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  1. I meant for DSM to see all the cores of the new CPU, for this.
  2. What is the maximum supported RAM capacity of the DS3622xs+?
  3. I am currently working on building a new XPEnology based on the DS3622xs+. But I have a few questions that I want to clarify. The configuration of the future build: MB - Asus P9X79 Deluxe CPU - Intel® Xeon® E5-2697 v2 (12 cores/number of threads -24) RAM - 64Gb (There is a question about RAM) 9211-8i - 2 pcs. (IT-Mode) 16 hdd (There is a question about HDD) Questions: 1. Will the DS3622xs+ see 16 hdds or will only 12 hdds be available? 2. Asus P9X79 Deluxe supports 64Gb RAM, but will 64Gb be available in DS3622xs+ 3. Will I need a video card (the cheapest one) or can it work without one?
  4. Thank you! So it is better to reinstall so that all cores would be visible?
  5. I am currently running 3622xs+ MB h81m-p33 + G3220 + 4 gb ram. I want to replace the CPU with Intel Xeon E3-1265L v3. My question is if I replace the CPU do I have to reinstall XPEnology?
  6. That's why I switched to the 920+ because I couldn't set up the device tree on the 918+, but I'm about to try the DS3622xs+ and see what happens.
  7. Installed the sata controller https://aliexpress.ru/item/1005004255682694.html Hooked up 5 hdd to it. I have a total of 9 hdds. 4 on the motherboard and 5 on JMB585. Re-created the TCRP. Plugged in all 9 hdds and started installing the DS920+ Installing DS920+ 7.1.0-42661. Doesn't see the disks that are on JMB585. Where should I go?
  8. Установил sata-контроллер https://aliexpress.ru/item/1005004255682694.html. Подключил к нему 5 hdd. Всего у меня 9 hdd. 4 на материнской плате и 5 на JMB585. Пересоздал TCRP. Подключил все 9 hdd и начал установку DS920+. Не видит диски, которые находятся на JMB585. Куда копать?
  9. The same tried to update from 7.1-42661-1 to 7.1-42661-2 and the same recovery. Guys explain me a newbie how to update the boot loader? When I booted from USB flash drive to install it was all clear, I booted TCRP, did everything according to the instructions and then system reboot and installation went on, well, how do I update TCRP when I boot from USB flash drive with a Synology installed I just have a couple lines of black and white and that's it?
  10. То же попробовал обновиться с 7.1-42661-1 до 7.1-42661-2 и то же восстановление. Парни обясните мне новичку как блин загрузчик то обновлять? Когда я загружался с флеши что бы установить там все понятно было, загрузился TCRP, сделал всё по инструкции потом system reboot и установка пошла, ну как теперь обновлять TCRP когда я загружаюсь с флехи при установленной Synology у меня ведь просто пару строк чёрным по белому и всё, как Установлена 920+
  11. Thanks Friend! You've been a big help! Installed the DS920+ and now I have Synology QuickConnect working. One thing I can't figure out, if I want to change the mac + s/n how to do it, the flash drive is no longer visible?
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