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  1. Yes it takes a couple of brave souls to do this 4tb of data at risk but all seems to be running with no problems.
  2. Just bought a new sata card works like a charm plug and play no need to export drives or anything like if sata ports where from motherboard. literately plugged it in plugged new hard drives boot up dsm and boom all showed up, dint need to plug screen and keyboard to server to set up new hard drives. 4Tb hard drives FYI no problem https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AZ9T3OU/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. UNSC-117


    I need a sata card for 2 drives I'm currently building a new baremetal with a 4 hotswap cage and 1 internal mobo has 3 sata need 2 more low profile compatible with syno any suggestions?
  4. Intel i5 2400 CPU. Which bootloader: DS3615xs or DS3617xs?
  5. Proper loader, can you make one no? they don't post don't use, buy yourself a real synology box. This thread should be delete
  6. Reporting Baremetal no problems didn't have to boot to ubuntu and copy modules updated no problems
  7. I found a similar guide backup data reinstall dsm. i found the cause of it also i filled all bays and somehow first drive starts at drive 6 so filling all 8 no rom for drive 13 which is what dsm saw it as and it crashed the volume.
  8. yes it is on shr1 as soon as i inserted disk hit repair and used that disk to repaird array juns 1.02a
  9. So one of my HD died today went a picked up a new one same make model and space put. volume is repairing but i cant see any data I had the raid on SHR1
  10. I would like to know which raid cards are support it that can handle more than 4 drives and HD's larger than 3tb
  11. Not true as update will mess with drivers Not really loader and syno version will work as no major changes where make it is still 6.1.1 Im on u4 baremetal
  12. Quick question about SSD Cache I'm planing to get one, if a power failure happens would i lose data?