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  1. https://blog.jinlife.com/index.php/archives/49/ https://github.com/jinlife/Synology_Photos_Face_Patch/releases Original work credits to Chinese developer @jinlife "Seems Synology Photos uses OpenCV's DNN to make face recognition works. The library which Synology uses can call different NN model according to different Synology models, and uses GPU to speed up. If hardware doesn't match with library, then it won't work. So the main problem that Face Recognition doesn't work is GPU problem, not if the S/N is valid or not." Developer has wrote how this patch
  2. facing same problem here, but mine is bare device, with i5 4570 and ds918+ is there any fix right now? Tried latest Synology Photos, keep giving me same error 2021-09-21T19:31:55+08:00 Synology_DS918 synofoto-face-extraction[17020]: /source/synophoto-plugin-face/src/face_plugin/main.cpp:22 face plugin init 2021-09-21T19:31:55+08:00 Synology_DS918 synofoto-face-extraction[17020]: uncaught thread task exception /source/synofoto/src/daemon/plugin/plugin_worker.cpp:90 plugin init failed: /var/packages/SynologyPhotos/target/usr/lib/libsynophoto-plugin-face.so
  3. Have you tried loader from previous reply? Mine is i5-4570 with asus b85, works perfectly from 6.2.3 to 7.0.1 only packages not compatible with newer dsm, just let it fix. seems all function works perfectly without any data lost. if i use bromolow version's loader which complied from my computer, it wont boot, no ip address. but using @tocinillo2's loader it works fine.
  4. Hi, im wonder if Haswell i5-4590 work with this? if i want to build myself, i need to choose Apollolake or bromolow? thanks.