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  1. Apologies you may need to use -a to see hidden files or folders. e.g ls -a or ls -la
  2. pretty much as described. I created a new usb boot. With the variables I’d used before. Had to change the ( ids for the usb stock. ) it upgraded fine. I then had difficulty logging in the web ui. Found a post about deleting the /.xpenology folder and it works perfect now. (I think you need to be ssh as root to delete that folder ) I was also on 6.1.7 and that old folder had caused no issues until then. Ssh in. With a admin account. sudo -i (as root. ) cd / ls -l have a look of the folder appears. Is it does delete it.
  3. I don't use the Synology services , and don't have a valid serial , I don't have Push service enabled (using email notification) I receive the message in the logs. (possibly after docker starts ) , is there anyway of stopping the machine even attempting to update the information ? DiskStation ssnotifyd: pushservice_update_ds_info.c:92 Failed to update ds info to SNS server, response: {"errinfo":"verify.go:17[]","error":"InvalidSerial","success":false}
  4. Iv'e deleted a couple of Volumes and removed the disks (volume2, volume3) They do not show in the web Gui , but I see them in the CLI under the root folder . They also show in reports . Is this normal ? any way to remove or unmount that is persistent ?
  5. I'm seeing the following in the messages log every time I log into the web GUI 2020-07-22T09:45:25+01:00 DiskStation php: Failed to delete keys [Removed Key]. 2020-07-22T09:45:25+01:00 DiskStation php: DeleteOtherKeyServer failed. (Iv'e removed the key ) Anyone have any ideas what is causing this ?
  6. it actually works with the Broadcom nic without extra.lzma
  7. I have upgraded to 6.2.3-25426 with 1.03b I can't log in with via the web page, it sticks on loading like it has accepted my password. I can log into surveillance station , DSM mobile , and my web applications. During the migration / upgrade my IP address changed from been static to DHCP, but I changed that back via the command line.
  8. Many thanks , do you know that 6.2.3 and 1.03b loader will work with my standard onboard NIC (Broadcom ?)
  9. Does anyone have any experience upgrading HP N54L from 6.1.7 to 6.2.3 Im using 1.02b loader DS3615xs , I'm assuming I replace with 1.03b DS3615xs and use a 6.2.3 25426 pat file to upgrade ? I don't have any additional Nic's etc , just standard bare metal
  10. It hasn't its got all confused.. I think there is an api key missing or something.. I guess what I'm saying is, I can't login through the DS (just to check) , I can have it disabled,
  11. Anyone know where the QuickConnect / MyDS config files are located, and how to reset to default, i.e Server ID, API key, Alias, etc.. Want to completely set to default and not use, (had been using my detail from my actual Synology, now it seems to have got confused, and Id prefer to just use port forwarding and DDNS)
  12. Bare metal HP N54L Upgrade to latest boot image and pat file Lost IP address configuration, after correcting this and restoring configure backup , I can't see the Nas with assistant, and get a web station service can't be started error message in the web interface. ( I can connect , ping , ssh ( keep have to reenabling ssh ) but yet Synology assistant does not detect the Nas ) Anyone experienced this. ?
  13. Awesome, will gnoboot , boot 4493 updtae 3 off a usb do you know ?