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  1. Hello all! i have read this over and over and over haha and im not sure if i can just can aply the update 3 for my DSM. i have the loader for DS3615xs - DSM 6.1.7-15284 and the update center say that DSM 6.1.7-15284 update 3 is anvaiable. is it safe to just do the update 3? and i know i NOT update beyond 6.1.7 so NOT take the next update to 6.2 Please advise. Best Regards, Mark
  2. Oh god. the hardware is a Intel CPU 4 core 3.2 ghz and it has 8GB RAM the DSM version is the last before the me version 6. i an not remember what it is, i can not see it anymore atm. but i have disabled long time ago the auto update because the warning is that u do not upgrade t DSM 6. the NAS will not even connection, i can no enter by putty (ssh), is there way to get a console on my screen at the monitor that i have connected? to see what happend? if i have no connection anymore i think i need to put my harddisk on an linux machine, where i hope can mount th
  3. Hello Folks!! HELP HELP im running all ready a long time this boot. and works so great!!! now i was yesterday on the NAS and was wanted to give it a restart after 90 days be online, so i give the NAS the command Restart. and i was waiting and waiting... and it can not back online. i was thinking that i maby did take Shutdown by accadent. so when i get home that day i was looking and hte NAS was on... i tought ******* what is that.. so i hooked a monitor to it and saw the screen below. i tought huh?? so i forced to put the power off... and restart the machine...
  4. Hello folks! I have read polanskiman tutorial but I cannot find any direct answer on my question. I have run DS3615xs on a HP mainboard with Intel Duo Core processor and 8 GB RAM. i want to run a windows XP or a windows 10 inside it with the Virtual Machine Manager. i can install it and make a cluster etc.. but if i want to start it it say i have not enough memory at host??? i see it has enough.. i also try to rebuild quick a other machine with other machine hardware and all the same.. every time to low RAM.. Now i have read that the VMM will not wor