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  1. It hasn't its got all confused.. I think there is an api key missing or something.. I guess what I'm saying is, I can't login through the DS (just to check) , I can have it disabled,
  2. Anyone know where the QuickConnect / MyDS config files are located, and how to reset to default, i.e Server ID, API key, Alias, etc.. Want to completely set to default and not use, (had been using my detail from my actual Synology, now it seems to have got confused, and Id prefer to just use port forwarding and DDNS)
  3. Bare metal HP N54L Upgrade to latest boot image and pat file Lost IP address configuration, after correcting this and restoring configure backup , I can't see the Nas with assistant, and get a web station service can't be started error message in the web interface. ( I can connect , ping , ssh ( keep have to reenabling ssh ) but yet Synology assistant does not detect the Nas ) Anyone experienced this. ?
  4. Awesome, will gnoboot , boot 4493 updtae 3 off a usb do you know ?
  5. This is interesting.. I have some USB speakers attached to my N54L which runs Xpenology with Nanoboot.. They worked when I used Gnoboot, but not now I have moved to Nanoboot.. I suspect a driver issue.. Could I just obtain the drivers as you suggest and copy them ? Where would I get them from ? or know which ones ar required ? Regards
  6. Could you advise the script, process... getting the same on my N54L Best Regards... Mark
  7. I posted in the main forum, but perhaps its best here ? I Can't see USB speakers on N54L since changing to nanoboot ( in audio station ) Anyone have any idea why ? Regards.
  8. I Can't see USB speakers on N54L since changing to nanoboot ( in audio station ) Anyone have any idea why ? Regards.
  9. It needs to be set to boot from USB though .. ? can you set a priority on which USB ?
  10. If I have another USB stick Plugged in other than the Gnoboot/OS one the server wont boot. Is there any solution to this ? anyone had similar experience ?
  11. On Control panel disable find and download upgrades periodically. Then ssh and delete / It should work. Thanks, Stopped it popping up ! Notification still there, but I can live with that ..
  12. I asked a while back, but anyway to stop the Software looking for an update / disabling the alert / prompt to update.. Its doing my head in Control panel popping up every time I log on !
  13. anyway to stop control panel popping up everything I log on, telling me this update is ready to install ?
  14. Just recalled , I added syno_hw_version=DS3611xs into the menu_alpha.lst before it rebooted last . would this have caused it , and will manually removing it (when I get access to the USB) resolve it, or have I done some damage now ? :/
  15. gnoboot has just started booting to web assistant (install) instead of booting up .. (Like the page I went through to upgrade) , has anyone any idea why it would do this. ? Can I do anything about it remotely ? I can still get to the web page (Synology web assistant - welcom to your diskstation ) , but I cant SSH in .