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  1. Thanks, so I just download and follow the instructions to place the files on the USB flash drive - correct? Happy to test both melanox and intel since I have both cards. Cheers
  2. Does the extra.lzma enable 10gbe cards on 1.04b (Intel or Melanox)? Thx
  3. There is also the CSS326-24G-2S+RM 24 managed 24 port switch with 2 10gb SFP+ ports that also works very well. SFP+ direct connect cables can be had for $10-$12 a piece, These can run both switchOS or routerOS.
  4. look up the threads "Guide to native drivers for DSM*" in the tutorials section, also look at the threads reporting success/fail after updates to the latest version, you will see that installations with Realtek NICs failed the updates since synology removed all support for those chipsets.....
  5. I am running ds3615 6.2.2 with 1.03b and using Melanox ConnectX-2 cards. It works great.
  6. It wont work, you have a realtec netwok card. Search the forum and find out what previous version of dsm to install, probably 6.1.7 is your best bet. Maybe 6.2 will work. Again search function on this forum is your friend and read the tutorials.
  7. makes sure the hba works correctly, then just shut the machine down, plug the drives into the hba, disable the internal ports and boot up. I recommend disabling the internal ports in case with then new card you exceed the max # of drives in synology. For example if you have 6 onboard ports and 8 on an LSI card, some drives (last 2) may not be visible from the LSI card since the 6 onboard ports will still be taking up slots in the OS (example 3615 only supports 12 drives out of the box).
  8. Loader version and type (918+/3615xs/3617xs): Jun's Loader v1.04b - 918+ DSM version in use: DSM 6.2.1-23824 update 6 Using custom modules/ramdisk: NO Motherboard: ASRock Z390-ITX/AC, 16GB RAM CPU: I5-8400T LAN: Dual Intel 219/211 built in SATA controller: Dell Perc 310 flashed to latest 20.07 LSI IT firmware Installs and works OK. Problems: 219V LAN port does not work due to new IDs from Intel, HDD hibernation does not work on the LSI controller, drives will spin down but will not wake up causing system partition failure. They spin up when system shutdown command is issued from the UI. Drives connected to the 6 MB built in sata ports work fine with HDD hibernation enabled. Looking to try an ASMedia 1601 controller instead.
  9. Fresh bare-metal install on a z390 motherboard with 16GB RAM, i5-8400T CPU, 6 SATA drives connected to an LSI 9211-8i controller. System misbehaves when I enable HDD hibernation, the drives will go to sleep but will not wake up (when I try to log in for example) and consequently the system partition fails requiring a hard reboot. Any clues? 9211 firmware is up to date. Have a system with 6.1.7/3615 that works flawlessly with the same HDD controller. Thanks R
  10. richv31

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Cool! The ports are not identical, at least not from the specs, one is I211 and the other I219. There are many generations of the I219 and some don't work (so you end up only with the I211 based port enabled in 6.2.1/918).
  11. richv31

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Do both of your intel LAN ports work or just the I211?
  12. The problem with the 219V nic on these newer motherboards is that it is generation 10 and has a device ID of 15BC vs 1570 or 15B8 which are supposedly supported by the 918/1.04 loader.
  13. HI - Thanks for developing this. I just tried it out on my f4-220 running the 1.04b (ds918) bootloader. fancontrol -h works, but anything else gives me "segmentation fault" - any clues? Running as admin from a putty ssh session. Thx
  14. I just got a J3455 board and would interested in trying this new loader out when available. Cheers!