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  1. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 7.1.0-42661 Update 4 - Loader version and model: Automated Redpill Loader 0.4 alpha 5 DS918+ - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: VMWare Workstation - Additional comments: Migration from tcrp to arpl necessary
  2. https://www.synology.com/en-global/releaseNote/DSM
  3. @Balrog Thank you for your hint, but unfortunately, I have the same outcome. I attached the whole logfile starting with sudo su. The only logline which sounds strange is line 49 "unlzma: /mnt/sda2/rd.gz: Compressed data is corrupt". tcrp.log
  4. Hello, I have installed 7.1.0-42661 Update 1 on my vmware to test updates. I realized, that updating to "Update 2" ends in a recovery loop. This is what I tried next: Applying Update 2 in DSM Reboot after update directly to TCRP ./rploader update (was already up to date) ./rploader postupdate 918+ answered "yes" to both questions, whether 42661-2 shall be used sudo reboot After reboot, I can not see my DSM any more in network. What did I forget? Is the "postupdate" really the only command? Or is it necessary to apply again the "build" command afterwards?
  5. Acknowledged: As soon as you try to install ANY 42661 from scratch, and the NAS is connected to the internet, it will automatically download the latest patch => recovery loop. Thank you for this tip, this brought me on the right path!
  6. I have Downloaded https://global.download.synology.com/download/DSM/release/7.1/42661-1/DSM_DS918%2B_42661.pat?model=DS918%2B&bays=4&dsm_version=7.1&build_number=42661 md5: 2c49260d2646a0944b56933f7d4029fb This seems to be 42661-1 but maybe DSM tries to auto-update, because it is online? I will retry, while I am disconnected from internet
  7. Dear all, I have used tinycore redpill during March / April several times and installed 918+ installations on several HP ProCurve Hardware machines. Everytime I was successful. Today I had the same task, but this time something is different. I installed like always - the only difference is, that there is now a version v0.8.0.0 available since two days ago. I tried now with two different PCs, two different USB sticks, two different hard disks and two different platforms (918+ / 920+). Everytime I have the same result: - Build process without any errors - DiskStation is visible after reboot "Welcome" - pat-file 7.1.0-42661 can be installed successfully -> Reboot - After reboot always the same: "Welcome Back! We have detected that you have moved your harddisk to a new DS918+. Please click on recovery to recover your settings" => Loop! Every time I press "Recover", the PC reboots and have the same situation. I have no idea, whether I am doing something wrong, but I fear it is something todo with the new img? I need help
  8. Dear all, today I tried to install from scratch a new DSM_DS918+ 7.1-42661. Just one Harddisk connected to SATA0 and did the steps (I did this already several times with other hardware). But today I have a new issue. The first *.pat file installation seems to be successful, but after reboot I always get the "Welcome Back" Message, and I have to re-install it several times... now Idea what is wrong
  9. Which platform is recommeded by @Pocopico, if I use just a standard DELL / HP Desktop PC like ProDesk or Optiplex with Intel Core i3 / i5 inside?
  10. Thank you for your great and fast supply, I have some questions: where did you find this? what das "larger data sets" for AMD CPUs mean? What about e.g. AMD Ryzen 3 Pro 4350G 4x 3,8GHz? which platform is ideal for standard Intel PCs (e.g. HP ProDesk / DELL)
  11. Worked perfectly for me. But I've got a more general question: There are many architectures/platforms available: apollolake, bromolow, broadwell, etc.... What is the decision rule, which one I should choose? I never found a good answer on that and just took randomly apollolake
  12. Did anybody already succeed to compile kernel modules for DSM 7.0.1 for lm-sensors? hwmon-vid.ko nct6775.ko Here are only modules for DSM 6.2.3:
  13. I tried to understand what is written there, but I am too stupid for it unfortunately
  14. Hello, I have a DELL Optiplex 3020 with three SATA Ports: SATA0: 128 GB SSD. ---> Visible in DSM7 as Disk#1 SATA1: 1 TB HDD. ---> Visible in DSM7 as Disk#6 SATA2: 2 TB HDD. ---> Visible in DSM7 as Disk#2 I used this config: "DiskIdxMap": "0", "SataPortMap": "8", "SasIdxMap": "0" Could you please tell me, how to remap to SATA0 -> Disk#1 SATA1 -> Disk#2 SATA2 -> DISK#3
  15. Hi all, I successfully installed DSM 6.2.3 baremetal on my hardware. Everything works like a charm except the virtual machine manager. I always get the message, that the virtual machine could not be started. Tried both Linux and Windows.. both not working. Only DSM VMs can be started. After trying to delete my test VMs, I can not even remove them again Any ideas or clue? Thank You!
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