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  1. I revived my old N40L Microserver again. Put in the power cord and booted her up. Running well. It's running with the below version, June's loader. I'm not sure what version loader. I wanted to try and update the DSM with a more recent version but not sure where to go first. The microserver is stock. It does not contain a extra NIC. I think I have changed BIOS years ago. To add extra SATA port capabilities? Anyway, what are my options? There is a serious amount of family photographs on it. I got those backed up on a external drive but I rather not do a total
  2. I'm using a USB 3.0 flash drive on my N40L internal USB 2.0 port without issues.
  3. If locally, you can use a IP sniffer app on your subnet to find the correct IP address. One other method is to logon to your router and find the address by listing all DHCP connected devices.
  4. I don't think there is a DSM check on an existing/legit serialnumber. Is there? Anyway, I just used the same serial as my previous XPEnology, DSM 5.2 installation. And updated the whole lot.
  5. Serial can be found in your DSM info center. Not sure where to find it when unable to login. MAC of your NAS-nic.
  6. My fault. Jun's official v.1.01 loader. Just edited my post. Thanks.
  7. Mine was succesfully updated to 9. Just booted it again without errors. To give more details about my setup, to help troubleshooting, here are my specifications: Bare metal installation, Jun's official v.1.01 loader Motherboard specs: type: ASUS AT5NM10T-I ATOM D525 CPU onboard, Intel NM10 Express Chipset, 2x SO-DIMM, DDR3 800, Realtek 8111E LAN
  8. Same here. I powered off the system hours after starting the installation. GUI just wouldn't come up. After reboot the system does come back on. Info Center
  9. Got this today.. Nothing found on the Synology page under "What's New" link. Weird.
  10. I upgraded my HP Microserver N40L with three HDDs plus one SSD to DSM 6 without issues a few days ago. Nice! It was on Update 7 at the time. I just installed Update 8 from the GUI without any issues. I tailed the synosys.log while doing:
  11. Being a leecher, just registered to say thanks too! N36L (AMD) with two 0.5TB HDD up to 6.0.2 update 7, all packages now updated too. Changed the PID, VID, SN en MAC as well as the AMD default="3" in grub.cfg on the USB after the dd to /dev/sdc. It didn't seem to function, as it still defaulted to 0, as where the AMD is 3 imho? Hooked up a keyboard and a monitor, manually selected the AMD boot option, booted, installed, miraculously, after the first reboot grub was updated on the USB? Anyway, got a working 6.0.2 update 7 now! Did you alter the default Sata mapping in grub file? If
  12. Can you tell me what (with 2 SATA disks attached on your N54L) value you used for "SataPortMap=xx"? Did you set it via the Append command or directly in the .CFG file on the ISO?
  13. @Vodka2014 Did you leave all your disks connected during upgrade? How is your raid configured? And what option did you choose in migration wizard?
  14. two sata controllers, correct. From https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/AT5NM10I/specifications/ Storage - Southbridge 2 xSATA 3 Gb/s ports support AHCI mode I shutdown the system yesterday. Booted it yesterday by editing grub command appending the SataPortMap=10 value. Just now, I boot the system again without editing the grub commands. Doest that mean it makes use of the "normal" value stored in the image?
  15. I had SataPortMap=1 set but that didn't work. SATA0 is being used by the one HD. Verstuurd met Tapatalk