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  1. I should make one important point. Your process requires that the array be complete. If it takes four disks then that what needs to be moved. Anything less and "repair" will not show up. The spare HDD on SATA 1 is more a limitation of the BIOS and what's bootable. Also for those who have an HP Prolient 40L the internal bays left to right are 0-1-2-3. Anyway I'm almost tempted to call this latest "upgrade" a virus. More because it's difficult to get rid of, than put on. Next step (for me) is file recovery. More possible when discussing an array, but still a PITA.
  2. I suspect quite a few will be doing this. The upgrade warning in the upper right of the forum should have a link to this. Also it would be interesting somewhere on the forum having a technical analysis of what's going on. "Official drivers" indeed.
  3. Assuming the NIC is working properly, is your router giving the machine an address?
  4. This is true, although it's still a PITA to get everything set up. That's why KVMs are so popular. One can in the mean time go with the cheapest Nvidia card with HDMI one can get, and tell the BIOS to use that as the display.
  5. and maybe they never will - i'd expect docker is the replacement, it not locked to synology as the spk is Sounds like an acceptable substitute. A lot more current packages, not tied to Synology. The only downside is that Docker isn't as "plug and play" as a dedicated SPK.* *The other is that it needs a BTRFS, although curiously Synology's own Document Viewer doesn't seem to have that requirement.
  6. The Bullet Hikvisions do come with a watertight adapter. The downside is you need to cut off the RJ45 end. Run the wire through, then put a new RJ45 on. The other is to mount the camera on a watertight junction box (hides the wires and gives a boost away from the mounting surface). Me? Since I could hide most everything in the eaves, I used Coax Seal on the RJ45* as well as the power-pigtail. *The paranoid could add some dielectric grease in the socket.
  7. Interest you didn't use the P2V migration tool. Also not sure why you needed the USB card. The T20 has plenty of both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports.
  8. Manufacturers support, and current firmware for features, bug fixes, and security updates. The Chinese version only has the seller support who may not be there three years from now, and changing the firmware can be a pain as well as the potential to brick.
  9. Not sure your budget, but one can get a Hikvision CD2032 bullet camera, 3 MP for under a $100. Just be careful to get a US or international version. Not a Chinese model.
  10. Threska960

    DSM 6.0 DEMO

    Possibly not, which is a good reason to have a machine dedicated to virtualization. The NAS as repository for VM's and ISOs in support of that machine.
  11. I want to add Chumly's advice worked for me. It's a shame 6.0 is so destructive.
  12. If it will not allow the creation of a volume then it's useless? If it doesn't find one and allows creation of one, then that's a different matter.
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