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  1. Hi , also running here the 1265 CPU on HP gen 8... Verry good for software transcoding, but eats a lot of electricity... Is there a way to add a GPU card ? Anyone tried to have hardware transcoding? Running 3615xs 6.1
  2. Hey @forcefullpower, did you find the cure? i am facing the same issue, running xpenology on an ESXI server, using also VMM, but the VM's itself are not getting an IP thnx
  3. Hey, just using 1 sata for the boot image, and another image for the disk, nothing special.... .SataPortMap": "2", "DiskIdxMap": "00"
  4. no, but that was indeed the trick
  5. guys, if i want to change the SN by the generator, i edit the user_config.json if i then boot up, its still te old one, what do i need todo more?
  6. Helo, i see here someone postng a script to create valid SN? does that work for quickconnect? where can i find it thnx
  7. does anyone still have that excel file?
  8. Ah, that's good So there must be somethng wrong with the 6.2.4 loader
  9. extension? where can i see that? i only see the console below?
  10. guys, is there something wrong with the 6.2.4 loader? I have an Hp Gen 8 , with esxi, the bootlader is on sata disk 0:0 , my extra hard disk is at sata disk 0:0 i have below configured : "SataPortMap": "2", "DiskIdxMap": "00" if i do this : sudo ./rploader.sh build bromolow-7.0.1-42218 i can perfect install a DSM 7 system, it works perfect had it running for a few days, during .pat upload the installed told me DSM is going to be installed on DISK 2 i do the exact same process, now with this command, a clean host in esxu sudo ./rploader.sh build bromolow-6.2.4-25556 i upload that specific pat file, again i get the message that it will install on disk 2 , it completes to 100% i do a reboot, but its back at the setup start again?? for a new .pat file upload? whats wrong? After this reboot, i'm back at point 1 what could be wrong?
  11. Who is using here an Hp Gen 8 microserver with esxi (trying 6.2.4) on sata controller 0:0 => attached the boot vmdk on sata controller 0:1 => attached the extra hard disk for DSM what should be me sataportmap and DiskIdxMap , i tried for sataportmap 1 or 2 , and diskmapid 00 , it installs the DSM fine, it completes back to 100% , but after reboot it comes back to DSM install, seems i think its always installing on the 0:0 disk?? also, if i do a change in the user json fle for the mappings, do i need run this command again? ./rploader.sh build bromolow-6.2.4-25556 thnx
  12. Guys, setting up 6.2.4 with this loader, configured sataportmap 2 running on esxi, first disk is the synoboot, second disk, is a new disk all is working fine, its booted, i can select the .pat file to upload, its installing, it completes to 100% i do a reboot, and its back in setup mode? the new hard disk is 16 GB in size, is it maybe to low? edit: also tried 50 GB as disk, didnt help either after reboot, it goes back to setup mode all going good here ....
  13. Thn for all support guys yesterday, 7 is now running on my esxi!!
  14. ok, got it,the script proposed me sataport 1 , but i changed to 2 , now it installs
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