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  1. I only can update if change from sata to usb, change vid/pid then update works
  2. Well after all i'm not able to but it again... so it install but then fails to boot... more testing..
  3. @maximewell i'm cannot remeber... but try again ... create a volume try the update and it works. It was that step!!! Thanks
  4. Ok using the post and change it to usb then i'm able to upload with sucess. Something weird is whit your image, virtio the dsm reports only 10/100Mbs connection
  5. Well i'm using as sata... but using sata or usb in proxmox how can i identify the vid/pid that i have?
  6. Hello, after restore i start the vm went to find.synology setup the account then try update but always get corrupted file... is that normal? I don't pretend keep the vm online, should i change mac and serial number, vid/pid? @arkilee how can i know the vid/pid after the backup restore? Thanks
  7. So none solution? What alternatives do you recommend to notice warning in the systems that normally we will notice with the speaker? Thanks
  8. codedmind

    HP N54L speaker

    Hello, It is possible to have the speaker/beep working with baremetal installation ? DS3615xs / DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 2
  9. Hello, I'm running, as topic title says, hp N54l bare metal with latest dsm as of today everything works great. Usb, plus 4 hdd bays used and 1 ssd for cache. My question is, as i have an spare pci sata expansion card marvel 9215 that can provide more 4 satas ports i try to put it. After boot, no disk connected to the pci sata expansion, everything boots ok and works without problem. Shutdown connect an extra hdd and cannot boot. Should i need to do something in synoboot? Thanks
  10. Any help tp find sn/mac ? For the 918+ the generator don't works and using the google i cannot create a new one.. any more tips?
  11. Where do you have your esxi installed? I feel the same... For instance when Kodi is updating the library (from xpenology nfs) I cannot play nothing I have esxi installed in sdcard and xpenology disk passthrough via a lsi card. Esxi datastore is in hba odd port ... Can't figure where the bottleneck is... But it is there somewhere
  12. yah ... to me too but esxi is so slow 😕 I must have esxi to have xpenology... but then all my vm's are slow
  13. Anyone already tried to run esxi inside proxmox and then run xpenology ?
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