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  1. Hello, You can do it as standard manual Boot image is 60 MB image. But for what do you need change serial number? Will write this information on Proxmox forum. I think it's a bug because before there was no such error. I have some backups with such naming (it more usefull for clean backup)
  2. Hi! 1. I don't tested it. But as I know transcode if fully worked in DS918. But I have install Plex into Linux Container CentOS 7. So, video transocoding for me is redundant. 2. In bootloader is not necessary to change Serial/MAC. But You should change MAC Address in Proxmox GUI for Second NIC. First NIC has a MAC 00:00:00 - it is dummy interface which is disabled by Proxmox GUI. I have found this more easily configures that changing in Bootloader this settings. First NIC interface takes MAC address from Bootloader. That's why this NIC is Disabled. But the Second NIC takes MAC from Proxmox GUI. That's why it's enabled and be reconfigured more easily.
  3. Yes, you can. Just use this command in console: qm set <vmid> -sata<id> /dev/<device> and your disk will used by QM. <vmid> = ID of Your VM <id> = Free Sata index <device> = Your Disk But this is QEMU / Proxmox question. not Xpenology. Of course. You need use --storage . I have made backup and restore via Web Interface.
  4. In theory there no any barrier, but You should use nesting virtualization in Proxmox under ESXi. But for me it is strange to use Virtualization inside Virtualization to use XPenology.
  5. Yes, It depends on bootloader by Yun. If he can made a new bootloader with E1000 driver than I can upgrade and publish new backup.
  6. No, it cannot be upgraded to 23824. No, e1000e is not necessary. I have a success with ds918 and e1000 on Xeon Silver. The main requirement is CPU Haswell or newer.
  7. For 3615xs 6.2 and 3617xs 6.2 - Yes. For 6.1 - 1.02b For 918 - 1.04b
  8. There is information in Warning post that upgrading to 23824 with kernels 1.03b or below - no any custom network interfaces would be worked. Or just change to e1000e maybe usefull - there are feedbacks in 6.2x kernel thread. I have no success with that because I didn't find how emulate e1000e instead of e1000 in proxmox.
  9. I'm using Web-Gui for managing Proxmox. So storage would be suggested automatic.
  10. Hi Everyone! I'm sorry for creating this thread but after reading some topics I've found that somebody has any troubles with installing XPenology on Proxmox. This also concerns me - I have a trouble with 6.2 on my Microserver Gen 8 with Proxmox on it - no network devices. So, after some attempts I have a success with 6.2 DSM with 3615xs and 3617xs only with 6.2_23739 with manual Installation. After fresh install I make a full backup, so this can be used as template. There are 6.1 and 6.2 of DSM version. So, You just need to copy this backup to Your Backup Directory in Proxmox and Restore it. 3615xs and 3617xs has successfully tested on HP MicroServer Gen 8 / Proxmox 5.3.5 | 5.3.6! DS918 was successfully installed on SuperMicro SYS-1029P-WT with Intel Xeon Silver 4110. I've decided to publish it to for everybody too. Download Link --------------->>>>> MEGA.CO.NZ There are some several important points: TWO Network Interfaces. First NIC is disabled. It has been done because for DSM first device must be with suitable MAC which is fixed in Grub. If You need multiple instance of DSM (as me) - it's costly to mofidy everytime Grub. So Second NIC uses any MAC address from Proxmox. TWO Disk Drives. Firsk disk - is bootable disk made by Jun! Don't try to use is as Storage. (maybe it's painfully, I haven't checked). Second Drive - it's a System Drive where was DSM has already installed. Second drive capacity - 6 GB! For me it's suitable - I use free capacity 1.3 GB only for Software and another drive for everything. If You need more for System Drive - Just Resize Disk before first start/initialization. I have tested that there is no errors after resizing before first initialization. Boot Drive - Sata0.