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  1. Are you sure its not working ? I ran the spk and rebooted , however I believe it just adds the .ko 's and insmods them . The package shows as stopped in package manager for me, but it is working and when I log in to the ILO I get the OS information , Hardware inventory etc.
  2. 4saG SPK Server webpage has HP-AMS spk that works for me on HPE Microserver Edit - Just noticed yours is ILO 5 and mine is ILO 4 , not sure if that makes a difference ??
  3. so after a successful test on baremetal G8 with LSI card 2308 card and 7.0.1 42218 , I wanted to give esxi and passthrough a go. (First I upgraded my esxi from 6.7 to 7.0.3 , I’d not previously attempted this as I didn’t think the hba/ LSI card was supported, but on @Orphée advise I was told I would be able to pass it through… well he was correct. (The drive also showed up in esxi data store, before I enabled pass through which I wasn’t expecting ) With my LSI passed through (with same disk I had tested the Baremetal install on ) and a disk on the onboard b120i sata for the datastore/
  4. So I just booted RedPill DS3615XS 7.0.1 42218 , as baremetal on my HP G8 MS , with onboard NIC , both ports ,and LSI card in IT mode used @pocopico tg3 and mpt2sas . (It did a migration , spare drive I used must have already had a 6.x build installed) both network ports are good . HDD on LSI detected, smart working etc . like @RedwinX the first first drive take sdb rather than sda , not sure if this would be an issue other than cosmetic , I assume everything would just be moved up so 8th drive would become sdi rather than sdh ? I'm
  5. Just a quick to those that have already got their LSI cards working on either baremetal os ESXi . Happy to experiment , but if someone can save me the time Do I also need to load mpt2sas extension for my card , if I have already added sas activator ext ? I was under the impression 3615XS already had this .ko that would be loaded ? TTG quote " A quick update (we will write more tomorrow): the native mpt2sas driver works but it's present only on 3615xs platform. To activate it and make it working properly without any hacks just add this small extension: http
  6. OK , I did fork sas activator, but couldn't get it to load, but the one you have provided does , thank you .. I'm not sure if I need to add mpt2sas as I think it should be already included . Got some testing to do I think ..
  7. Thank you for this , when I try and and build with TGG sas activator extension added , I get an error as 42218 is not a supported platform / has no recipe . is there a fork of this ? or do I need to add @pocopico mpt2sas extensions instead ?
  8. Did you update the PID and VID in you config to match the new USB stick ? Which redpill repo are you using , the official TTG does not support apollolake-7.0.1-42218
  9. Did you do a upgrade, or a build a new boot loader as your previous post shows you building with bromolow-7.0-41222 , yet this shows 7.0.1-42218 ?
  10. Thanks I wasn't aware of This ! . I had wrongly assumed I wouldn't be able to pass it through on 7.0 , but if I can that's great , no datastore are on drives attached to this card So what I have is is a H220 HBA card in IT mode , 1 port connected to the Backplane (4 internal drives) (mini sas cable moved from the Motherboard to the HBA) then another Mini SAS (SFF-8087) to 4 Sata on the other HBA SAS port to 3 SSD's . I have the onboard SAS connector (b120i) connected to a 4 Sata cable, (not yet utilised) , and a SATA SSD on the ODD port (5) So I cou
  11. Interesting @Orphée I havn't updated from 6.7U3 to 7.0 due to my LSI / H220 HBA card not been supported. Do you use a HBA card ? If not which driver do you use for the b120i ?
  12. LOL not sure what your use case is .. most my devices direct play content, so I very rarely need to transcode (and the G8 Xeon handled that cpu transcoding ok) I only really set up the HW transcoding 918 VM as an experiment, and incase I ever needed to use it whilst traveling and had bad internet connection . It maps my media content on the main HP microserver . I also use it as hyperback and snapshot replication target for the HP MS . It runs in ESXi on a tiny micro form factor optiplex , its very low power consumption cpu 35w so no big deal keeping it running
  13. I pass the igpu through esxi to a ds918 vm and am able to do hw transcoding in plex (docker) need to change permissions on dev/dri on boot up so plex can use it.
  14. and the frustration of not been able to use the Quick Sync Video on the E3-1265 v2 due to the architecture of the G8 MS , but hey I still love the little Box .