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  1. bearcat's post in List of Packages was marked as the answer   
    The short answer to your first post: Option 1.
    In regards to your last Q, this might point you in the direction:
    Synology Open Source Project  "The open source projects that ship with Synology NAS."
    If you are into develop something yourself, you might visit SynoCommunity and pick up some ideas.
  2. bearcat's post in DSM Genuine Serial nummer was marked as the answer   
  3. bearcat's post in HP N40L upgrade to 6.1.7 not showing up on network was marked as the answer   
    I'n not sure what BIOS version you have, and I'm currently unable to reboot any of my microservers to find the place wher it should be, 
    but if you look at the screenpic posted here from a N36L you might find the setting in your BIOS?
    If you want to use more than 4 disk's in your NAS, you must upgrade to a modified BIOS,
    in "all" the G7 boxes I have configured, I have been using a BIOS from "TheBay" and in that BIOS, there is a option to disable the C1E.
  4. bearcat's post in HP N54L GEN7 unmodded was marked as the answer   
    @wpeterw : The "best" pick for your G7 would be Jun's v1.02b bootloader (DS3615xs),  and DSM 6.1.7 
  5. bearcat's post in configuration was marked as the answer   
    @MCFLY78 Depending on what version of DSM you are aiming for,  you can find many compatibility reports right here or here.
    strictly speaking, this might not belong in the "Hardware Modding" section?
  6. bearcat's post in High RAM usage was marked as the answer   
    Your low ammount of free RAM is due to the 13,6 GB that's currently marked as reserved, leaving you with 2,4 GB with usable RAM.
    Take a look here, and se if it helps with your other problem as well.
  7. bearcat's post in Access to my server, how do i do it the best way? was marked as the answer   
    The safest choise would be OpenVPN according to this.
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