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  1. That's great! Glad you got it sorted.
  2. My N54L runs 6.1.7 with the 1.02b loader. My understanding that 6.2 does not have support for the onboard nic and so people are buying and installing network cards with the intel chipset to make the later version work. I have looked at my install notes and see that I disabled C1E in the bios (I am running a "stock" bios but that shouldn't matter) and I can't see whether I used the mac address provided in the loader or whether I used one that matched the serial number I have. So I would check the bios; recreate the USB stick with 1.02b following Polanskiman's instructions; remove HDD drives; attach keyboard and display and watch to see whether you get the boot messages and the chance to select the appropriate option. Once the boot is complete, then the box should be on your network. You can't install anything at that point as you have no HDD but if you get that far, then the loader is good.
  3. You are most probably right. But power schedule works for me nearly all of the time. I offered it as a thought as the process I went through was: 1) Box stops working sometimes. Needs a hard boot. What's causing it to crash? 2) Actually, the problem is that it doesn't boot up from the power schedule. Better look at the boot process. Maybe a new USB key is needed. 3) Hang on. Maybe the problem is actually shut down related. But yes. I can't remember if you have one of these, but if you have you will know that they are terrible dust collectors and so it would be worth opening it up, pulling the disks out, maybe the main board too, cleaning and then making sure all the connectors are re-seated properly when it goes back.
  4. My N54L (6.1.7) is also on a power schedule and occasionally I find it "unresponsive" - or rather I discover that one of the services it provides has stopped working. Blue light on but nothing doing. Power button to force off and restart cures it. The log shows the box shutting down on the power schedule but the next entry is for the forced boot. I did various things like using a brand new USB key thinking it might have become a bit suspect over the years but the problem comes back. But then I found the box one night when it was supposed to be off, sitting there showing the blue light as if it is on but the box was unresponsive. I think (and I can't remember whether I have seen anything on this forum to confirm), that the problem is that the box is failing to shut down cleanly. And as a result, the BIOS can't turn it back on. I tell myself that next time instead of hard booting it I will take monitor and keyboard over to where the box lives and seeing if anything is still running but I've been telling myself that for a few months now.
  5. billat29

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Error 13 is also a "Whoops! I had a problem writing the system to disk". This will be the drives that you intend to put data on. It can be that either it is not finding your disks or you have defined a virtual disk for testing that is too small.....
  6. Each disk has a small partition on it on which is loaded DSM. This means it can boot from any disk in case of failure. The rest of the each disk is partitioned for data. I would expect that when you insert your drives into the new hardware and boot it, it would come up with a migration. This would install the current DSM for that model (onto that small partition x5) and then update all your packages to their latest version.Some of your existing settings may survive this process. Some might not. Your data will be fine. I also expect that you can put 5 disks from a 12 bay into an 8 bay. But why don't you ask on the Synology forum. Obviously you say you have real DS3615 :-)
  7. billat29

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    No, AMD CPU is not supported on the latest loader. (N54L comes with AMD CPU) Jun has stated there are issues with it and disabled the AMD support. You will have to wait until there is a new loader out with support. You can get to 6.0.2 Update 11 with the 1.01 loader (see but that's as far as you can currently go. As bchuter says, AMD is not currently supported on the 1.02 loader. Maybe it will in future. Maybe it won't.
  8. Ok. So what have you been able to do? Before attempting to add a physical disk, you should have imported the virtual machine files from June loader. Did you do that already? EDIT: Oh yes and my assumption is that your 3TB disk has come out of a DSM bare metal installation and is not a random disk with data on it. EDIT AGAIN! Ah and then I remembered. Check the VMWare documentation. I recall that Workstation only allows physical disks up to 2TB.
  9. Create a new virtual machine using the wizard. You will have to create it with a virtual disk at this point. Save your new VM then go back and edit the virtual machine. Add a new HDD (choose a sensible type that matches your real disk) and then you will get the option to use a physical disk
  10. Here are the release notes so you can see what vulnerabilities are fixed in later releases and make your decision based on that.
  11. Did you get the 4Gb working? I can confirm that DSM reported 6Gb on 5.2 on my machine. I installed a crucial 4Gb ECC module some time ago and it all just works. I can't comment on the firewall, What I can say is that later versions of the 5.2 loader disabled writing to the BIOS and that stopped power schedules from working but other than that my box worked fine on later versions of 5.2. Do check that you have the correct setting in update and restore - important updates retaining the current version of DSM or you will be trying to get V6 working with the V5 loader!
  12. Wouldn't package updates or even DSM updates go via this? I would have thought blocking these would prevent DSM updating itself and you have to manually download and install from your PC. That may not be such a bad idea, given the number of people who post "My DSM updated itself and now it's broken". I think my point was that apart from the discussion around QC, DSM contacts for various reasons. It could supply your external IP, serial and mac and any other information it has if it wants.
  13. I would be very happy at that price. I suspect at that level, there would be a risk of substantial cannibalisation of their hardware business but let's see what actually happens.
  14. @fonix232 Interesting. There is a theoretical point about not putting more restrictive terms on GPL code but we're only be arguing about a small part of the system. What you say makes sense. Synology are not immune to the same market forces that have shaped the computer industry and that means first - you can only make money selling boxes for so long and then you need to unbundle the software and services. Second, when you do unbundle, if you go do the route of selling upfront software licences, then at some point you find you are not getting new users and you run out of reasons to sell new licences to your existing users. Hence Cloud and subscription based functionality. However, this will only work for them if the guys who made their reputation in the company by shifting boxes can change their mindset to the new order. My experience in the industry says that is not certain.