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  1. My old N54L is still running. From other forum posts, there are a lot of people running them. All I have had to do to it (so far) is change the BIOS battery. Some people have had fan failures. If you want anything advanced, like transcoding,, then you need to seek a box with a later Intel processor but it is perfectly good for more basic tasks. Mine is still running 6.2.3 with the jun loader. I successfully installed 7.0.1 with the redpill loader but found I had some work to do to upgrade / replace some of the old packages for version 7. So it all went on hold. The latest
  2. You can add this to user_config.json: { "extra_cmdline": { "pid": "0x4200", "vid": "0x13fe", "sn": "xxxxxxxxx", "mac1": "xxxxxxxx", "SataPortMap": "42", "DiskIdxMap": "0002", "disable_mtrr_trim": null } This worked on my N54L
  3. When I had this problem (network down), I could log in to the DSM desktop but all the packages stopped - including ssh. So it doesn't sound like the problem to me. But you DO need to delete the folder anyway or this problem will happen to you as soon as you get a system up.
  4. @Orphée This worked on my N54L - 7.0.1.. but I have yet to try it on a clean build (rather than one I had been playing with).: ... add
  5. I hope that you have your data secure somewhere. I am assuming that as you were prepared to format the old disk, that you do. If you don't then given that you failed to format it, then this might get data off the disk: The old disk isn't formatted with something Windows likes so you need to use something like diskpart under windows to delete the partitions on the old disk if you want to reuse it. So. Take all the disks out and boot the box with just the USB. If you can find the install page, then good. Otherwise you overwrote the loader and you need to re
  6. Correct. and congratulations. It <should> all be good from here.
  7. Nice if a gen 8 user would stop by! Sorry I think I misunderstood where you were. First a couple of links: and The second talks about 6.1 but the method applies to 6.2. It is also older than the tool @Badgerpointed to you. (Like me!) I think that you have done this: run the tool selected 1.03b DS3615xs or DS3617xs add the vid and pid for your USB stick (you are using
  8. DSM gets installed on the disks so you will need at least one installed. You will also need to wipe the system partition of any disk you have tried if you are going for reinstall. But before you do all that, Just to check, which version of the loader did you use and what version of the .pat file. There is something in the back of my mind about the gen8 but I can't recall it. I don't know whether this post might help.
  9. If you decide to do an upgrade (rather than fresh install) then you need to delete the hidden .xpenoboot directory before you start otherwise you will have great problems when you try to start 6.2.3 for the first time.
  10. Avoid. The loader you are using will not work with 6.2.4 or 7 and you will break your DSM. There is a new loader being tested but it is too early to say that you should upgrade
  11. Thanks @jarugut. I'll try that one next time I have play time! Can you also post progress on your 6.2.4 install, please?
  12. @jarugut What did you do to get the power button working? I have failed miserably on my N54L. Oh and I had exactly the same problem with 6.2.4, so it's not just you.
  13. I am still testing on a N54L. I have created a 6.2.3 system on a spare disk and then migrated it to 7.0.1. There were a number of packages that wouldn't upgrade but that is nothing to do with Xpenology. Everything else seemed to work. But I haven't run it for long. And yes. When/if I do it, I will have a full backup and I will keep that up to date in case I have to fall back later.
  14. @defizr I've been too lazy to upgrade and am still on the stock BIOS. But if I were you I would do it as @Dfdssays. The onboard nic works and don't forget to disable C1 in the BIOS
  15. Sorry. At this point we need one of the gurus to stop by