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  1. Я пытаюсь работать с версией QTS-4.4.0, но диск, которым я занимаюсь (qnap-boot.vmdk), слишком мал. Может ли кто-нибудь помочь мне зарегистрироваться на форуме NASyun, чтобы я мог связаться с автором диска, по всей видимости, предоставляет версию 1GB. Постскриптум Прошу прощения за язык, пользуюсь переводчиком
  2. Only porting SRM on another arm routers have good reason: easy maintence - no more console trick System is most userfriendly from another routers os. Of course limitation is hw platform ( broadcom ) but only Send from IOS with Tapatalk
  3. Is DS215play better that TS-251 ? Remove Qts from 251 you loose mediacenter use Wysłane z IOS przy użyciu Tapatalk
  4. Look here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4226 No chance for porting without re-write qnap init scripts. I'm too stupid for this
  5. Poechi I also wrote a little guide and I did not expect any subsidy for it but I do not want to be dependent on one or two people so move to qts - has to offer little more than dsm for now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Is there any difference between the QNOLOGY and Xpenology ?
  7. It reminds me a bit of the situation - look - I stole some software, I converted it to work - and it works, but you do not sharing, even for money - this according to me is not right, nothing more. By the way, I bought a QNAP machine Good luck for xpeno DSM 5.1
  8. My results for ReadyNAS Pro 2 and SHR ( RAID1): bash-3.2# time dd if=/dev/zero of=/volume1/bigfile bs=64k count=16384 16384+0 records in 16384+0 records out real 0m9.448s user 0m0.026s sys 0m3.386s bash-3.2# time dd if=/volume1/bigfile of=/dev/null 2097152+0 records in 2097152+0 records out real 0m8.907s user 0m0.930s sys 0m3.792s not bad: 108/115 MB/s W/R
  9. Let me translate it for you, my unthankful, greedy and ignorant friend Demand the source codes and toolkits directly from Synology. Maybe they will share it and other secrets with you personally since you don't accept anything otherwise. As for Russians not sharing - this is completely BS. The entire forum was created, paid and maintained by Russians and many of them post on both forums. Some take an extra care to translate the most interesting developments and news to other forums. It is a good time to refresh your "rusty Russian spoke". While trying to troll there, you may learn a lot about yourself since much meaning is lost in translation. Do not thank me. This is a public service. You do not understand or do not want to understand what I wrote, but it does not surprise me Your greedy (??) troll. BTW: "this public service" is a joke because public means open open no secret - the time when you can't recompile a kernel such nanobot that is not public. compilation of modules is not enough, and in this regard I am greedy. Synology does not provide everything public but the kernel can compile yourself while nanobot not, why? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Time for trying new wersion DSM. Link to pat file: " http://ukdl.synology.com/download/DSM/5.1/5004/ "
  11. The biggest drawback is the lack of design nanobot access to its sources, only sacom can compile the kernel, we can only build modules if not require changes to the configurations is the kernel With the rest of you are right
  12. As a beginner in compiling the kernel I may be a stupid question: If it is difficult to compile a kernel for the exported symbols sys_write, sys_read and sys_open and how to do it ? From what I know this is not done because it is dangerous, but the kernel running in old Neatgear NAS (Readynas pro) just have to export these symbols to work gpio modules and somehow nothing happens bad I really would like to have a fully functional ReadyNAS with xpenology of operating controls HDD LED's and copy and reset buttons. Never mind, I found solution, thank's for help
  13. OK. module compiling fine, but i have error message from dmesg: [41367.895616] rn_gpio: Unknown symbol sys_read (err 0) [41367.895668] rn_gpio: Unknown symbol sys_open (err 0) [41367.895707] rn_gpio: Unknown symbol sys_write (err 0) Where i find last ( 3.2.40 ) working and complete source of xpenology kernel ? Only working andy's is and I find is for 3.2.11 kernel, too old for me I must recompiling is for export this symbols - any help will be nice
  14. Hi ! I wanted to compile the module gpio for my readynas, but do not really know where I start I found only descriptions compile the kernel but I do not want to do it I just gpio module. The sources I have, I would ask for some simple how-to. I'm using DSM 5.0 4493-7 nanoboot x64.