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  1. Anyone here who has updated to DSM 6.2.4 succesfully on their HP Microserver series?
  2. Is it safe to update the system to 6.2.3-25426 Update 3? All successful updates on the HP microserver machines seem to have a Intel NIC installed. I don't.
  3. @IG-88I guess i'm not a up-to-date technical person (anymore). What's the drawback of using AHCI compared to SATA? Is there any?
  4. Downloaded the TheBay BIOS and downgraded (from 2013 back to 2011) the BIOS. Now I see the SATA 4/5 IDE disable/enable option in Chipset category. Lost a whole bunch of other settings though! Disabled the SATA IDE option and booted into DSM 6.2.3 Update 2 with all drive attached; 3 HDD + 1 SSD with SSD attached to motherboard SATA. SSD recognized and needed quick repair. Fixed! Thank you.
  5. @bearcat I don't see that setting in my BIOS. My hacked 041 BIOS had date 1/10/2013. I just updated the BIOS with the 041 2013 hacked BIOS as per https://www.nathanielperez.us/blog/hp-proliant-n40l-bios-modification-guide but that didn't change a thing. No SATA 4/5 setting. How come?
  6. Hacked BIOS is installed for years. SSD always worked in DSM. Since update it's gone. See attached for the setting. I didn't touch this.
  7. Besides the 3 harddisk drives, my setup also has a SSD drive. It is attached to the motherboard's SATA socket, not part of the 4 bays. Since the update this drive is not seen by the DSM system. In the BIOS I have disabled the C1/C1E option. This shouldn't affect the onboard SATA, right? I have yet to attach a display to have a look at the pre-boot to see if the BIOS does recognise the drive. The drive itself is ok, I had it attached to a SATA cradle on my laptop.
  8. I have uploaded a whole bunch of photographs from my Android smartphone without a problem. Have you been successful uploading data in the meantime?
  9. @eclairs48@gmail.com No, I didn't. I shut down the system after it was running all day. (I let it run its data scrubbing since that hasn't been running for a long time). I'm not at home for a few days. I'll test next week.
  10. @billat29 Really! I did check if that hidden directory existed. I have used unix systems in the past for my work. My number one listing command at the time was "ls -ltrh", don't ask me why. I thought the 'h' was for "hidden"! Thank you! After remove/reboot I have got a working HP N40L Microserver with up to date DSM. Nice!
  11. I've taken the number 1 approach. After a new installation with loader 1.03b/DS3617xs on a test disc, I swapped the test disc with the real data drives (3x1GB, SHR by the way). After the system booted, I got the Migrate button. Clicked it and it didn't take too long for the migration process to run. 5-10 minutes or so. See screenshots below. Two automatic reboots later and I got the login screen. I saw the DiskStation in the Syno Assistant app also. Now I can login with my old account name but the system is not stable. When opening Control Panel I random get the me
  12. But won't I need the webgui in order to enable ssh if my config is lost?
  13. Thank you @IG-88. You're right. I made an error on the DSM versions there. Screenshot tells the true story. My text is faulty. Should be DSM 6.0.2-8451. I also found that I wasn't originally using the V1.02b loader but the V1.01. That one matches with 6.0.2-8451. Sorry 'bout that. So much versions going on.... Anyway. I will have more patience and once more create a usb flash drive with V1.03b / 6.2.3-25426 / DS3617xs and do a migration. I will report back.
  14. @flyride No, I didn't think about that! I haven't been active on this forum for quite some time. Must have missed that. I've looked in the BIOS settings like crazy. There isn't anything to be found concerning boot legacy/UEFI settings. Are you sure this is available for the HP Microserver N40L?
  15. But recovery doesn't do anything. It just reboots over and over again saying, in the end, it needs recovery. It doesn't recover at all.