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  1. I've been on 1.02b loader for a while, you even helped me put it on Polanskiman , I cannot be 100% positive but I believe this error has only occurred after update 4 and sometime after it was installed. But hey.. if it can be ignored.. It will be. I can always turn of the option to scan for it.
  2. Hi IG-88, I've not been into the console to replace any files, I have always just upgraded via the boot menus between versions and via control panel for the updates. I'm using the DS3615x PAT file. Is it easy to replace these files, if so where from and how? Is that necessary, do the hash errors mean that at next reboot it may not come back up? Thanks for your help.
  3. Just found I have 3 files with hash errors, namely e1000e.ko, igb.ko and ixgbe.ko. Anything to worry about, if so any fix? System seems to be running fine. N54L, 5x3TB, 6.1.3 Update 4
  4. Noted Polskiman I'll wait till Jun announces full AMD support in his loader.
  5. Is there an upgrade route from 6.0.3-8451 U11 to 6.1.x? Hardware is N54L baremetal install, with a USB3 card, 5x3TB drives. Is an upgrade possible?, How? Thanks to all for getting me to 6.0.3 a few months ago.. especially Poliskiman, I could not have done it without your expert knowledge.
  6. KenF

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Yes there is a fix. The issue is down to the current build not having USB 1.1 Compatibility (APC USB for mine is 1.1 probably the same for all early ones, mines a Smart UPS 750). The fix is to install a USB 3.0 card in the N54L, that acts as a hub and lets DSM see it correctly. Got mine from here: DSM 6 now sees it correctly.
  7. Yes tried that. Rebooted and first task was to try the update again. Same result. Edit: Downloaded update 10, updated no issues, Update 11 still wont. 2nd Edit: Solved it. My boot device is an SD card in an adapter, I had that set to Write Protect, setting it to Read/Write solved the problem. I'm now on update 11. Thanks for the help Polanskiman.
  8. Thanks for the update Polanskiman, just tried the download and update method, same result unfortunately.
  9. N54L bare metal trying to update to 11 - keep getting the "Fail to update the file. The file is probably corrupt". It seems to go to 100%, starts to restart the services and then comes up with the error. Rebooting makes no difference. Anyone got a solution? I have some external USB 3 drives attached if that makes a difference. Also going from update 9 -> 11
  10. OK I'm on Trantors most excellent 4.3 3810 build (with the updates), I've been waiting for him to do the 5.0 but it seems his activity is reduced on this board for whatever reason. So I thought about taking a look at the GNUBoot system. I currently run a N54L with 4x3TB disks (adding a fifth when my free disk space drops below 50%) with about 3.5TB of data on it. How might I upgrade to the 5.0 release? Since I presume it brings relaiability and stability improvements. (Not that I've had a problem, OK, the system sometimes drops IP printers needing a reboot, but hey the data side has been r
  11. Updated N54L to 4.3 update 4 using the previously mentioned method. No problems so far.
  12. Hi Trantor, Any approx timescales on v1.1 ? Not that I'm unhappy with v1.0, its been great.
  13. HI, 1st Post.. I have an N54L with this build on it, works a treat, thanks Trantor. I have seen that there is a modded bios for the N54L which enables the 5th Sata Port, will these been seen by this build and can I just add another 3TB drive (same as the other 4) for a 5 drive set? Anyone done this? Cheers.