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  1. Hi, Synology is going to release a new version : http://ukdl.synology.com/download/DSM/5.0/4493/ No changelog for now. EDIT : Found changelog. Change Log After updating to this version, DSM will run data scrubbing on RAID 5 volumes and disk groups that were created in DSM 4.1 or earlier versions to improve the stability of RAID 5 volumes. Fixed a security issue in the system kernel. (CVE-2014-0196). Fixed an issue where all web pages could display "No input file specified" when the value of "Customize PHP open_basedir" was set to “none” or empty. Enhanced the stability of iSCSI target service.
  2. Hi, Just for information, what's your CPU ? I got the same problem (slow speed with SHR) and it was due to the fact that my CPU wasn't powerfull enough. You could check via system monitor your CPU load during file copy. If your CPU is over 85/90% load, there's the problem.
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