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Let Synology Photos Face Recognition Works Without GPU Support, Forces With CPU in DS918+


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Original work credits to Chinese developer @jinlife

"Seems Synology Photos uses OpenCV's DNN to make face recognition works. The library which Synology uses can call different NN model according to different Synology models, and uses GPU to speed up. If hardware doesn't match with library, then it won't work.

So the main problem that Face Recognition doesn't work is GPU problem, not if the S/N is valid or not."


Developer has wrote how this patch works in his website.


For fix, follow these instructions:

  1. backup original library:
    cp /var/packages/SynologyPhotos/target/usr/lib/libsynophoto-plugin-model.so /to/anywherwe/you/want


  2. download patch from developer's github (check your version before download it)
  3. copy patch to library:
    sudo cp /from/where/you/saved/patch /var/packages/SynologyPhotos/target/usr/lib/
  4. Restart your device, or just disable synology photos then reenable again.
  5. Do re-index from Synology Photos' setting.
  6. Take a break. It will work after a few minutes.




Only DS918+ need this fix, since DS3615xs doesn't support GPU acceleration.


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On 11/19/2021 at 5:04 PM, T-REX-XP said:

Thank you for the solution. Is it possible to use google coral ai stick for HW acceleration? 

The embedded intel core GPU is not so good for AI HW acceleration. For example: The i7-10xxx and its UHD630.  CPU and GPU might be similar speed. 

Unless you are using some Nvidia GPU card like 1080Ti, then the AI calculation is much more faster than the CPU.


For the google coral AI stick, it seems not compatible with OpenCV and its DNN. You may not able to use it in Synology.

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Hey there,


just to get things right : this patch is useful if face rec. doesn't work at all, correct ?


Or will it also improve things with face rec. not detecting some faces ?

(DSM 7.2.1 on DS918+ here)


Thanks a lot

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