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  1. Thanks for all your work... Does it work on baremetal? Would it be possible to have a Plug and play loader, as jun's one?
  2. Thanks a lot! The 2 disks are working perfectly in my G7 without any modification!! How do you do to put 6 disks in a g8? Do you have any photos?
  3. First disk is working perfectly without any modification!
  4. Thanks a lot for the answer, if I test, I don't risk to break anything?
  5. Hello, I just bought few Western digital white disks from usb cases. I just wanted to know if anybody tested it with an hp N54L microserver. Would it work? Or am I forced to tape the 3rd pin of the power connector? Thanks in advance!
  6. Do these broadcom cards are working out of the box?
  7. Thanks for all your answers. I have a HP n54L in 3615 mode. Any card easily available on amazon?
  8. Hello, I would like a 10 GBe pcie card, witch would be compatible with xpeno stock (without any driver pack). I guess the Synology cards are compatible, but is there any other models? THanks in advance.
  9. Hello, Thanks for your answers, Should I just install the full 6.2.3 or should I download only the update?
  10. Hello, I have a HP N54L in 3615xs with juns loader. I'm in 6.2.2 update 4 and the system is saying me that i'm up to date... Is there any way to activate 6.2.3 migration? Thanks in advance.
  11. Tu as migré ou installé fraichement? Tu pourrais nous détailler la procédure que tu as suivi?
  12. Does anybody tried with synology branded 10GB network cards?
  13. Migration done with jun's standard loader, C1E desactivated, grub file modified with pid/vid/sn/mac, not the sataport... it works the first time with 5 disks on a n54L! Thanks for all the tips!