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  1. Any help tp find sn/mac ? For the 918+ the generator don't works and using the google i cannot create a new one.. any more tips?
  2. Where do you have your esxi installed? I feel the same... For instance when Kodi is updating the library (from xpenology nfs) I cannot play nothing I have esxi installed in sdcard and xpenology disk passthrough via a lsi card. Esxi datastore is in hba odd port ... Can't figure where the bottleneck is... But it is there somewhere
  3. yah ... to me too but esxi is so slow 😕 I must have esxi to have xpenology... but then all my vm's are slow
  4. Anyone already tried to run esxi inside proxmox and then run xpenology ?
  5. @bearcat i'm running microserver gen8 with xeon e3.1265 v2 and 16gb ram with esxi 6.7 booting from sdcard - I have a ssd 500gb in odd port 5 as esxi datastore, for two VMs (ubuntu server 8gbram and xpenology 2gbram) - I'm using a lsi1015 for the 4 drives to passtrought them to xpenology (where i have the tv shows shared via nfs)
  6. Via NFS... I don't know if your are correct as esxi reports high latency in hard drives 😕
  7. Don't know if this would help ... But i don't understand the suggestion made
  8. Anyone? I'm still having issues, for instance i cannot see a tv show (720p) in kodi if the library start to update... the show freezes. The kodi is running over wifi 5G so cannot be network issues
  9. @benok can you please explain a little further... i don't understand what are you suggest... but it sounds good.... (performance i like performance :p) after point two i get brain damage 😛 I have a micro gen8 with lsi, i boot from sdcard esxi Have a ssd that is the datatore in the odd sata port and then have two 4TB disk on lsi passthroug to synology vm... the performance is good compared with hp raid controller but isnt the best...
  10. It appears the ds918 version only work with cpu haswell or newer... so it will not work in gen8
  11. Je l'ai déjà testé, même avec l'adresse mac pour 001132123456 avec e1000e, e1000 et vxnet3, toujours sans ip.
  12. @flyride, your baremetal machine... that board have some kind of future prof? Any recent model from synology is based in that cpu and network? Thanks
  13. Thanks for your feedback!!! Now i really understand. I have the 6.2.1 ds3615 right now. I see i cannot use 1.04 because i iave g1060t. What cpu do you have in your microserver gen8? Again thank you.
  14. @flyride can you share your vm template? Would like to try the vmxnet performance versus current e1000e in ds3615. Thanks
  15. Humm so i thinnk e can not run that.. i have the gen8 with the default cpu GT.. maybe i will upgrade but for the xen 1625 😕
  16. @nicoueron Avez-vous un modèle pour 1.04 et 918? Certains rapports suggèrent que cette combinaison peut fonctionner avec le pilote vmxnet3 et devrait ensuite améliorer les performances du réseau.
  17. Well that is good news... do you have done something special to have it run in esxi? or only add a second sata controller? Can you provide an ova?
  18. @timonych and even that cannot have the 2384? Thanks
  19. @flyride with a microserver gen8 with esxi what is your sugestion to "prevent" network related issues with xpenology? Buy a new network card and passtrought it to the vm? Not that i pretend go that road... because i already have my pcie fill with a raid controller, but in esxi using e1000e the network speed is very poor when compared with vmxnet3 Thanks
  20. codedmind

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Anyone knows if @jun is consider "develop" a method that we can use vmxnet3 in virtual machines
  21. @timonych humm ok. All your backups have 1.03?