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  1. Cool, It will be great when we will see the difference. So, what is changed? Thanks.
  2. Я на базе 5005 собрал с бу корпусом и ноутбучными винтами. Получилось до 200$ без винтов.
  3. Hi. How about to build the new package that called Xpenology Helper, that contains a few tips and tricks, such as: - ffmpeg wrapper - nvme patcher - serial patcher - usb mounted script? - cpu info patcher - power button package install suggestion - etc. Does any one has the tutorial of building synology package with ui? Thanks.
  4. I'm Sorry for delay. No, the folder /dev/dri didn't presented before update and the transcoding didn't worked. Yep. It's make sense. I have found the same issue with this chipset on several forums related to the plex. All other things is working fine after update.
  5. No, just choose the option during the installation process. There are to options: save my configuration and reinstall OS or clear system settings and install OS from scratch (with data saving). I have chosen the second one. One more thing Also, I have tried to install os to the empty drive(as you write below), all initial configuration are presented: vid&pid, mac, serial, But i have got an error 13 during the install process. and I can't finish the installation process successfully ((
  6. What is clear install ?? i try to install dsm without saving setting, then i have empty system with my data. but still no /dev/dri folder((
  7. Unfortunately I don't have free hdd any more. Just one more question: does the new extra lzma contains driver for Intel® I210AT?
  8. hi. How can I check that all modules are available for HW transcoding? I have successfully updated to the 6.2.3 with zImage and rd files and with 0.10 extra file, and all works fine except hw transcoding, the folder /dev/dri/ is missing (( HW: asus p10s-i/Intel® C232 Chipset CPU: G4620
  9. Hi guys, It looks like this qnap os release is working fine on UEFI and BIOS)) I have installed it on Atomic pi SBC, but HDD doesn't recognize (( i guess because no one SATA adapter is presented on this SBC. so my question is: How can I map USB disks to the HDD(system disk) ?? Thanks.
  10. sure, i have tested on Atomic pi, it's single board PC, based on Intel Atom. But the bios have only UEFI mode and current boot image can't boot on it. ((
  11. Hi guys, Who knows how to create UEFI boot disk for Qnap? It looks like current version doesn't work for UEFI. Thanks
  12. Guys, i guess it can be done using the following uart command: https://smallhacks.wordpress.com/2012/04/17/working-with-synology-hardware-devsynobios-and-devttys1/
  13. @IG-88, can you compile the pc speaker module ?? (https://github.com/andy928/xpenology/tree/master/sound/drivers/pcsp)
  14. Всем привет, интересует возможность успешного запуска DSM ds 918 на этой материнской плате: ASUS PRIME N4000T, а именно запуск аппаратного транскодинга. CPU: intel celeron n4000, 14 nm, Gemini Lake LAN: Realtek® RTL8111H Есть у кого мысли по этому поводу?
  15. так я же и писал об этом. там даже в конфиге загрузчики много где встречается 918. да и железо совпадает 918 и 1019. Мне просто на этой версии больше повезло, все заработало из коробки на моем железе.