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  1. Hi all, I'm looking for a 4 port pci-e sata card. Just found this: Will this one work? I'm running juns bootloader (latest) ds3615.
  2. brantje

    Moving from DS3615xs to DS3617xs

    Thanks, any advantages above DS3617 over the DS3615?
  3. Hi, If i used DS3615 loader, can i switch to DS3617 loader?
  4. brantje

    Temp and fans add-on package?

    I used zabbix for monitoring. There are some templates that shows the disk temp and cpu temp.
  5. Same here, docker and all my apps are working perfectly. Salah is just a troll from Synology, please give him an IP ban.
  6. brantje

    Xpenology Project Status

    Imo, if they want community help, they should release the scripts.
  7. Don't use quickconnect, you're destroying this project by using it!
  8. brantje

    Xpenology Project Status

    It has always been like this. During the 4.x times, even during 5.x, we only had 2-3 devs, and ~200-300 users depending on their work. Maybe that's because there is almost no documentation about how to make a bootloader. If there are some good docs on how to build an image, maybe more volunteers will show up.
  9. brantje

    Xpenology Project Status

    You kidding me right? We have Jun's loader 1.01a For dsm 6 and Jun's loader 1.02a for dsm 6.1. Project is far from dead imo.
  10. brantje

    Can we change the forum rules?

    IP is great! Easy to migrate to
  11. brantje

    Say bye to Quickconnect

    Good call, blocked that domain in firewall
  12. brantje

    Say bye to Quickconnect

    Sooo what happend?
  13. Rather than port forwarding to your DSM, it's safer to use VPN .
  14. brantje

    Introduction Thread

    Seems that others are scared to introduce themself Currently have the following hardware: Core i5-4460 16GB Mem ASRock Z97E-ITX/ac Silverstone DS380 3x 2TB 3x 3TB Planning to buy new hardware this year. This time i will go for the following case: This is a U-NAS NSC-810A
  15. I think you need a valid serial number and mac address for it to work.