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  1. Creating loader USB under Windows 1709

    Thanks, will take a look. Funny thing is; - Working bootdisks (created earlier or newly in VM with Win1703) cannot be read correctly - Same issues at 3 different PC's (new install 1709 or upgraded earlier versions) - Not USB drive dependent, preparation or partioning done as usual - Used to be able to read bootdisk and edit config files directly, not posible anymore, besides on older Win versions. Very strange....
  2. All, after the Windows 1709 update I cannot successfully create or read the USB bootdisk loader, using Win32Imager 1.0. Somehow Windows seems to limit access to the USB device and partitions. Using a previous version of Windows, 1703, even as a VM on the same PC, works all fine. So i found my workaround, but i am surprised not to see any similar issues reported here?
  3. Strange problem after Win10 (1709) update

    After the 1709 update I cannot create or read the USB bootdisk loader, downgrading to 1703 works fine again. I use Win32imager and used to edit config files on desktop, after creating the USB stick. Still investigating what's going on, but any suggestions are welcome.
  4. Disabling Power and HDD LED on DSM 6

    Duct tape, permanent marker, curtain.....
  5. I can confirm there can be a difference in mainbord and DSM ports. Seen this on at least 3 boards. Serial number is best to check. Asrock C70M1 is an example.
  6. Control Panel always opens

    No luck. Issue persists.
  7. Control Panel always opens

    Hm..other build have the same update available, but do not open control panel. Will investigate further along suggested lines.
  8. Control Panel always opens

    On one of my 6.02 builds, suddenly the Control Panel opens on every login. Tried to toggle disable Resume option on personal settings a few times, without any luck... On another identical build all works well. Both updates from5.2 to DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 1, using Jun's v1.01 loader. It is just annoying, not serious
  9. Power button package

    Strange.... No other optional packages installed, could it be missing any supporting files?
  10. Power button package

    Appreciate your initiative and help, but for now I'm reverting back to power off by web portal.
  11. Power button package

    Details as requested. Box 1; AMD C-70, ASRock C70M1, Corsair ValueSelect 4GB DDR3-1333 CL9, 2xWestern Digital Green 2TB Box 2; AMD A4-5300, ASRock FM2A88M-HD+, Corsair XMS 4GB DDR3-1333 CL8 kit, 2x Western Digital Green 2TB, 2x Western Digital Red 2TB So both are AMD based... Attempts to Stop or Remove package resulted in rotating wait indicator. No responce at all anymore, also not able to close Package Center. Hard reset needed.
  12. Power button package

    Ignorantly I just installed this on my 2 production boxes, without any testing. What could possibly go wrong, right? Wrong! Both bare metal, running DSM 5.2-5644 Update 8. Pressing the power button only made the devices disappear from the that's it, no power off. Only power cycle to bring them back online. Removing or stopping the package is not possible in Package Center, it seems to freeze completely. Manually removed package via SSH, now all okay.
  13. Transfer problem only NAS==>PC

    Try other network cable, can be bad cable.