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  1. Deserves a place at top of forum
  2. Lol, no, I just can't read Chinese and don't want to fuss with Chrome's translate function each time I go into the interface. If that doesn't bother you then save even more money and get the China models. Edit: Oh! The timestamp is not in unless your recording software is burning in a time stamp you'll have a non-standard date and time and it won't be in English. That was my biggest reason for going with the English firmware models. I don't like burning in anything to my stream. Too much load on the recording server. Instead, the camera adds the text and all the server has to d
  3. These are great cameras for the money even in the UK, but the exposed cabling is not suitable for my installation. Which is going to be low level sofit boards on a garage so will be using foscams later on for high level installation.
  4. Thanks Brantje, hope you can throw some light on this: What to buy and where and which setting to use under XPenolgy for your recommendations. I have read else where that the clones dont play nicley let me know your experiances please.
  5. Thanks TBK, looking at it overall the Hikvision units are better value overall for me.
  6. Looking to buy an IP cam with POE that doesn't cost the earth, asked on .us but not a lot of response
  7. HDD roaster ... cool or maybe not the right word. Noise should not be an issue for me. As for price i think not a bad deal as same board goes upwards of $239 compared to you $208 here in rip off UK
  8. Thanks Swanduron for your input, not sure why you are saying these boards should cost more. Are they not quality products and that better products cost a fair bit more. I have no need for enterprise class products like the dell. But their price does seem quiet reasonable, maybe I need to reconsider my build.
  9. Yes i did see it was mentioned on the .us site but no mention off the later two that i could see.
  10. Im just about to purchase a new server board based on the older C226 chipset and see that asrock rack have 2 more recent boards as below. I suppose my question is what is the likely hood that these will be supported in the near future or are they already. I did check the hardware support page but could not see any reference to the chips or am i looking in the wrong place ???? again. E3C232D2I NEW BOARD intel C232 chipset
  11. Thanks Diverge, i have changed my build slightly as main board a bit expensive. Took redpineapples suggestion and ordered a standalone raid card and looking at the cooler he suggested as well. thx RP your knowledge has saved me loads of time.
  12. Thanks NeoID just checking vid now
  13. I was hoping this might be possible, haven't ordered kit yet so room for man-over. Was starting to look at virtualization but no had enough time yet.
  14. As per subject Looking for views on compatibility of parts overall I know i can buy cheaper but ECC ram is more important for this build as is the ability to remotely check board via IPMI also adding LSI 9211 card via pcie 3 x 16 slot AsRock RACK E3C226D2I mini-ITX Server/Workstation Motherboard Xeon Socket 1150 LN56498 1 AsRock E3C226D2I mini-ITX Server/Workstation Motherboard Xeon Socket 1150 16GB (2x 8GB) Crucial Server Memory, DDR3 PC3-12800 (1600), 240 Pins, ECC, Unbuffered. Intel Xeon E3-1231 V3, LGA 1150, Haswell, Quad Core, 3.4GHz Base, 3.6GHz Turbo, 80W, CPU, ECC Su