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  1. sooo. .. I think I got it working... Annoyingly I do not know quite how.. What I did was... try multiple versions of nanoboot.. Then I tried the synoboot.img from this site.. still didn't work.. Then I deleted all vdi files, vmdk's etc. that I tested.. I then booted with nanoboot *4528 and installed version 4528 from This combo.. which I've tried before.. seems to work. Harddisk in Vbox is 50 Gb Sata.
  2. Darn it.. I can't get any disks to register in 'storage manager'.. again.. tried scsi, sata, ide.. the ata_piix module fails to load... but I am unsure if that has anything to do with it..
  3. ok, so a reboot fixed that.. now I just need to figure out why I cannot see any of the disks I added...
  4. ok so It installed and it works... only annoyance is that it's using 99% CPU... process is 'scemd' ... ideas?
  5. strange... either it's because it wanted more space.. or because there should be more than 1 drive attached.. . I left the 4Gb drive attached when I created the 200Gb drive..
  6. I may have found my problem.. I allocated 4Gb for the syno host disk.. and this seems to have been the problem. I just tried allocating 200Gb (dynamically assigned) to a second disk and now it is formatting/installing... I don't really want to use 200gb nor do I want the disk to be dynamically resized but... will update on progress..
  7. yes, I've tried that.. with ide disk, sata disk & scsi disk.. no dice..!
  8. Hi guys.. thanks for the suggestions... so removing all ide/sata/scsi disks (only cd with nanoboot attached) gives me an error on the webif... no harddrives found.. so there is a difference.. attaching a sata controller & satadisk.. (not ssd) webif recognizes 1 disk, but during initialization it fails. attaching a disk onto the ide controller where the nanoboot iso is mounted.. error 21.. scsi gives me an error 38..
  9. ok, so nevermind the screenshot.. I just couldn't see the full screen.. so the bootscreen is actually showing "diskstation login".. when I go to synology assistant and rightclick and select "install" it throws an "error 22" when it tries to format the system partition.. Ideas?
  10. Deleted the extra posts I managed to make.. got some bbcode errors but apparently it created the topic anyway..
  11. oh.. it just sits there with
  12. Hi I setup a VB and want to run xpenology dsm. I am using bootimage: Nanoboot- DSM 5.0-4528 X64 and using dsm file: DSM 5.0-4528 (Main) both downloaded from : When I boot with nanoboot and select install/upgrade the image boots but it seems to be stuck.. image: I can access the webif via syno assistant but when I try to use the .pat file I get an error... What am I doing wrong?
  13. those spikes are increases in speed up to around 20Mb/s which lasts all of 3-5 seconds..then a long idle period of a few Kb/s..
  14. Hi Nox CPU I can't even remember.. but it sits around 1% utilized. .. right now I am transferring data (1.2Tb) between the xpenology and my Synology 412+. this is via asus ac66u and gigabit.. screenshot shows utilization and speed (speed is when it drops)
  15. ok, thanks.. I'll backup my data, and THEN do it..