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  1. @Martcostan The project is dead as far as my involvement is concerned. I no longer use Xpenology. @TheExpert has done some great work to alter my existing scripts to tailor his own requirements. It sounds like something that just works, no unnecessary complexity with a website.
  2. You champion! Excellent. I hope this works for you. Does it allow you to run full SMART scans? That was one of my biggest frustrations. With Unraid I schedule them on a monthly basis.
  3. @TheExpert Hey buddy, I gotta be honest with you. I've abandoned the project. There was little interest on here for it for a year or so, and I got fed up of all the frustrating bugs/quirks/limitations of Xpenology. The certificate expiry thing late last year with no meaningful update was the last straw for me so I migrated to Unraid. And doing so I found the same thing as you did. My WD Reds - 6 year old WD Reds - were failing horrifically and ESXi was giving me false information. They probably would have died without me getting any real alerts from them, thankfully I was able
  4. Ah that's brilliant! Love it, and a genius idea. Apologies for my tardy reply, I'm without internet at home at the moment, having to use work computers.
  5. @humancaviar Thank you for the update. This has worked for me with regards to getting Sab to work with strict certificates. Really appreciate it. Synocommunity isn't working but that's small fry. I can live without updates until RedPill is up and ready. Thank you again. For anyone else with this, I'm on DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3
  6. So I'm going to show my complete novice at life. Two things. sudo cat ${CERT_DIR}/*.crt >> /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt Is giving me : elmuziko@DSM:~$ sudo cat ${CERT_DIR}/*.crt >> /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt -sh: /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt: Permission denied am I doing something wrong? And secondly, how do I run the for ; do loop from a PUTTY command loop. Will it not take each line as a single command? Thank you
  7. Just throwing a bit more on this in the hope we find something. My Synocommunity packages list is now empty, and if I try to add a new source, I get told to sod off in not so many words. I was going to try and install nzbget as a temp work around until someone has identified and fixed the issue, though reading on the internet, nzbget is suffering the same issue. NZBGet have published a healthy page on resolutions. https://nzbget.net/certificate-verification Unfortunately a manual install of NZBGet is failing for me on my DSM so I can't put the steps into practise. Bu
  8. VERSION 3 RELEASE Evening all. Version 3 is now ready on my BitBucket repo here WEBSITE CHANGES Support for NVMe drives. Colour coded drive types. Temperature graph is now a modal, it now displays 48 entries (a days worth of entries when the PowerShell script is running in its default setup). ESXi CPU, Memory and Datastore monitors. New 'Sort-By' mode added to Settings (sort by Drive Type). A ton of bugfixes and code improvement. POWERSHELL CHANGES Support for Linux!
  9. Thank you. I've found a few bugs in the PowerShell code so have been concentrating on that. I'm also translating this into Linux PowerShell so I can create a Linux Docker image. Sadly work commitments are slowing me down but will have a lot more free time next month to complete the next version. I will absolutely message when I'm at a testing stage.
  10. One would assume you want Docker for the scheduled task aspect yes? Windows on Docker doesn't work on Synology, but I'll look at altering the PowerShell script to run on Linux and thus solve the problem
  11. Good afternoon all. I've finally got round to updating both the website and PowerShell scripts. Both code improvements and new features. Website Update and Improvements. The website now hosts a 'SETTINGS' page, in which certain aspects can be controlled. Hard Drive order can now be set from small to large, large to small, Raw Device Mapping Naming convention, Controller Location, and Hard Drive Number. An option to hide Removed Drives (great for when you upgrade drives) Alter how many plot points there are on your temperature graph.
  12. elmuziko


    That was my understanding too. If fab198 has done it, maybe he could share with the community so we could build on it further
  13. elmuziko


    You have 6 on there? Amazing. I didn't think 6 was possible at all, thought we were stuck on 5.2. did you have to do anything special to get 6 on there?