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  1. Hi guys, I've downloaded movies and they are in a video folder to play through plex. I've just noticed each file has a different owner, permissions are 0666,0775,0777 owners are: root sc-sabnzbd sc-nzbget Paul Would it be better to assign the files to one user to clean up the folder. TIA
  2. siri_uk

    MSI z270 m7

    Thanks for the reply I will pick the board up on Wednesday if its OK to message you then
  3. siri_uk

    MSI z270 m7

    Hi guys, I'm currently running DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3, juns loader 1.04b, ds918+ on a MSI mortar arctic h270m. I think the main board is failing as 2 of the ram slots have stopped working. I've been offered an MSI z270 m7 but it has killer lan e2500 where the mortar arctic has Intel lan. I have a spare nc360t dual nic, is this compatible with my system as it is now, if possible I just wanted to swap boards over with the system intact. TIA
  4. Hi guys, Currently I have 4 x 4tb wd reds as main volume 1, 3 x 2tb and 1 x 1tb drives. Volume 1 is on raid 0, the other drives on jbod. I have just picked up a 6tb and 4tb seagate hard drives, does anyone have any ideas on the configuration of the drives, I was going to keep the wd reds as raid 0 volume with 6tb, 4tb and 2 2tb drives as basic for backup, anyone have any other ideas. TIA
  5. siri_uk

    Msi and nvme

    I first tried that and it didn't work ended up buying an Intel one
  6. siri_uk

    Reboot issues

    Thanks for the reply I will strip down all cables and reconnect, I'll put new on disk 4 to be try, thanks again
  7. siri_uk

    Reboot issues

    Sorry info added Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  8. siri_uk

    Reboot issues

    Hi guys, I'm running a mortar arctic h270m, i5 7500, 16gb DDR4 ram, 4 x 4tb wd reds, 4 x 2 Tb wd blue connected to dell perc h310 converted to lsi 9211-8i, Intel nvme for cache, 3 usb stick and corsair gold 650w modular psu connected at a UPS. Over the last few days I have been experiencing improper shutdown errors but not much shows in the logs. I have attached a system log around the time of the last reboot if anyone can see any issues or know how to get a complete log I'd be grateful. I'm on loader 1.04b dsm 6.2.2 24922 update 3.
  9. I use 2 port hp nc360t, works fine with latest dsm for me, I run off a kaby lake cpu as well Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  10. Just an heads up for you, I was using a J4105 and had power problems and the server would not power off or restart gracefully. I used the power button package that worked but wasn't really useful if I wanted to reboot remotely Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  11. Hi guys, I'm running DSM 6.2.2 on a msi mortar Arctic h270m. I'd like to fit a pci-e wireless network card, is this possible? TIA
  12. Hi guys, The build I am running xpenology on currently has 8 drives installed as follows :- 4 x 4tb wd reds pool 1 volume 1 3 x 2tb wd pool 2 volume 2 1 x 1tb wd pool 3 volume 3 I currently use the wd reds as the system disks and use the 2tb western digitals to back up important data with hyperbackup and the 1tb Western digital as a surveillance station drive. With the configuration I have if I format the wd reds, then reinstall dsm, would it keep the data on the other drives after reinstallation so I could copy the data across?
  13. siri_uk

    Msi and nvme

    Hi guys, I'm running 6.2.1 on a system based on a msi mortar Arctic z270m. I purchased a Gigabyte nvme :- Capacity256GB EditionGIGABYTE M.2 PCIe SSDForm FactorM.2 (2280) Height2.3 mmInterfacePCIe 3.0 (x2) Host Controller InterfaceNVMe 1.3Controller Flash Memory TypeNAND FlashMax. Read1200 MB/sMax. Write800 MB/sDRAM Cache MemoryN/ADRAM Cache Memory Type Max. Random Read 4K80,000 IOPSMax. Random Write 4K150,000 IOPSLatencyN/ASpecial Features HMB (Host Memory Buffer) Supported S.M.A.R.T Support TRIM Support Power Consumption (active)2.6WMax. Endurance Rating200 TBWMTBF1,500,000 Hour
  14. Hi guys Does anyone know if the LSI 3ware 9650SE-16ML will work with xpenology. I currently have a dell h310 flashed to IT mode.
  15. Hi guys I'm currently running DSM 6.2.1-23824 update 4, Jun loader 1.04b for 918+ on an asrock j4105m-atx. I'm having trouble as it will not shutdown or reboot, it just hangs. I migrated from loader 1.03b DSM 6.2-23739 update 2 3615xs. I'm going to start the server from scratch to resolve the power issue, does anyone have any recommendations of which dsm/loader to use. Do I do 6.2.1-23824/1.04b from a fresh install and hope that it rectifies the shutdown issue or put on a earlier dsm/loader TIA