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  1. I have now 3615xs with 8 CPU, running on HP gen 8
  2. well, i played with it, different cpu's / cores, always stable :)
  3. hi, ia have several xpenology on my esxi the one with PLEX i gave 4 cpu can i just give the other ones like 1 cpu only? is it stable? or does it always needs to be 2 ? because 3615 is also 2 1 cpu 2 cores or 2 cpu 1 core?
  4. well, alread tried changing the model name in grub, but then i get a corrupted system, so its a no go
  5. well, i have a real ds1512 , i use that sn/mac now, but i also want to change just the model name string, so when i connect the device to synlogy servers, synology will think its a real box cause of the model/sn/mac combination, then i can use/buy live keys for SS
  6. Hi, is it possible to change the model, so the xpeonology thinks its another model? i changed already this in the grub file : syno_hw_version=DS1512+ but, still in info center, it thinks its a 3615xs what else needs to be changed? thnx
  7. ok, wanted to test also, i have a real ds1512+ , so changed SN+MAC in grub file also changed this : syno_hw_version=DS1512+ now, on first boot to install DSM , it still recognizes the ds3615 ? what else do i need to change, to the system thinks its a ds1512 ?
  8. but did you also change your xpenology grub file to that model? so not only sn/mac ?
  9. ok, gonna setup a new synology on my esxi setup with a custom model in the grub with real sn/mac combo if that works, gonna buy a license
  10. ah ok, verry good to know, so it means your xpenology is actually an ds211j ? so also quickconnect should work then not that i am going to use it
  11. good to know what i was thinking... if you have a real SN/MAC combination, from ANOTHER model can we change the model for example in the grub file from 3615 to the another model where you have the real sn/mac combiation from ?
  12. Indeed , license are not specific, but they need to be activated on Synology servers , therefore I think the combination of sn AND Mac AND model needs to be all correct
  13. Well , bacause of the model off course, if you use a real 918 key on a virtual 918 system, no way that Synology is knowing that... If you use a real 918 key on a virtual 3515... I think Synology knows it .... Because probably the model number is also in the sn/Mac combination
  14. Ok, was quite sure that that was going to work, I wonder if the same truck also works on a 3615
  15. Tell us more details? Was the real sn/Mac combination from a completely different nas? Or was it from a real 918, so same model...