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  1. awesome ! thank you for confirming. if i m not wrong, this didnt work with the older patched drivers either. it would be good to know if anyone has tested these on 9BC5 PCI ID as those had issues with patched drivers as well
  2. cool ! i m glad its sorted out thank you for checking and testing
  3. As IG-88 noted earlier, your PCI ID is already covered by regular syno drivers and doesn’t require my backported ones. Someone has tested my backported drivers for DS920 on a 10th gen CPU and they work. So it seems it’s not a driver issue, but something in the settings. can you do a (after you have inserted modules) lsmod | grep i915 and lspci -tvnnq
  4. I know it’s a stupid question, but have you enabled iGPU in the bios ? PMU command signature hex “44” ASCII “ D” might be the issue. Maybe some of the devs know what it means
  5. Did you check if you have /dev/dri folder after the insert modules script ? while running the insert script, on another ssh window run tail -f /var/log/messages - that will give you some output re i915 being loaded since you don’t have any errors or messages in dmesg, I think you should be good and the modules would have loaded.
  6. Agree, 3E96 should work out of the box with the syno drivers. Your dmesg output will tell you if you are missing firmware files. Download the file from the link I have provided in the earlier messages and it will work ———— 2) By default, the firmware files are not copied by the redpill loaders. So you can download them from and place them in/usr/lib/firmware/i915 the important ones are kbl_dmc_ver1_04.bin, kbl_guc_ver9_39.bin,kbl_huc_ver02_00_1810.bin (for the 10th gen)
  7. Yes HW transcoding is via intel quicksync. The regular plex that comes from synology package centre is 32bit and might not do HDR tone mapping or HW transcoding. Even the 64bit version that you download from plex website (for synology) doesn’t do HDR tone mapping if I am not wrong. But it does HW transcoding. if you need to use all the features then the docker version is the way to go.
  8. 1) ok perfect, that is good to hear. Attached the binaries for 6.2.3 918+ just in case you want to try. Thank you for testing out video station. I didnt check that coz HW transcoding + TrueHD/EAC3 as a combination dont work on it once you patch. 2) Re: 9bc5, i havent seen anyone test yet. But i m quite hopeful these will work. i915_918_623.7z
  9. I can understand your disappointment, but HW transcoding is not as simple as just providing the modules. the kernel needs to be compiled for it. And 3622 isn’t one of them. which is why when you insert the modules, there are unrecognized symbols. If you go through the various messages above I did say that it might require more work and even suggested to another user that we can take it offline to see what other modules are required to make this happen. I have had to go through 100s if not 1000s of lines of code to understand and remove bugs and add support for the new devices.
  10. These drivers should work with all CPUs until the 10th gen. As I have added the PCI ids and not replaced any. the base kernel is still 4.4.180+ and I had to get patches from kernels upto 5.5 if I remember correctly. That is when the Cometlake IDSs were added and some patches introduced. Beyond that there is quite a lot of changes to the files for adding support of 11th gen and beyond - so it’s not as easily to implement. there are no changes to the firmware either. The ones we have used for 6.2.3 previously work. My patched code also removed a bug where an
  11. DVA3221 and DS3622 require more work and are not ready as their kernel is missing a lot of stuff required for HW transcoding. 918+ and 920+ Are the ones working for now with the new 10th gen CPUs
  12. Sorry buddy. Looks like a lot of the stuff is missing from the 3622 kernel. It’s going to be a painful process to add one by one. If you are still interested in testing we can take this on direct and see what other modules need to be complied.
  13. you might be having some adblocker. i had the same issue when i use that link from mobile, but it works on my desktop computer. try these.
  14. hdmi.ko module added.i915 and drm.ko were also recomplied.