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Wanted: network drivers for Supermicro A2SDi-8C-HLN4F using Intel x553 onboard NIC


Hi. I've been trying to setup using loader 1.4 and DS918+ v6.2.3-25426 U3 however my onboard network isn't being seen.

I installed a generic intel i210 card (igb driver) and it's being seen, but I'd really like to make use of the onboard as much as possible.

The motherboard is based off an Atom c3758.

The onboard NICs worked fine with TrueNAS.

I edited my grub.cfg and included the MAC addesses of all 4 onboard NICs without success. (just the addon card is seen)


I THINK the ixgbe driver covers x553 and when i perform a dmesg | grep Intel it does list ixgbe.  Unfortunately I don't believe that driver is being loaded.


So I guess my questions are these:

  • how can I verify I have the correct drivers and they're being loaded?
  • if I don't have them, where do I find them? (either individual driver or extra package?)
  • how do I load them once I've got them?


I really have tried searching but I've come up largely empty, thus my post.


Any assistance is really appreciated!!



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Afaik the onboard networking device at A2SDi boards isn't supported at such old Linux Kernels. (Tested with old Debian releases.)


Possible workaround: Install a hypervisor (i.e. Proxmox) and use XPE as guest system in a VM.  No issues so far at 8C+ hardware. But it's only a small test VM...

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