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  1. berwhale

    I need some help

    The USB drive is just a bootloader, so just recreate it with the correct version of Xpenology. DSM and it's config is stored across all the HDDs in your array.
  2. berwhale

    Slow download speed but perfect upload

    I tried changing various off-load settings on the Realtek NIC on my motherboard. I got some small improvements and increased throughput up to 49MB/Sec, but it's still nowhere near it should be. I've ordered a Dell Broadcom server NIC to see if that helps.
  3. berwhale

    Slow download speed but perfect upload

    I tried the settings suggested for smb.conf in this promissing guide: Transfers are still running at ~40MB/sec *hint*: both etc/smb.conf and etc.defaults/smb.conf are editable using the Config File Editor package if you don't fancy using vi. *edit* It's my PC. I tested from another Windows 10 PC (with a much lower spec) and I get 100-110MB/sec.
  4. berwhale

    Slow download speed but perfect upload

    Tried SMB2, SMB2 + Large MTU and SMB3 - it makes no difference (SMB1 doesn't appear to work with SMB1).
  5. berwhale

    Slow download speed but perfect upload

    Hi, did you ever find out what the problem was? I seem to have a similar problem. I know it's not a network issue, I can run IPERF and consistently transfer over 100MB/sec both ways.
  6. berwhale

    ESXI physical RDM vs controller passthrough!

    Interesting, I'll play with the NIC settings. I get the same speeds with larger files. It's always the same speed, it doesn't start fast and then degrade. I've ordered a 2nd hand HP Smart Array P410 and a couple of SFF-8087 to SATA cables from eBay, i'm hoping that's going to help.
  7. berwhale

    ESXI physical RDM vs controller passthrough!

    I did a bit more testing... Copy 1.2GB MKV from main 'production' DSM VM to workstation = 45MB/Sec (Data is hosted on HDDs connected via Marvell SATA adapter which is passed through with DirectPathIO Copy 1.2GB MKV from 'test' DSM VM to workstation = 80MB/Sec (Data hosted on SSD data store) Both DSM VMs are at the same version and are hosted on the same vSwitch. So maybe there is an issue with DirectPathIO on the cheap Marvell adapter that I'm using? I wonder if it's worth swapping it out for a cheap SAS HBA off eBay...
  8. berwhale

    ESXI physical RDM vs controller passthrough!

    At the moment I get 45MB/sec if I copy a large MKV from my DSM VM to my desktop PC. The network is all Gigabit and there are 2 or 3 switches between the host and the workstation (there are two paths as I have load balanced NICs). Transfers were faster when I ran bare metal DSM on a considerably slower PC, IIRC, I could move files at somewhere between 80-100MB/s. However, I can transfer files to a Windows 10 VM running on the same host at over 100MB/Sec. So I don't think that there's an issue with passthrough on the SATA adapter, but I may have a problem with my NIC or vSwitch config. I tried disabling one of the NICs, but it didn't make any difference.
  9. berwhale

    DSM 6.1 Beta

    More about the 'high-end' kit here: ... k_and_aws/
  10. berwhale

    Xpenology and Windows 10 *solved*

    NET VIEW \\servername failing with Error 53 indicates and error with NetBIOS name resolution, so had a poke about on DSM. If you go to Control Panel/Network/General/Advanced Settings you'll find the option to enable responses to ARP requests (Address Resolution Protocol). Ticking this box enabled me to successfully enumerate the shares on my NAS with a NET VIEW command. However, I still can't browse to it as a Computer in Networks (it does show up under other devices, which takes me to the DSM web interface).
  11. berwhale

    Connection to NAS drops off few seconds after startup

    Are both the static IPs outside of the IP range managed by your DHCP server? P.S. it's usually better to create IP reservations on the DHCP server for hosts that you would like to keep the same IP. That way the DHCP server (or the router it's hosted on) won't get confused about IPs it's not responsible for.
  12. berwhale

    Connection to NAS drops off few seconds after startup

    Might be a duplicate IP address?
  13. berwhale

    New member hoping to build a NAS with old LGA 775 hardware.

    The E8500 is a 65W part, either of the 350W or 450W Corsair PSUs listed will be more than sufficient to run the system with 4 drives. Try reseting the BIOS to defaults before attempting to boot Xpenology.
  14. berwhale

    New DownloadStation in DSM 5

    Or install the one of the SABNZBD+ packages from the Community repos.
  15. berwhale

    New Install

    You're welcome