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  1. null means just pass the parameter without a value which is what we want to do. ie. disable_mtrr_trim rather than disable_mttr_trim=1 However, having made that change you need to rebuild the loader for it to take effect. I cannot say whether the version of user_config.json you have changed is the correct one or a backup. So I would reboot the N54L selecting the option for loader build and go from there.
  2. Ah yes! Would you post the link when you find it, please?
  3. Somewhere on here, someone suggested: Remove USB Insert into your PC Boot run postupdate commands return USB to headless box I was building a system to try this but finger trouble got me into migrate mode which reset the BIOS which trashes everything. By the time I figured out what was happening and sorted it, I had lost all interest.
  4. run the command: date Is the date and time correct? If not, then that is your problem. Either your BIOS battery is dead OR DSM reset the BIOS when doing a recovery. If you run fullupgrade without the date correct, it seems to delete everything to make way for new files and then if it fails, you are stuck. Check BIOS settings, reset the date, download rploader,sh from the repository and run fullupgrade.
  5. Excellent! Well done! Would you mind posting an entry for your upgrade in here, please? https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/59827-dsm-71-42661
  6. What happened with DSM V6.x is that it had a check to see if there was a hidden directory ./xpenoboot. This directory was created by one of the versions of the xpenology loader for V5. If it found it, then it would disable all services. I don't know whether V7 has the same check, or if your system has the directory, but if the migration worked, then I would say that it is probably OK. If you ssh in and do cd / ls -la you should get a list of directories you can check
  7. OK if that was a DSM5.0 disk and no issues running V7 then the 3 disks <should> be OK.
  8. .. and if you are doing a migration from V5 then : https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/26723-network-down-after-dsm-login/?tab=comments#comment-137953
  9. Check that C1E is disabled in the BIOS. and that the onboard nic is enabled and WOL is enabled. Let me know what you find
  10. check that the time and date on the HP are correct
  11. Sorry. I have made myself confused.... You need both the USB (stick,card whatever) and the HDD. The loader goes on the USB and DSM is installed in a RAID array across all HDDs. We are not doing an upgrade. We are doing a migration. We are simulating pulling the drives out of a DS3612xs and putting them in a new DS3622xs. Once you have created the new 7.1 loader, we are hoping that when you boot from that, it looks at the three disks and says that you have taken the disks out of an old machine and offers to do a migration. We want it to give you the option to a manual install of DSM7.1 and then it should go away and do whatever it needs to do to end up with a running 7.1 system. It should preserve your data. So. I like your idea. Put the spare drive into the current system. Create a volume on it (this will also install DSM 5.0 on it). Pull everything out except the new drive, insert a fresh USB stick and build the loader. When it boots afterwards, it should allow you to perform a migration. If that looks good, shutdown; replace the extra disk with the three old disks and cross your fingers (or whatever works best for you) and boot. Good luck.
  12. This should be fun a. I hope you have a backup of your data. I guess you don't! I really, really would try to see if you can find a way to secure your data. b. I don't have SSD cache c. If you build a new system on HDD and introduce your old disks, DSM tends to want to reformat them. So we need to work out how to update your system safely using your existing data d. If you have another HDD that you can play with, then that's good as your can trial the upgrade before risking your data. e. What's connected to the USB 3.0 card? DSM 7.1 removes a lot of support for USB devices. f. You also need to check the packages you have installed in DSM 5.0 to see whether they are supported (or replaced) in DSM 7.1. g. I have no idea whether it is possible to take DSM 5.0 drives out of a real DS3612xs and put them into a real DS3622xs and install DSM 7.1 in one step. So we would need to trial that. h. What's the 640Gb disk for? It's a bit old and small.... Have I put you off yet? Depending the results of e. and f. You might consider just going to 6.2.3. If you have already or can make a full backup of all your data, I might be tempted to wipe it all clean and start a new, fresh installation. If not, then I would do the following: Remove all the old drives and set them aside. Keep them safe. leave the drive with your loader on it in the machine. Insert your "extra" blank disk and create a new 5.0-4493 U7 system. If you don't have a copy of the right DSM locally, you can find it on the Synology Download center. Create a volume and some folders. Upload a file or two. Set your loader disk aside. Keep it safe. Follow the DSM 7.1 tutorial to create a new 7.1 loader. Now. boot it and see if you can find it in Synology assistant. What options do you see? Does it give you the chance to install DSM 7.1 manually? If so do it and see what happened to your test system.
  13. Step 4.4. I think you are making life harder for yourself using WinSCP. Use the onboard vi editor or enter the command to install nano which for many is much easier to use.
  14. Can you, as a test, upload files via the web interface? If you can, then what protocol are you using to map your drives? I am wondering whether the N54L is using an old version of SMB which is now blocked by a recent update to your laptop.
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