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  1. Don't panic! You will be able to get your data back. The NAS is not freezing. This is what is supposed to happen. A genuine Synology does not have either a monitor or keyboard and installs from the network. And that's what we need to do. Find it on your network. If you have tried both option 1 and 2 then do the following: 1. Look in the page on your router that lists all the devices on your network. Can you find an entry there? If you can, can you connect to its IP address by putting it into your web browser? 2. If it is not there, then turn the NAS off and pull the da
  2. I'm not sure what you mean by "freezes". At that screen you should be able to use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move up and down to select a new option and then press enter. If you do nothing, then it should time out and continue with boot anyway. The next thing is that it should display one or two more lines of text (like you put in your first screen shot) and then nothing more. No more messages will appear on the screen and it will not respond to any keyboard input. So what happens?
  3. Good! If you let it boot with option 1 (the one that is highlighted) can you find it from a browser on your PC when you go to - or by downloading Synology Assistant and using that? If that doesn't work, try booting with option 2.
  4. Method 1. Try upgrade. You want to create a USB loader version 1.03b. There are three flavours depending on what actual hardware you have. the second link I gave you explains which one you need for what age of hardware. Then follow the tutorial in the first link, but using loader 1.03b and the DSM 6.2.3 version. Method 2. Create a "live" CD or USB with ubuntu or Linux Mint and boot your box with it. Follow the instructions in the below link to assemble a RAID so that you can copy your data off. Edit: Ha! IG-88 also posts. They know best
  5. I thought some more. Are you saying that you just followed this tutorial and then at a later date you updated from Control Panel (or let it autoupdate) and now you are broken?
  6. OK. I appreciate that english is not your native language and i will try to work with that here. 1. Please do not post this again in another forum. Dfds and IG-88 are the gurus here and have seen your problem. 2. Please do not message me directly. 3. I started in xpenology a long time ago by following a video somewhere so I know how confusing it can be. Now. We are unable to help you unless you help us. We have no idea what hardware you are running on, what version of loader you started with, what changes you made to it and what version of DSM you are trying to insta
  7. "Screen will stop updating shortly" means no more messages will be displayed. "please open ... " means go to a PC and open that url which will look for the box on your LAN and then you can continue
  8. @futureline I'm a bit confused which DSM you tried to install and you need to check. 6.1 will not work with the 1.03b loader. However DSM_DS3615xs_23739 seems to refer to 6.2.0 which I would not install on your system due to driver issues. See here : A question. When you first booted from USB (before starting installation) you would have seen a series of messages on the laptop screen before you went to a web browser to start the installation. When you boot now, do you get those messages? @elipicerie The USB stick is always required to boot the system. If
  9. Update 3 is fine. The Intel nic is not required for 6.2.3.
  10. billat29

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    In the BIOS (or maybe UEFI) screens when you power on and before the OS loads. You might need to press the delete key or F1 or F2 (depending on machine) to bring the screens up. What you want to do is make sure that it boots in legacy / BIOS / CSM mode. (It depends on the machine as to what it is called).
  11. billat29

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    It's a big difference. You need to confirm that your thinkcentre is booting in CSM/legacy mode to run 1.03b.
  12. 1. Check that the new box will boot (without disks) and can be found on your LAN. I would have given the USB a new serial number but I am not sure whether that is required. 2. Back up settings from Control Panel. You do have a backup of your critical data, right? 3. Then apply method 1. It will say that you have moved your disks into a new diskstation and give you the option to migrate. 4. Migrate and then check where you are. If the IP address is set by your router, it will probably have changed (step 1 will confirm). Then either access the correct page on your router to set th
  13. 6.2.3 is the latest release of DSM that is generally available for Synology devices. There is a version 7 in beta and expected to be released soon. 6.2.3 works on N54L. V7 does not currently work on any xpenology device as a new loader will need to be developed and we have no idea whether this will happen. We also do not know if a possible future loader for V7 would work on N54L. I would expect that, after the general release of V7, Synology would maintain V6 for a time (just like they did for V5 when V6 came out) and these versions would probably (not definitely) be ma