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  1. Is anyone using a usb to lan adapter on his machine? Before the DSM7 upgrade it worked just fine to me as the driver was supported in DSM itself. It tried getting it to work with the method described by mariushosting but it's not working. I can't put in a pcie card because that slot is already occupied by a sata controller
  2. So is there still hope that hw transcoding might work in a later version, are you working on that? I have a J4105 and I'm willing to help with testing wherever I can to get hw transcoding working on the latest version with gemini lake
  3. So just to be sure, this doesn`t enable hardware decoding right?
  4. @IG-88 I'm currently running the latest 6.2.2 upadate on a J4105-ITX with ds918+ on the 1.04b loader. Unfortunately no matter what I do I can't seem to get hw transcoding to work (serial and mac from real 918+). Will your extensions make that possible?
  5. @Olegin I have the same ASRock J4105-ITX that you have and can't get hw transcode to work with the latest dsm. As it seems that you're also not running hw transcode on your system, I wonder if it's even possible right now. Could someone halp me on that?
  6. I recently had the same problem. Most VPNs don't allow port forwarding for security reasons, so even if you set up ddns and port forwarding on your router that won't help you. PIA does allow port forwarding, but only for one port and you have to manually enable it and configure the port every time you connect to the vpn. You`ll need to run a script on your device for that if you can't use their app. Here is the thread that's discussing this: As I only need VP for my
  7. Thanks for your help. So I replace eth1 with the ip adress of my second nic? Is there any possibility to check if the jdownloader uses the right nic? For example can I check the public ip?
  8. I want all my devices to be protected by the vpn, that's why I configured the vpn on my router. I can exclude single ips from the vpn though. If set the NAS to vpn passthrough I can set up the ddns on the NAS and the port forwarding works, but then my jdownloader is also not protected. That's why I bought a second nic that uses the vpn and is only meant for the jdownloader.
  9. Both lan ports go through the same router, but one lan port is set to vpn bypass, so that I can use port forwarding and ddns, because that doen`t work through vpn. If it helps, I use dd-wrt on my router with the flashrouters script for the vpn. I`m really a noop in terms of network configuration, because I never needed to know anything about it before I bought the NAS and the router. I never thought that it could be so difficult to use a vpn connection while being able to access the NAS remotely via ddns.
  10. Hi, I've recently built a NAS on xpenology basis (918+ on 6.2.2) and have added a second lan port so that I can use one lan port for the system fuctions including port forwarding and one port to use with jdownloader through a vpn on my router. My question is now, how I can configure jdownloader to use only the lan port that's routed trough the vpn. Any help would be really appreciated.