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  1. Thats something I was considering. The main question is can users using a 5.2 loader use the same mac info the 6.x loader? vid / pid is simple but the mac scheme im not sure if thats changed causing the newer loaders not to work properly?.
  2. I would like to try this method on a production server running 5.2. However my previous attempts at getting to dsm 6. on a hp mediasmart server did not work well and I did lose data. having a backup of 30TB is not something I can or plan on doing. Luckily the system I have is a home brew H97I by asus. The other thing I forgot to mention was the whole mac and the model ds3615xs
  3. I had did this well the polanskiman method. I thought it worked in terms of fixing the issue but apparently no.. and believe it or not find.synology does not work anymore for my own personally bought synologys or the running fine xpeno running 5.2 still. I dont know what might have changed via synologys end but the find.syno simply doesnt work (no diskstations found in lan)
  4. I actually gave up on this.. after spending close to almost 2-3 days 10 hours a day i pretty much said forget it.. it just doesn't work..
  5. djelusion

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    so how far are you exactly on your system?. I am running a mediasmartserver and exactly after the 9th update my system does not want to be accessible via ip or anything. runing dsm 6.02 revision 9 to 10. im open to suggesstions on revival.. as far as i know using a ubuntu disk and doing the mdadm lvm2 stuff doesnt really help me in terms of getting my system to BOOT properly. sure I can access the system volume and folders but what im looking for is something to edit to make it actually boot up. I really wonder what is in update 10 that causes the system to BREAK. What I miss or hope is jun develops a hybrid bootloader for 1.02. the current ones dont play nice with what im testing.
  6. djelusion

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    bingo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you said what ive been saying for 3 years!. when you want help or to read something valid to a problem your having its not here. Correct again this forum is beyond bloated and 4 years of bloated goodness. No structure no decent enough wiki guides. (polanskiman has stepped up to the plate but its going to require a good couple of months of nonstop updates to make this a better place than what it is) Those that had good guides literally just said eff this place and moved on their own way. I wouldn't blame them. Why write up something when youre talking to a wall?. I wrote some guides on mediasmart server but it was cared for as much as a homeless man peeing on your car... so yeah Another thing that needs to make this place better is update the bb functions. A big rule of thumb to follow here. DONT DO UPDATES, because if it breaks your chances of going back are slim. in some way im greatful for owning a legit 12 synology with quad nics =) lastly if it wasnt for the very few people that make this place what it is we would all be buying a synology. thanks to those that made this project happen.
  7. djelusion

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    is anyone able to get juns 1.02 loader to work with a mediasmart server?. the only one that works for me is 1.00 hybrid. the other arcao one thats 100MB doesnt cut it. but the uefi hybrid boot one that is 200MB works for 6.02 but after update 9 the system is done for.. will there be any verbose output like the other bootloader which was pretty helpful in troubleshooting, if init.d is stuck
  8. thanks it does funny how it was made yesterday and before everything was more scattered than a drunk mans vomit. polanskiman is stepping up to the plate and slowly turning this dump forum around +) I basically keep bricking my box because damn updates i went from nothing to update 6 and the box is dead in the water. at times like today im shouting **** synology... wipe format start from zero times 10. It gets annoying after a while so I will keep staying on juns 1.01 loader because that version 2 is a no go!. the network card issues. so i can load dsm 6 but the high cpu spikes makes me want to update to 6.02 update 11. so starting from zero again
  9. so another update i changed out the version revision under etcdefaults VERSION file. Now the nas does this when you try to hit connect ( Sorry, the page you are looking for is not found.) so uhm yeah long story short dont fart around with btrfs
  10. I wouldnt try any of this as it will brick your box I will play roulette and try to downgrade but im not even sure if thats going to let me toss 6.02 back on my box. for the millionth time can there be a thread link to all the updates? after some digging here is a link to all the updates for dsm 5.2 -6.0 ... date_pack/
  11. so i attempted to do this, and there are a few points missing. 1. apt-get install mdadm lvm2 Failed... could not find host error installing. 2. To fix that you must do a sudo apt-get update first before attempting anything here in this article or else it will not work. 3. when running these commands via live ubuntu usb sudo was needed or else read only fail will happen every single time. I made changes once the disk was mountable to the @updates/VERSION and switched it from 6 major 1 minor to 6 and 0 minor.
  12. good news is I now see migrateable the version its running is 6.02 8451. Now I just need to find the right pat files update found the pat files.. after update 9 the system is bricked.. after applying each update 1 by 1. using juns 6.0 loader hybrid
  13. yes thats what im going to try is polanskiman method. so the downgrade script wont work if i access the system drive and place the script there?
  14. So there bears the question is it possible to go back to 6.0 from a fubared 6.1 install?. Another poster posted a which is to downgrade dsm 6.0 to 5.2 but he states it works for 6.1 now can you do a downgrade within ubuntu?. the system doesnt boot and im on juns 1.02 loader so does anyone think its possible to go back ?. hints comments ideas welcome as I see stuff scattered all over the place on this forum. Another interesting idea is polanskiman live method viewtopic.php?f=2&t=30805 which i will try and report back
  15. excellent idea, but what if you cant even access your NAS period? especially using Juns boot loader. I suggest we start a new thread and title it downgrade from 6.1. I will post it and make my comments