N40L with latest DSM 6.2.3

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I revived my old N40L Microserver again. Put in the power cord and booted her up. Running well. It's running with the below version, June's loader. I'm not sure what version loader. 




I wanted to try and update the DSM with a more recent version but not sure where to go first. 

The microserver is stock. It does not contain a extra NIC. I think I have changed BIOS years ago. To add extra SATA port capabilities?

Anyway, what are my options? There is a serious amount of family photographs on it. I got those backed up on a external drive but I rather not do a total reinstall. 


  1. Can I update to new DSM 6.2.3?
  2. 6.2.1 needed an extra Intel NIC to function. At some point there was a seperate Broadcom driver available. Does 6.2.3 still need the extra Intel NIC or is it possible to work with the broadcom driver? 


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To use DSM 6.2.3.x you will need to prepare a USB stick, using Jun's 1.03b.


For the time beeing, 6.2.3 is working with the original/internal nic on the G7 series of microservers.

I just "gave new life" to a N36L yesterday, but that was a clean install.


If you would like to play it safe, remove your current HDDs, install an empty drive, and do a testinstall.

When you are happy with the results, boot the new USB with your old HDDs, and let it do an upgrade.


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1. Check that C1 / C1E is disabled in BIOS

2. If you previously upgraded from version 5.x DSM, check for the hidden directory /.xpenoboot and delete if present before running the upgrade.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I finally took the time to test it out.

I removed all discs and added one empty HDD.

Created a new flash drive with loader based on DS3617xs.

Disabled the C1 / C1E option in BIOS.

Rebooted again to find the DSM onm y LAN with the Syno Assistant desktop tool. It installed the newest PAT file perfectly.


Next step is to upgrade the system with DSM disks added. 

2020-10-29 19_08_36-Synology Web Assistant en nog 3 andere pagina's - Persoonlijk - Microsoft​ Edge.png

2020-10-29 19_19_18-hera - Synology DiskStation en nog 3 andere pagina's - Persoonlijk - Microsoft​ .png

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