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  1. You need External Access to Your Home Network. Maybe asked You Network Operator about Public IP address. (In my country there is an option which is called "Static IP address") I have successfully installed Synology Moment and connect via ddns. (But I never used it)
  2. Hello, For quick connect You need a Real Synology. Or You can use DDNS with XPenology.
  3. And You Merry Christmas ! Try to use other backup instead of 918. I think that it's hardware incompatible with yours. For me, I can use 918, but I'm using DS3617XS.
  4. Hi! First, You should ue e1000 driver change delete MAC address on net1 and Proxmox will configure a new MAC Addreess. Second, which Image on which are you using? It's recommend to use DS3615/DS3617 on old hardware.
  5. Great! Copied to https://mega.nz/fm/h7pwlSaS By the way, to make working ds918+ You need a fresh CPU. I have a success with Xeon(R) Silver 4110, that's why I have published it too. I can try to make with virtio If you will write some manual how do it.
  6. You can make backup and try to update via WEB UI.
  7. If You have download *.lzo - You don't need to extract it. It native format of Proxmox Backup's. Just Go to WEB UI to Backup Storage, choose the backup and just click on Restore
  8. @arkilee Great Work! Bit Thanks for dump. I have added to https://mega.nz/fm/h7pwlSaS (in subdirectory). Can You make for ds918 and ds3617 too, please?
  9. NEWS! I have made clean version of ds3617xs, dx3615xs, ds918+ and have uploaded to mega.co.nz. Download Link: Dowload link can be found in 1 Post. Also this -> MEGA.CO.NZ Works without modifying boot Image or custom QEMU configuration (not need e1000e in vmid.conf) Works with old CPU (Tested on CPU(s) 8 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1245 V2 and FCLGA1155, so I think it will work on old platforms) HOW TO install from Backup: Video by Geeked on Youtube Do not try to Update 2 as described in this post (it fails and maybe br
  10. You should upload it to folder with backup. By default, Proxmox creates "local" Storage which is located in /var/lib/vz. By the way, For information for All I have successfully update XPenology to DSM 6.2.3-25426 without modifying anything. Just Press button in WEB Interface to Download new version and after it to Update. After reboot by XPenology was available by internet. You can try to restore Clean XPenology from my backup and try it by yourself to experiment. Hardware: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 / Asrock B450M Pro 4 and Proxmox 6.2.1 (proxmox-ve: 6.2-1
  11. Hello, You can do it as standard manual Boot image is 60 MB image. But for what do you need change serial number? Will write this information on Proxmox forum. I think it's a bug because before there was no such error. I have some backups with such naming (it more usefull for clean backup)
  12. Hi! 1. I don't tested it. But as I know transcode if fully worked in DS918. But I have install Plex into Linux Container CentOS 7. So, video transocoding for me is redundant. 2. In bootloader is not necessary to change Serial/MAC. But You should change MAC Address in Proxmox GUI for Second NIC. First NIC has a MAC 00:00:00 - it is dummy interface which is disabled by Proxmox GUI. I have found this more easily configures that changing in Bootloader this settings. First NIC interface takes MAC address from Bootloader. That's why this NIC
  13. Yes, you can. Just use this command in console: qm set <vmid> -sata<id> /dev/<device> and your disk will used by QM. <vmid> = ID of Your VM <id> = Free Sata index <device> = Your Disk But this is QEMU / Proxmox question. not Xpenology. Of course. You need use --storage . I have made backup and restore via Web Interface.
  14. In theory there no any barrier, but You should use nesting virtualization in Proxmox under ESXi. But for me it is strange to use Virtualization inside Virtualization to use XPenology.