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Write Protection error



I have an N54L running 5.2.5644update 5.  $ x 3 TB drives. The system has been running well for about 4 years.  I use Total commander to copy or move files from my laptop to the NAS (I also have a Synology DS411).  Very recently, I have been getting and error (please remove write protection) and I lose connection to the mapped drives on the N54L. 


When this happens, I can still login in to the N54L via the web interface.  About 2 weeks ago I got an error on the disk2 (all 4 disks are in a SHR volume).  I replaced the 3TB disk with a 4TB new disk.  I have since gone through the process of replacing 2 other disks with new 4TB disks.  At this stage I only have 1 remaining 3TB disk from the original lot.


I thought that the write protection error I was getting was caused by the bad disk. Since I have replaced this disk and the Volume health is good and normal after the repair task finished, I tried to do a move of a 4GB file to the N54L volume and immediately got an error (as above) of the move. I do not have this situation with my other Synology NAS.  I can do copy/moves without any problem.


The error seems to be related to the disks on the N54L NAS (volume) and not on my local laptop drives.


Can anyone please help me in getting rid of this error? 



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Can you, as a test, upload files via the web interface?

If you can, then what protocol are you using to map your drives? I am wondering whether the N54L is using an old version of SMB which is now blocked by a recent update to your laptop.

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