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  1. Can anybody tell me how I can validate boot-wait is working I have a strange problem with ds918+ on ESXi since i updated to 7.1 update 4 . Sometimes it can take multiple boots for the vm to come up , it says its booting , but never becomes reachable . Then sometime it will boot , and is fine until I power off / reboot This is my serial log from a failed boot
  2. Hi @phone guy see here for my Proxmox configs , I’ll try and get you the vm conf when i get a spare moment . My win10 vm is now win11 , but pretty sure its the same .
  3. Are you passing through GVT-d or GVT-g , with d you need to make sure nothing else is using the integrated graphics . (Including the host) GVT-g allows you to share the integrated graphics between guests I tried both successfully , but settled with GVT-g so I could share the intel graphics between windows and DSM in Proxmox. With GVT-d I had to make sure no other guest was using the device, and also it was released properly when stopping a guest using it . This was with UHD630 , to allow i915 in DSM for Plex transcoding . . I’ll take a look further if you need any more info .
  4. You drive sizes are too small , you cant create volumes under 10GB . From website:- The minimum volume capacity must be at least 10 GB. Volume capacity of less than 1 GB cannot be used. For example, only 100 GB is usable if the total capacity of a volume is 100.5 GB.
  5. Apologies you're correct , the links were not taking me to the correct sections on mobile browser. I do see a process for DS3617 , I don't see anything for DS3622 , I'll investigate a bit further .
  6. Thanks for the reply. It was actually 7.0.1 update 3 on Ds3622xs I was trying to run. buggy25200 seems to refer to 6.2.4 on DS918
  7. So I have ran DS918+ in a VM , starting at7.0.1-42218 and updating to 7.0.1-42218 U3 no problem . (and further to 7.1) I tried DS3622xs+ on bare metal , it installs 7.0.1-42218 no problem but if I manual install the update 3 pat file from the gui it just puts me in a recover loop . Is there any way to update to U3 on DS3622xs+ , or do I need to stay on 7.0.1 U1 , (I don't want to install 7.1 due to the complications with Advanced Media Extension, and Synology surveillance Station ) Is there a way out the recovery loop ?
  8. This download site just redirects me to gear best all the time . Am I missing a way to download the files ?
  9. Same issue here on Proxmox . DS3622xs working fine on same hardware, same procedure . Can’t get Ds918+ 7.1 working from fresh or using postupdate , 7.0.1 working ok Can’t find Hard Drive with DS920+ (Added virtio ext )
  10. Has anyone successfully upgraded ds918+ on proxmox. ? I'm running 7.0 u3. Using the postupdate it looks like I’m losing the virtio drivers / ko
  11. Hi @pocopico , user Redwinx has 7.1 for Ds918+ in their repo ‘for those wants 918/920 7.1 : https://github.com/RedwinX/redpill-load ‘ could you advise how I add this , to use Tinycore loader and the postupdate process please ?
  12. Many thanks @RedwinX , can i use this with @pocopico rploader post update script ? , is there any guide to where I would need to add your repo ? Assuming I add this repo in custom_config.json somewhere, but not sure of syntax ?
  13. you can ssh into xpenology after boot and do cd /lib/firmware/i915 sudo wget https://anduin.linuxfromscratch.org/sources/linux-firmware/i915/glk_dmc_ver1_04.bin Then reboot
  14. Try sudo chmod 666 /dev/dri/* (I have this command in a script to run on startup )
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