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  1. Hi guy, I'm looking at getting a dual nic for my system. I'm currently running DSM 7 using ds918+, can anyone recommend any. TIA
  2. Hi guys I'm currently running xpenology with arpl loader, the pc I'm using has: - Intel i5 7400 16gb DDR4 ram MSI gaming m7 motherboard I can't help feeling its a bit too much for my server, I was thinking of replacing it with an hp gen 8 microserver with xeon 1265l and 16gb of ram. I run plex on the server and 8 docker containers, mainly holds movies, music and TV series, I'd welcome any thoughts on this. TIA
  3. Hi guys, I've switched over to ARPL using v0. 4-alpha7 on bare metal, to update the loader do I just go into the menu and update all or do I have to rebuild after update. TIA
  4. Thanks guys I managed to get the loader working on my system using 0.4-alpha7..great loader!!
  5. Thank you for your reply, the PC is an hp 260 G2 it has 8gb ram, i3 6100 cpu, 1 sata port with 1 2tb drive, tcrp config had SataPortMap of 1 with DiskIdxMap 00, its only a second pc with USB backups to try on before I upgrade my main server. USB stick is 8GB SanDisk ultrafit. Sent from my CPH2025 using Tapatalk
  6. Hi guys, I'm currently running tc redpill, dsm 7.1.1-42661, I want to migrate to ARPL but am having issues doing so. I have gone through the building loader process but when I reboot I get the errors on the attached file, can anyone help. TIA Sent from my CPH2025 using Tapatalk
  7. Hi guys, I'm currently running tcrp, dsm 7.1 42661 update 2, I already have 3 x 4tb wd reds configured to raid 0, could I add another 4tb wd red drive to the storage pool and add the drive to volume 1, I have other drives on volume 2 and 3, I am going to remove these altogether. Is it better to do a clean install with fresh bootloader, or could I do this from storage manager, I know I will have to do the satamap on the loader TIA
  8. Thank you I will give it a try
  9. Sorted now, used insmod all_video in grub, seems to be ok
  10. Hi guys Im running DSM 6.2.4 on tinycore-redpill, my backup server is fine but my main server shows an error message on boot. This is :- no suitable video mode found booting in blind mode The server still boots but cant see the GUI of tinycore-redpill if i try to get back into it, does anyone have any suggestions. The graphics option that are set it grub ate :- set gfxmode=auto insmod vbe insmod vga The server is connected hdmi to dvi on monitor. TIA
  11. Hi guys, I'm using a PCI-e Intel nic at the moment that's working fine, my motherboard had a killer networks e2500 killer networks lan that I'd like to get working, are the any extra drivers available? I'm running DSM 6.2.4 using tinycore-redpill loader. TIA
  12. Hi guys, As we have a choice with tinycore-redpill, I was wondering which version of DSM they prefer 6.2.4 or 7.1. My server is mainly used for streaming plex and storage, the main apps I run on it are plex sabnzbd, sonarr, radarr, docker, dsget and download station. Are there any pros and cons to each version? TIA
  13. Note to self..dont be a dick and unplug your external hdd 🙂. Works now
  14. Sorry can a mod delete one of my posts I've double posted
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