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  1. Maybe. Maybe not. We can see on this forum that people are looking in to it. Others may be looking at it and not being public about what they are doing. In the past the "developers" have waited until the new release becomes rolled out widely before disclosing their work. So we can't say that there will never be a new loader that takes Xpenology forward but equally we can't say that there will be one. We certainly can't say when. I have independently decided to stay on 6.2.3 on my genuine Synology boxes for the time being as 7 is a major upgrade and 6.2.4 seems to have
  2. Start a new thread in the newbie section. Post details of the version of the loader you are using and the version of DSM you are trying to get to work. What method did you follow to create the loader (e.g. tutorial here, YouTube video) and what changes did you make to the config. Also supply details of the motherboard and if you can, the details of the chipset the network card is using.
  3. So Synology moved things around... Use your favourite internet search engine for Synology Download Centre... Follow the instructions and find your NAS of choice. At the moment you end up here for DS3615xs: Now click on the link that says all downloads. Pick the version you are looking for...... and then you are back at a list of machines <sigh> CTRL+F to find DS3615 and there you are......
  4. Good point. Sorry wasn't reading your post properly
  5. Are you using 6.2.3? That is not what your post says.
  6. .. or it does start but no filestation, no packages and a "locked" Resource Monitor.
  7. Correct. As the messages at the top of the forum page say - 6.2.4 does not work right now
  8. It depends what you are trying to achieve, if you just want to run DSM on the box across the 4 drives then you don't want either the SATA expansion card or graphics card. The BIOS you have will do. You just need to make sure that the drives are in AHCI mode and that C1 is disabled in the BIOS. You will need the 1.03b DS3615xs or DS3617xs loader and 6.2.3. There's a whole lot of information listed here: You can ignore references to setting csm / legacy mo
  9. OK. That will teach us to follow some guide on the internet! So what do you have now? First of all, did you take the original (120GB) disk out? If the 500 is storage pool 2 is there a storage pool 1? and what does it say for RAID type?
  10. I am reading that as either DS3617 doesn't work on your hardware or maybe there is a problem with the config on that stick. but I think you are saying that DS3615xs works perfectly. If it boots normally from the DS3615xs stick and all works, I would say that it is fine. Erase the other stick and move on!
  11. AHCI mode is what is needed. Your image says "error 13". Error 13 doesn't usually mean that the file you downloaded is bad. It says "I tried to initialise the disk and load DSM onto it. Something went wrong." I don't know why 3617 doesn't seem to work, but I can see by searching the forum that people have had success with 3615xs. There is no problem with using that. Is DSM now working? If you are still getting error 13, then the first thing to check is that you modified grub.config in the loader to match the values for the USB stick you are using and that they a
  12. When I restarted, the storage pool had crashed I ignored that and connected by SSH and ran the magic command: sudo mdadm --grow --raid-devices=1 --force /dev/md2 That immediately sorted the crashed storage pool and started an expansion When that was done, I went to expand the volume as the link said but found it was already done and that was it. It seemed to have worked. My packages were still there as was my (limited) data.
  13. I started with my virtual machine on 6.2.3 U3. It had one 8GB drive. I then defined and added a 128GB virtual drive and rebooted the machine: I have two unused drives as the first is the bootloader and I haven't applied the fix for hiding it when running in a VM. I then went to Storage Manager>Storage Pool>Action and selected "change RAID type". I selected RAID1 and dragged and dropped my new drive Next it resynchronised. Then I shut down and removed the old drive before restarting ..
  14. The "one disk" strategy that I linked to appeared to work. The method is slightly different for 6.2.3. I'll put some screenshots up shortly
  15. @Vodka2014 I broke my virtual environment. That was while I was setting up to test this. I didn't get as far as trying it. Then @flyride came in and they really, really know their stuff. So I edited my post and crossed my offer out. I have watched flyride sort out the most difficult problems and would have every confidence that if anyone can sort you out, they can. My concern now, having reread all this, is what state is your system in? I don't understand why you need to order another 500GB disk right now. You started with a 120GB and tried to move @appstore onto the