Tutorial: Install/Migrate DSM 5.2 to 6.1.x (Jun's loader)

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1 hour ago, Dfds said:

@ToTaLReFuSeD In order for people to help you please post what hardware you're using & current DSM version / boot loader.

Oh god. the hardware is a Intel CPU 4 core 3.2 ghz and it has 8GB RAM

the DSM version is the last before the me version 6. i an not remember what it is, i can not see it anymore atm. but i have disabled long time ago the auto update

because the warning is that u do not upgrade t DSM 6.


the NAS will not even connection, i can no enter by putty (ssh), is there way to get a console on my screen at the monitor that i have connected? to see what happend?


if i have no connection anymore i think i need to put my harddisk on an linux machine, where i hope can mount the disk to extract my data.

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On 5/17/2019 at 4:28 PM, ToTaLReFuSeD said:

Hello Folks!!


HELP HELP im running all ready a long time this boot. and works so great!!!

now i was yesterday on the NAS and was wanted to give it a restart after 90 days be online, so i give the NAS the command Restart.

and i was waiting and waiting... and it can not back online. i was thinking that i maby did take Shutdown by accadent.

so when i get home that day i was looking and hte NAS was on... i tought ******* what is that.. so i hooked a monitor to it and saw the screen below.

i tought huh?? so i forced to put the power off... and restart the machine... and i see de bios boot screen adn the diskdrives are all loaded correctly with out problems

and i see the boot start from the Jun's bootloader and see the screen below again... but my NAS seems to be dead some how.. i have no access anymore...


Does someone can help me out? is there a recover mode to start in? or can i do someting at the machine to check drives or someting??

I hope i can get it back to live again so i can connect trought the webbrowser again.


and is it maby a good idea to upgrade to new 6.1 version.. yes i know i have to start with fresh installation so i need to get it back running so i can copy my data out.


Please Help requested :)


Best Regards,





That screenshot seems to indicate the loader is booting properly. Did you check on your router that the box is being assigned an IP address?

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Updated my AMD based N54L from 5.2 to 6.1.7 upd3, after hesitating for years

All went good without any problem.


So big thanks to all involved

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Updated Asrock Q2900-itx SOC successfully from 5.2.5944 to 6.1.7 using this tutorial and the 4.8 extra.lzma.  Thanks.

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Successfully updated my N54L to 6.1.4-15217  tonight following this guide.  My first attempt failed after the first reboot after uploading the .PAT file.  I chose 'migration' and I think this is what ballsed it up for me.  I rolled back to 5.2  using the clean install option  (the loader knew I was previously on 6.1.4 so migration was not an option) and to my relief my volumes were still intact.  I then restored my config from backup and was back in business.


On my 2nd attempt I chose the clean install rather than a migration and this time it worked a treat and the NAS came back up and I was able to restore the config again.


If it is any help to N54l owners, you can see the built in NIC briefly turn off for maybe 2 secs during the boot stage (unlike XPEnoBoot you dont see the drivers load onscreen) and after another 20-30secs the NAS was pingable.


When it failed the first time, I didn't see the NIC turn off during boot.

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