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  1. Hi, first I want to say thank you very much. So, I made it work with my older hardware, against all odds, I run it on AMD Sempron, 1GB RAM, and Realtek NIC PCIe Gigabit, on top of that it's running on IDE mode instead of AHCI. This was actually for my backup NAS and it serves me very well for almost a year. Okay, that's the first hardware list, but now I upgrade it a bit to Dual Core AMD X2 4050e, and add another 6GB of RAM, because my FREENAS box flashdrive dead and I forgot to backup config, and this junkbox has became my main NAS, it manages 8TB of storage and most of the time it always hit 100MB/s at least with big files. My first initial thought when building this box is the warning about AMD and IDE, but I have no issue at all, everything went smoothly. Unfortunately while everything is went fine, I want to build another box for backup, but I didn't save any file from previous setup, and almost download files is either expired or removed, where to get this loader file, or can you reupload? thank you very much.