 8111 chip. admin@DS918:/$ lspci | grep 0200 0000:03:00.0 Class 0200: Device 10ec:8168 (rev 11) (according to my Google-skills, the rev.11 define this as the 8111GR, same as Asrock say on their website) admin@DS918:/$ ethtool -i eth0 driver: r8168 (this is the driver DS918+ is using for my card) version: 8.045.08-NAPI firmware-version: bus-info: 0000:03:00.0 supports-statistics: yes supports-test: no supports-eeprom-access: no supports-register-dump: yes supports-priv-flags: no
  25. bearcat

    Hp n40l

    @Tomte Lets see what driver your nas loads for that nic: "which has an Intel 82576NS" Open a SSH connection to your NAS, and type: lspci | grep 0200 (this will list your nic's) you should see something like: ... Device 8086:xxxx (indicating Intel) This should be eth0, so type: ethtool -i eth0 you should see something like: driver: e1000e (this is a driver supported in 6.2.1) If not, try using the above :xxxx device id to check if it is supported by the bootloader/DSM version you will try to use.