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  2. This isn't ESXi, it's VMWare Workstation, right? I am not as familiar with that environment; the general tutorials are specific to ESXi. It looks to me that despite the UI showing a "physical disk" it's creating an RDM reference as the disk in DSM is a "VMWare Virtual Disk" and connected with the virtual SATA controller, not the physical. So at the moment it looks like you have a single virtual SATA controller with a loader vmdk as 0:0, a VMDK you don't want or need as 0:1 and the RDM to your physical disk on 0:2. As I said before, that may cause problems with slots (
  4. What are you doing with the virtual disk partition then? And, how are you using the physical drive - via RDM? Because you can't otherwise attach a physical drive to a virtual controller with ESXi. If you have more than two controllers of any type available to the VM, there may be issues that need manual configuration. This can happen when trying to build virtual systems and extra virtual controllers get added - or when you have a controller for the boot loader, a virtual controller for a virtual disk, and a passthrough controller. Something doesn't quite make sen
  5. Check for the existence of /dev/synoboot* What PAT file specifically are you trying to apply? What you posted above seems excessively generic.
  6. That will work, but will mess up your slot assignments. The loader is designed to have only one disk on SATA 0:0 - the loader vmdk. Any other virtual drives should be on SATA 1.
  7. It isn't significantly different. Docker is superior in my opinion because new Plex releases are available immediately, which trumps any minor question of system efficiency.
  8. Did you try reading the FAQs? Most of your questions are covered there. Generally, the folks that choose to run DSM via XPEnology are using off-the-shelf hardware and not someone's third-party custom NAS, but it has been done with some difficulty.
  9. It may be useful to do some experimentation with SasIdxMap. You may want to do this with a single test disk instead of your array however.
  10. This also happens when a SAS or SCSI virtual controller is used, best to use virtual SATA and they will be numbered correctly.
  11. I strongly suggest that your courses of action will have no positive effect as your filesystem is compromised but accessible in a read-only mode. This means that there is some internal structure to the filesystem that is inconsistent. MD binds multiple physical disk partitions into an array of raw storage. LVM binds multiple logical partitions (such as an MD array) together into a continuous block of raw storage. The filesystem is built on top of all that. Issues with MD or LVM will either affect your redundancy or completely disable access to the filesystem. That is not the st
  12. There is no 4 drive limit on DSM or the loader. This may be an arbitrary limit imposed on VB. SAS/SCSI controllers are not ideal for DSM 6.2.3. Can you add a second virtual SATA controller?
  13. Very bad idea. Set up a VPN at a minimum for security.
  14. - logfiles are in /var/log (look for something excessively large and delete it) - see if any very large files exist in /tmp (generally safe to delete) - look for core dumps (usually called SYNO.something.core), which can be deleted - look for any large files in /var/crash
  15. If you can read from volume2, copy off everything, delete it and remake it.
  16. To my knowledge this product has never been available for sale. And I have yet to see evidence that any Synology software releases supported by XPe have nVidia support. Right now the discussion is purely academic.
  17. Sorry, I'm not sure I understand the question. This thread was about expanding RAID5, but now you have an upgrade problem and you are looking for diagnosis? If I look at this: it looks like you have done a major upgrade and changed loaders. And your motherboard is an NVIDIA chipset which may not be supported at all, or need extra.lzma. I didn't answer because I have no idea about that hardware. But if you post this as a new question so that people can actually see it, you might get a (better) answer.
  18. That feature is making use of Synology Cloud services and requires a working QuickConnect, I believe. This is not supported or recommended with XPEnology.
  20. It's part of the rc.d spec. Because of where you put it, the system will call it with the start argument.
  21. 1. USB drive is for every boot and is modified at upgrade. It cannot be removed. 1a. DSM is installed to every data disk you add to it. This is not optional. 2. This is normal to display. The next step is to locate the system on the network using Synology Assistant or to complete the install.
  22. No idea what you have downloaded or what version that is (6.7 does not exist). Please post as a question in the appropriate forum.
  23. All the lines in the script are commented out?
  24. MD will add multiple disks at a time. The performance seems appropriate.