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Found 3 results

  1. Bonjour à tous, J'ai installé DSM sur une VM avec une partition de boot et une système et cela fonctionnait très bien. J'ai ajouté 3 disques en RDM sur cette vm mais je ne vois pas ces disques sous DSM. Je les vois bien dans l'ESXi. Savez-vous pourquoi ? Dois-je refaire l'installation avec les 3 disques ? Et sinon, me conseillez-vous d'installer le système sur une partition et de conserver les 3 RDM pour les datas ou d'installer le système sur les 3 RDM ? Merci d'avance pour vos réponses, Frédéric
  2. Hi all, I have a great dell T20 running barebone xpenology with dsm 6.1 . I want to add flexibility to my configuration so I was wondering if someone can help me to understant if and how I can migrate from barebone to VM without losing data. I searched on the forum and I found only an old post from @berwhale Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello. A time I come reading the forum, ultimately I have decided to go for a NAS since my disc of network was not going too much good. I have followed the steps of several pages with indications and recommendations and several tutoriales, some of the forum and others of thereabouts, and ultimately I am decide for a HPE microserver GEN10, in which I have installed ubuntu 16.04 server (8gb ram, ssd and several hdd more). In this SO I have installed oracle virtualbox (I have tried so much with 5.40 of the repos of ubuntu, since with her 5.1.x of oracle for ubuntu 16.04). In VBOX is virtualizado successfully the DMS (with a system disc of 10Gb-poniéndolo scsi as the tuto say, but in a particion of the ssd - and that of launcher-loader in way ide, also in this partition of the ssd-, 2 cores, 2Gb of RAM ...). My problem comes, once installed and formed the DMS, when I try to add discs for the storage, that I do not manage to add new virtual discs successfully, only I can use as discs those of system (loader and the own partition of the SO, which scarcely they have usable space). On having tried to add other two discs hdd big that I want to use (several teras) there is no way of them connecting to the DSM. In the VM I put them without problems, have tried doing a link vmdk "virtually" to an entire disc directly and also creating a new vdi of fixed size and it adding like sata to the VM) but in no case it recognizes them as discs of the system. More that I have come it is to taking them as external units, with what he me shares them complete and I cannot create volumes, quotas, raid... I suppose that some he will say to me that he should install the DMS directly in one of the hdd directly (it was not my idea, which wanted to leave it only for information, but it it might it does this way) but in this case I will be equal, when it wants to add another disc of storage, how will I do it? How is it necessary to do this process? Must I put the virtual discs connected to the machine of virtualbox before starting installing? I have not found anything on this topic and gun-sight for that I have looked, but the same thing I am awkward ... help me please!!! Regards, Héctor.
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