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8 hours ago, pedroj666 said:

I restart in TCPP but when I try to run the command ./rploader.sh update it always says "not fond".

Also if I try to access tcrp through putty it always gives me the error connection refused.


what am i doing wrong and how can i update the image?

Hi all, 


unfortunately I have the same issue. Any clue how to solve this problem?

DSM Error.jpg

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run the command: date

Is the date and time correct?

If not, then that is your problem.

Either your BIOS battery is dead OR DSM reset the BIOS when doing a recovery.

If you run fullupgrade without the date correct, it seems to delete everything to make way for new files and then if it fails, you are stuck.

Check BIOS settings, reset the date, download rploader,sh from the repository and run fullupgrade.



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