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  1. Does anyone know , is this the same for ESXi (I the converted the resulting .img to .VMDK , and add it as an existing HDD at SATA 0:0 )
  2. Thanks @Aigor I'm able to do this on Esxi . It was Synology VMM I don't see the options .. (The boot process appears to get further on VMM , allowing me to discover the the DSM and upload a pat file , but then fails )
  3. not having any joy with Esxi I tried to boot the .img in Synology VMM, the machine now boots , and is discoverable when I then try to upload the .pat it stops at approx 56% with an error 13 . Not sure I can add serial ports to VMM , is there anyway to check the logs ?
  4. Thanks I spun up a windows VM and that did the trick . It starts to boot , but never discoverable (Using ESXi 6.7 , DS3615xs ) Possibly similar issue to @loomes ? I see the serial output (2) with lots or messages like below , nothing on serial (1) [ 3.517024] BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at 0000000001f4b498 [ 3.517026] IP: [<ffffffff8127b794>] strcmp+0x4/0x30 [ 3.517028] PGD 3a879067 PUD 3aed6067 PMD 39e17067 PTE 8000000001bf7067 [ 3.517029] Oops: 0001 [#31] SMP [ 3.517031] Modules linked in: redpill(OF) [ 3.517032] CPU: 2 PID: 49
  5. Thanks. Looks like I may need to find a windows machine. Unless qemu-utils is an option.
  6. Those who are testing on ESxi , could you explain how you are doing this , I have created the redpill .img file . using the steps provided for DS918+ not sure how I then boot this from ESXi ( I have tried using the vmdk for the previous loader , however that was unsuccessful ) Thanks
  7. I created new drives , and copied some data over , over SMB share.
  8. Yeah , this is kind of a work around for me to use the new Photos package , and mobile backup, as there's no solution for running 7 on baremetal as yet . (As well as generally just having a play with the new release. Iv'e moved a few of my docker containers to DSM 7.0 , with no issue, both the Docker packages seem at the same release level between 6.2.3 and 7.0 ) As you say , no guarantee I'll ever be able to run DSM 7.0 on my HP Microserver Xeon G8 . For now running DSM 7.0 in a VM on my baremetal Xpenology G8 Box is meeting my requirements , but aware it does have limitations .
  9. Hi I think I have been misunderstood , I am running Synology VMM (virtual Machine Manager) on Xpenology as the host . I'm using the VirtualDSM pat file DSM 7.0-41890 The Host machine is Xpenology DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 DSM 7.0-41890 is running on the host machine in Synology VMM , No loader required . Iv'e given it 2GB Ram
  10. Yes performance seems great. I guess YMMV depending on how much cpu and memory you assign to the VM I’ve not done much more than using the photos app and a few dockers at the moment.
  11. Updated on VMM running on Xpenology and works ok..
  12. Anyone have any experience if I can run this in VMM , on Xpenology ? I was trying Release candidate that way .
  13. Also check C1E is disabled in the bios, when I built my N54L I remember this been required . Edit - didn't read the entire thread.. see you have it working now ! ..
  14. @youhq Running DS3615Xs DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 with loader 1.03b works for me with the 4sag spk packaged hilo.ko , but not @v02max standard or 3617 hpilo.ko, or the one @IG-88 provided , (maybe something changed since these where compiled) I am also able to replace amshelper with the more recent 2.10.1 release (red hat 7) . I'm not able to see software though . does anybody know what the options are after calling Amshelper ? specifically -M1,5,14,16,18,23,99 (I think 99 must relate to the software monitoring) Thanks