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  1. Cool, I tried it and it does work. I'll work on a script that can install ZeroTier One automatically, and fix the initialization script to take that into account.
  2. Cool, thanks. As soon as you do, and I'm able to fully test ZeroTier One, I'll post a script that enables anyone else to install it without having to go through all the hoops that I did.
  3. Hi Trantor, Could you please include the tun kernel module in XPEnoboot? I got ZeroTier One to install and run, but without that kernel module its a little useless Also, are the sources for XPEnoboot available for our own tinkering? ... as per GPL? Thanks
  4. I couldn't find anything that looked suspicious on my system, so I did the following: Moved every folder from /var/packages/ to a temporary directory. I didn't know of any other way to actually disable all the services in the DSM. After that the unit rebooted fine. So I then manually moved the services back one by one, and rebooted each time. My problem was with the debian-chroot package from Synocommunity. Apparently when I added a debian service to be initialized along with the system, it caused DSM to hang. Maybe I have to end the startup command with &. Thanks, Bruno
  5. Hey Poechi, How did you diagnose which service was hanging? I'm new to Synology and couldn't find anything in the message log. I was able to fully boot the system with: "synobootseq --set-boot-done" But I suppose that it might get stuck every time I boot. Thanks