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  1. VERSION 3 RELEASE Evening all. Version 3 is now ready on my BitBucket repo here WEBSITE CHANGES Support for NVMe drives. Colour coded drive types. Temperature graph is now a modal, it now displays 48 entries (a days worth of entries when the PowerShell script is running in its default setup). ESXi CPU, Memory and Datastore monitors. New 'Sort-By' mode added to Settings (sort by Drive Type). A ton of bugfixes and code improvement. POWERSHELL CHANGES Support for Linux!
  2. Thank you. I've found a few bugs in the PowerShell code so have been concentrating on that. I'm also translating this into Linux PowerShell so I can create a Linux Docker image. Sadly work commitments are slowing me down but will have a lot more free time next month to complete the next version. I will absolutely message when I'm at a testing stage.
  3. One would assume you want Docker for the scheduled task aspect yes? Windows on Docker doesn't work on Synology, but I'll look at altering the PowerShell script to run on Linux and thus solve the problem
  4. Great idea. Consider it my next challenge!
  5. Good afternoon all. I've finally got round to updating both the website and PowerShell scripts. Both code improvements and new features. Website Update and Improvements. The website now hosts a 'SETTINGS' page, in which certain aspects can be controlled. Hard Drive order can now be set from small to large, large to small, Raw Device Mapping Naming convention, Controller Location, and Hard Drive Number. An option to hide Removed Drives (great for when you upgrade drives) Alter how many plot points there are on your temperature graph.
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    That was my understanding too. If fab198 has done it, maybe he could share with the community so we could build on it further
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    You have 6 on there? Amazing. I didn't think 6 was possible at all, thought we were stuck on 5.2. did you have to do anything special to get 6 on there?
  8. Good afternoon all, and a happy new year to you all. So I use VMWare ESXi to host my Synology 6.2 - and though I know there's a plugin to retrieve SMART data, for me it doesn't work. Presumably because my server is a mish mash of random hardware; that or I'm too lazy to bugfix. Something I've wanted to do for as long as I can remember is to extract SMART data from ESXi and add to a database, then present it as a website that's super easy to read. What the site does Well, as you can see from the image below, I have ESXi SMART data presented in an easy to read f
  9. @blackburn Haven't tried the above, but nonetheless, thank you for picking this up after so long. Appreciate it
  10. Hi IG-88, Thanks for the comment. It appears to be Docker making the racket. As soon as I disable it, things calm down immensely. That's the only software that's changed after the drive change. Shame that, liked the new way of running Sab, Sick and Couch!
  11. HP N54L JunLoader DSM 6.1.7-15284 Update 3 3x Toshiba HDWG21E 14TB drives in RAID 5. Docker install for couchpotato, sabnzbd and sickchill Hard Drive's set to 15 minutes sleep with logs switched on. I recently moved from WD red drives. In the process upgraded to Update 3 from Update 2. The hard drives just aren't spinning down. Any ideas on what's going off? At times it sounds like there's thunderstorms going off. Any ideas where I can find out what's eating away at the drives?
  12. Sorry if this is in the wrong area; Running Synology on ESXi 6.7. As we know this means not being able to access SMART data from Synology itself. I've got the SMART data out from bash, but what I'm curious to know is, is it possible to run a full SMART test at all? In Synology you can perform long tests, in Windows WDC has an app to perform a full scan, is there anything of this nature available to us for ESXi? And if so, does anyone know how to do it? Thanks
  13. I'd still take a permanent fix to this any day of the week but getting around it for the time being using those steps albeit from the Synology site, to chmod wherever it is I'm going to, using winSCP as a standard user, then chmod back to what it was previously. It's not clean, nor is it straight forward, but it is a work around. Again, if someone has a more permanent fix I'd take it any day of the week. Thanks
  14. Yo, has anyone got an idiots guide to enabling root on 6.2? I use winSCP to transfer files but can't do it any more since directories are locked down. i found a guide on YouTube however on my etc/ssh/sshd_config, PermitRootLogin is set to prohibit-password. Making the changes in the questions just makes the ssh service stop and won't come back up. Thanks