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  1. Hi..... Recently myds has block user using non synology device example xpenology 3615xs dsm5.2. you will found you can't use quick connect service and can't delete the device which been register at myds web site.
  2. Hi ctout, So far i have no problem. all this model i use. Only one problem time bios change. Are your dell model update latest bios ?
  3. paddlingpool don`t be so sad... yes you need select manual. before process select manual you need to download the file DSM DS3615sx_5644.pat.
  4. Hi paddlingpool... there was no way keep the settings of the packages. only data file will retain ...
  5. Hi Flarup, Good are the star........
  6. Hi everyone. I would like share the dell model which support Xpenology NAS DSM 5.2 x64 (DS3615xs) boot from USB Hardware requirement minimum -------------------------------------- USB thumb drive 128MB minimum for image of DSM 5.2. Memory 1 GB minimum HDD 80GB minimum Additional hardware support without driver -------------------------------------------------- PCI IDE card with 4 IDE Connection PCI Ethernet card 10/100 base Model PC support boot from USB and schedule time wake up ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Optiplex 745
  7. You can easily turn off task for updates in task manager. I thought that was obvious. Yes...abced ... i think he really do not know.....
  8. Hi All, Thanks from your comments.... Regards, Ingen300
  9. Hi Mentat, I just share my experience about this problem. (Not trolling). In any DSM version 5.x will have automatic update function. This function can set to turn off for automatic updates. it look like you did not know about this function. I mention this is for anyone would like to recover the "Data File" only. Not the settings. Reason DSM 6 the HDD was not mounted into system.
  10. The version 6 is still not the stable version for Xpenology
  11. If you are using DSM 5.2-5644.5 to update the DSM 6.0. Make sure backup your file to external HDD. Reason the after install DSM 6.0-7321 you HDD will become not mounted to DSM 6.0-7321. Disadvantage Area Of DSM 6.0-7321 -------------------------------------------------- 1. HDD will become not mounted into newest system (if you formatted the HDD cannot downgrade back to DSM 5.2-5644) 2. Quick Connect can't use will prompt the system failed to perform the requested operation, there is an unknown error. (Register) 3. Cannot format the HDD or SCSI or Hot Spare For more information do
  12. Are you able retrieve your data file ? If the DSM tell you the file is broken. Did you mean the application package is broken ?
  13. Please look for the web page viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13288
  14. What is the version PAT file you load ? are your loaded with DSM 5.2 5644.5 ? it will cause error... I'm loading the version.