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  1. This post gives you recommendations for the loader you want : If you are getting an option to migrate, then the loader is finding a system on the disk. You need to erase the disk (or at least the approx 2GB partition at the start of the disk The USB drive contains the bootloader and must be present. The system must be set to boot from the drive. It will load and start the DSM system it finds on disk Useful links are contained in this post :
  2. a) Good advice is: DON'T. See all the messages at the top of the forum page. The latest release that is currently supported is the one I suggested. 6.2.3 is the latest release that works. b)You will need a new loader to go to 6.2.4 or 7.x. This is currently being developed (see the "redpill" thread in the developer section). In general you need to refer to the forum before you attempt any new release. In the meantime, make sure that automatic updates are disabled in Control Panel. For now, stick with 6.2.3
  3. Good news! There is also an internal USB but lets stick with the one that works 25426 is the one you want
  4. I can eliminate some of the possibilities: DS918 won't work. It's for a later Intel processor. extra.lzma is not required. N54L will work with integrated nic without. For the initial boot of the loader, it doesn't matter about VID, PID and MAC. You can't install without VID and PID set, but it should appear on the network. SO, do you get any messages on the screen after the BIOS starts the bootloader? and, are you sure that the box is physically connected the network (no cable problems etc_
  5. OK. I am missing something here. I do not understand why you wouldn't go back to the source files you used to create the bootloader in the first place, make changes and write to USB anew. I am happy to work through the steps to get you to install DSM on your N54L but I would take you back to the beginning and go through what you have done, step by step. It sounds like that would just annoy you at this point. But if it is not booting - have you disabled C1E in the BIOS?
  6. Once the bootloader gets to "Screen will stop updating shortly", it really means it. The next step is to open a browser on a PC connected to the network and type in - or alternatively download Synology Assistant to your PC and run that. From this point on, neither monitor or keyboard do anything - after all a real Synology has neither.
  7. You will need to create a new bootloader if you want to upgrade. See here:
  8. 1. Probably not. But see below 2. See the IG-88's post in the link below for useful links 3. It needs to be there for the box to boot
  9. The most recent version that will run on this box is 6.2.3 with jun's loader DS3615xs v1.03b. You will need to go into the BIOS and disable C1E. Apart from that it is a fairy straightforward install. These will help: This outlines the different loaders for different versions / platforms: The next is a more generalised version of the install. The method applies to the newer version I am using a standard N54L with standard BIOS but you can put a custom BI
  10. 谷歌翻译: 君不再在这里了。 一个新的装载机正在建设 Thorgroup 请在这里或中文版块用英语发帖
  11. The other thing is that if you absolutely know without going into the BIOS that the N40 has c1e disabled, then you could try boot that from the new stick after pulling the drives. But I would strongly advise not messing with the old box in case you find you are trying to diagnose why two boxes won't boot.
  12. Maybe. Did you disable c1e in the bios? Shut the n40 down. Does the n54l boot from that stick?
  13. Mine is set to turn off overnight. There has been discussion here and elsewhere whether that is the right thing to do or not. And... If you haven't looked at things for a while, you need to choose the correct drive technology. The following applies to all drives.
  14. The only release that you could consider is 6.2.3 with DS3615xs 1.03b loader. It's not the latest DSM release. The guys are still working on something for 6.2.4 which currently is the latest of the V6 series. Frankly I only upgraded from 6.1.7 to 6.2.3 due to lockdown boredom. I haven't noticed any amazing improvement. I would be tempted to hang on to a perfectly good system and see what happens with the new loader before making any decision. A number of people run N54Ls here and maybe we can start a competition for the largest drive. I have 8Tbs in mine but I'm sure that some
  15. The first quote IS out of date. It refers to 6.2.2 not 6.2.3. (After 6.1.7, Synology made changes which meant the onboard nic no longer worked, so we were all playing around with extra drivers or buying a supported nic but then they put it all back to the way it was in 6.2.3 so it worked again). Either release is good. I was happy on 6.1.7 for a long time and then got bored one day and did the upgrade. I am happy with 6.2.3. You haven't said how you plan to get there from where you are. I would build a new system and migrate the data if at all possible. I can't say whet