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  1. @Vikarowitsch 1) delete /usr/syno/bin/synocodectool & /volume1/@appstore/VideoStation/bin/synocodectool 2) download 3) rename it to "synocodectool" (without quotes) 4) copy the file to /usr/syno/bin/ & /volume1/@appstore/VideoStation/bin/ 5) apply patch for both copies (./ -p)
  2. @Vikarowitsch seems like something went wrong with patching - easiest fix is to just download the original file from here and try patching it again:)
  3. @richx if you only want to enable transoding in the moments app patching /usr/syno/bin/synocodectool should suffice. Patching /volume1/@appstore/VideoStation/bin/synocodectool enables transcoding capabilities in Synologys VideoStation application.
  4. Hey guys, sorry for being absent that long - I had a lot on my plate workwise - thank you @IG-88 & @flyride for keeping this topic active & supported! I just merged support for DSM 6.2.3 25426-2 into the github repo - there seem to be no changes to the synocodectool binaries in this update. @iamheresy this patch should work fine with the Moments app since it utilizes the synocodectool binary located in /usr/syno/bin (automatic heic conversion in the Moments app was the reason I wrote that patch in the first place:))
  5. @Napalmd if you plan to utilize surveillance station, then yes you should patch that one too - I updated the script on Github accordingly:)
  6. @tigs you should definitely be able to patch more than one version - you just have to do it one by one. if that doesnt work could you please send a screen grab ?
  7. @Tuonorosso no need to restore just download the new version and only patch /volume1/@appstore/MediaServer/bin/synocodectool The other versions (/usr/syno/bin/synocodectool and /volume1/@appstore/VideoStation/bin/synocodectool) are already successfully patched:)
  8. @tigs @mervincm @Tuonorosso I updated the patch to work with DSM 6.2.3 25426-0. I also added support for patching the third executable (/volumeX/@appstore/MediaServer/bin/synocodectool) - theoretically it should work now. P.S.: Could you run the following command BEFORE patching and post the output here ? I am curious to see which version of synocodectool the MediaServer application uses. sha1sum /volume1/@appstore/MediaServer/bin/synocodectool Cheers
  9. @jeannotmer you only need this patch if you are using moments or videostation AFAIK @Tuonorosso that is a little bit weird because both versions of synocodectool seem to be patched - I am going to need a bit more details - which DSM Version, serial number format ((e.g. XXXXPDNXXXXXX for DS918+, XXXXODNXXXXXX for DS3617xs, XXXXLWNXXXXXX for 3615xs), the output of sudo cat /var/log/messages after you went online and lastly sudo find / -name synocodectool to see if there is a third synocodectool executable that overrides those settings...
  10. @MitkoVIP @Tuonorosso @jeannotmer sorry for the late response... Did you apply the patch to both copys of synocodectool? Please kindly provide the output of the following commands: sha1sum /usr/syno/bin/synocodectool sha1sum /volumeX/@appstore/VideoStation/bin/synocodectool volumeX is the drive where VideoStation is installed Cheers
  11. @dyter this patch only enables you to transcode (in hardware or software) within videostation or moments - it does not enable hw transcoding in general. For HW transcoding to work you would need to have the appropriate drivers installed, only then /dev/dri will be populated.
  12. @richv31 I updated the repo - should work now:)
  13. yes - it does not make a difference if you run it inside a vm or bare metal