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I've installed 4493 on my HP N54L. Everything went fine except for logging in.


Message: System is getting ready. Please try again in a few moments.


Got ssh access etc... just not logging in in GUI.




Turns out MariaDB service was hanging.

I think upgrading from trantor to gnoboot to nanoboot had something to do with it because clean installs work fine.


Hey Poechi,


How did you diagnose which service was hanging? I'm new to Synology and couldn't find anything in the message log.

I was able to fully boot the system with: "synobootseq --set-boot-done"

But I suppose that it might get stuck every time I boot.



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I couldn't find anything that looked suspicious on my system, so I did the following:

Moved every folder from /var/packages/ to a temporary directory.

I didn't know of any other way to actually disable all the services in the DSM.


After that the unit rebooted fine.

So I then manually moved the services back one by one, and rebooted each time.


My problem was with the debian-chroot package from Synocommunity.

Apparently when I added a debian service to be initialized along with the system, it caused DSM to hang.

Maybe I have to end the startup command with &.




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Well I can create blocklevel but connection is not working through iSCSI initiator Windows. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.


No, it's not your fault, simply block level it's not working like in previous version (gnoboot, nanoboot)... they switched from IET to LIO...

From http://xpenology.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2152 >> Fixed - Broken block-level iSCSI (LIO), workaround enable IET in synoinfo.conf





Did you got it working with IET mode?


No... I use it only in file level mode.

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Do I have to make the 5.0-4493 upgrade from the upgrade menu on the NaoBoot? Or is it posible to do is with the DSM update function in Synology?

Tha last thing does not seem to Work for me on my HP H40L. It starts and then hangs on the 1% circle thing....

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Do I have to make the 5.0-4493 upgrade from the upgrade menu on the NaoBoot?
Or is it posible to do is with the DSM update function in Synology?
no :mrgreen:



Damn. Would have been so much easier. Now I have to find a monitor and a keyboard too connect to the box...

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Dear all,


im was running DSM 5.0-4482 with nanoboot on my ESXI.

I have three Disks:

1. IDE with VMDK Nanoboot

2. 16GB for System

3. 2TB RAW Device Map


But i decided to Upgrade to 4493. So this were the steps:

I uploaded the new Boot VMDK, deleted the old one, attached the new one as IDE.

During boot i choose "Install/Upgrade". I followed the instructions on the Web Gui and uploaded the 4493 PAT File (original from Synology) to "migrate". During the Upload my Computer(Laptop) is getting a "Bluescreen" so I think the Upload was not complete. Very strange my Thinkpad T530 is never getting a Bluescreen before :oops:


So I restarted the VM, and started the Upload a second time. At 55% it stucks with "unknown ecception".


Than i tested to use my old existing 4482 VMDK to boot (to look if it works) --> It works :smile:

Than i attached again the 4493 VMDK and booted it normaly. --> It also works. Also my GUI says that i am on Version 4493, but i'm not shure if this is true.


Any way to check the "true" version that is currently running? Any advises what I should do now?


Other Question: Is it possible to reinstall the whole System without deleating mit 2TB drive?


Very happy if i can get Help :smile:

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I restarted my nl54 with nanoboot (4493).



I was still in 4458-u2.


When connected to the web UI, i could see users, settings and volume1 reported same Free Space but DSM reported no share.


Folders and files didn't show in file station.


Connected via ssh, doing ls in volume1 failed with error message "invalid adress".


I rebooter with gnoboot and contents was back again.


Any idea of what could be wrong with nanoboot ?


I should add my volume is in degraded mode, disk 1 was faulty and removed, system works on disk 2.


Thanks for your advices




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