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  1. Hi, If I needed to replace the NICs in my current Optiplex 3010 install (bare metal) - is it a case of repeating the initial install process again (mounting synoboot.img, editing grub.conf....) and then burning the updated image to my USB stick? Or is there a neater way.... Thanks, Steve
  2. I have an onboard NIC (Dell Optiplex 3010 PC) and an Intel Pro-1000 dual-port PCI NIC, making a total of three available LAN interfaces. In DSM 6.2.3's Netowk Control Panel all three NICs are visible, I can ping their manually assigned IPs and their connection status is determined OK when I plug and unplug their cables. All good so far. However when I visit Virtual Machine Manager > Virtual Switch I'm only offered the on-board NIC and ONE of the dual-port LAN interfaces. I'd expected to have a choice of the on-board one and the two interfaces from the dual-port-car